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Our big 2015 New Year's Eve surprise; the little yeti, Roczyn Mary. These are her adventures... xxoo

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It's official! Horseback riding lessons have begun... and they went WAY better than music class!!! Thanks for a great first class, Clyde! You are just my size. #horsegirl #poniesrule #grannysgonnawatchthisandcry

Roczyn and Torch together again. She got to ride, walked him, brushed him, shared my carrots with him, fed him, and helped walk him back out to the pasture. #shestryingtoconvincedaddysheneedsahorse #cutestimpiknow

I drove this kid 2 hours to ride a 🐎 yesterday and this is the thanks i get. #getinthekitchen #slowyourrollimp #shesstillcuteashell

The Imp... apparently resting before this evening's big party. She has been asleep since 5. 😳😴 #itsgonnabealongnight #shesadorablebeforeshegetswet #gremlins

Now, this is how you should always eat 🍓!! #myrediwhipishappytoo

Mommy & i just played for a couple of hours at the Discovery Museum & shared at yummy burger next door at the 5050 Taphouse. Now it's back on the road...

Good times at the Science Center!!! 😂😜😬 #itcantallbefunandgames #wearelateforanap

When it's your birthday and you've got to make your own cupcakes... with a little help from your cousin, of course!! #fiveisfun #birthdayboys🎉

Me, mommy and Collin were all hanging on the couch watching the Elf on a Shelf movie. Mommy would.Like to thank Auntie Kendra for introducing us... #lookslikeweregettinginontheelfaction #christmastime🎄 #elfonashelf2018

Happy Turkey Day!! #imptastic

She took a break from shoveling today to give me kisses when i was leaving to go to the grocery store. She's such an adorable little imp. #quackquack

Daddy just wants a kid to take sledding and she just wants to shovel. 😂😂😂 #saddestsnowdayever

Roczyn's very first snowman... Her and i made him yesterday. I have not been allowed to actually put his head on him. 😂

Pre Imp Era, I used to joke with Brent that he couldn't come home from hunting without jerky. Now, with the Jerky Caper running amuck, daddy better take that seriously! I picked up our first stock & I had to keep it on top of the fridge while I separated it, she wouldn't stop running off with the bags. #jerkylove #imptastic #feedme #thankyoudeer

Someone got to go horseback riding again today. At first, HER horse (she has decided she's a horse owner already) was a bit hyper so he went for a walk & a ride with his actual owner. Roczyn stood there & kept calmly saying "it's OK. Calm down. It's alright," to him as she waited for her turn again. Then she spent about 15 minutes riding, conned another 10 or so walking the horse on the lead line, another 10 or so brushing the horse, and about 15 more feeding the horse. Needless to say, she's waiting for daddy to build her that barn. lol #horsegirl

My child has little-to-no fear. This also applies to authority. Sometimes, i appreciate that. Others, i do not. Tonight, i took her favorite sparkle shoes away because as I'm screaming STOP as she's running into roads, she laughs and runs faster. I told her she won't be doing it in her sparkles again... and put them on the shelf, at the top of this picture. A few minutes later, i heard her in the mud room. I knew she was up to no good so I snuck around the corner with my camera & got this. She did not get that "Oh shit, I've been caught" look. Instead, she stepped up & said "mommy, i need my broom," as she tried to hoist herself up on her stack-o-stools to reach the sparkles that she knew darn well she was not getting back. #theimpstrikesagain #imptastic #idowhatiwant #notlookingforwardtothree

This is how you do it, right?? (If there is ever a time to be happy she's not a boy, it's now...) 😂😂 😂 #pottytraining #lookoutbelow #thiscouldgoverywrong #imayneedatutorial #idontrememberthisinthemanual