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Our big 2015 New Year's Eve surprise; the little yeti, Roczyn Mary. These are her adventures... xxoo

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80's toddler aerobics or mini-ninja training video gone wrong. You decide... 🤔😂

Before bed each night, Roczyn & I do our own version of Yoga. We touch our toes, do downward dog, inch worm(?), butterfly stretches, and take deep breaths and lift our hands over our heads then bring them down, together, in front of us 5 times. And, of course, we end things with an adorable 2 year old namaste" Tonight, Princess Roczyn decided she wanted to do it well before bedtime. Thanks @playground_programs for the great idea to calm down & bond with my baby each night. It's been fun for us both, & a routine she loves.

Mama, no self respecting cowgirl is riding in that subaru of your's. I need to ride in my Silverado! (We've come to the end of our weekend at the cabin. Time to go home. One way or another...) #anotheryetiadventure #cowgirl #timetogetbackonthehorse #homehomeontherange

Perhaps, when I said "Roczyn, Mommy got you a boat!" I should have clarified.

The next bear that Build-a-Bear releases should be called Bitter Bear. You can get it in 1 of 2 colors; green for those that "do" & then bitch about it, & red for those that "don't" but then have to bitch about what the "doer's did." Reading all the angry/nasty comments about the Build-A-Bear Pay Your Age Event. People complaining that they went & had to deal with huge lines, & other people that didn't go but are complaining that people took their kids & are, therefore, obviously spoiling them. Geeze, we're talking about getting, or not getting, kids a stuffed animal. #wesurvived #buildabear2018 #wewent #wequicklyleft #wewentelsewhere #wehadfunanyway #luckytobealive😂😂 #bitterbear2018🐨

Rawr... I polished off my porterhouse. Mommy says I'm an expensive dinner date. #nokidsmealforthisyeti #familydinnersarethebest #heytampa

Mommy & her great ideas... take 4 kids 1 1/2 hours away to the Build-A-Bear Pay Your Age Event. 3 1/2 hr wait in line when the store opened at 9am. 😱 #anotheryetiadventure #foiledagain #buildabear #nottoday #3hrtour🎶 #thiswasnotgilligansisland

Mama’s little mountain goat. #climber #anxiousmommy

Damn it, Frank. Drive! I'm trying to do some tricks here! #notyouraverageprincess #trickriding #bestyetiever #bestiegoals #disneywithatwist

Snow White decided to arrive this morning. Then she got a ride to grandmas in the big carriage (daddy's truck). I just called & she's currently napping, still in her dress, with the hoopskirt/crinoline & all. #snowwhite #nodwarfs She keeps this up & I'm going to have to get her 7 yetis...

Nothing beats a cool day at the beach with my Ava.

Again, someone has to get things done around here. Today I'm fixing the zero turn. #childlaborisnotfree #mechanic #jackofalltrades

Frank is getting in a little climbing at the park tonight. #bestyetiever

But I want to wear my shoes on the beach, mom!

Got to the museum & went looking for a parking spot... we ALMOST found one. Nice park job, Aunt Nina! :-p

When mommy said she wants to make sure I grow up to be independent I didn't think that meant I have to make my own dinner already! I showed her. I ate everything as she cut it, & then I dumped the entire bowl of cheese on my pizza. Mine was supposed to be venison, onion, & olives, but I ended up with bacon, onions & olives, with a side of cucumber, cuz I ate all the venison. #toddlerproblems #homemadepizza #minewasthebest #movingoutsoon #imptastic