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Our big 2015 New Year's Eve surprise; the little yeti, Roczyn Mary. These are her adventures... xxoo

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My shiny little sheriff

She's in the backseat yelling "Watch the tree. Watch the truck. Watch the kids...." Then we're stopped at the light & it's letting our lane turn left, we're not moving so she's going "Go. Go!!!" God, she is her father. #backseatdriving #imp

Today's episode of Bug Hunters, and Outsmarted by Your Very Own Imp. Last week she was all about saving the fly. This week, she's tracking him down. Fooling around, I told her the bug was on her nose. No biggie. There was a laugh, we moved on. Five minutes later I changed her diaper. I either never should have let her keep her fly swatter, or not made that bug on your nose joke... as I was changing her dirty diaper, one whack & she "got the bug," on my nose. #herebugwhereareyoouuuuu #iguesswecatchmoreflieswithshit #thankgodwedontuseherflyswatter #saynotobugguts #andtoddlers #theimpstrikesagain #goodthingilikeher

Yes, it went in this order. #kidsaregross

Had a busy morning. Mom bought a used bmx & turned it into her own balance bike so I have someone to ride with. Got in a track walk, did some practice rides, did some track runs, tried to ride the big bike, & then I lost my shit & it was time to go home for a nap. #impskeepyouyoung #ridered #trackwalk #strider #lovingmynewbern #mommysbestentertainment #bebacktomorrow

At the bike park trying to get a picture of me & the imp together. This was the most successful attempt... #theyneversitstillwhenyouwantthemto #imponamission #ridered #sheislikinghernewhelmet #bern #strider

Hello. My name is Frank. This is my brother, Ralph, & my other brother, Ralph. (aka. Mommy's backup, & her backup's backup, if Frank ever goes missing.) #roczynsbff #youcanneverhavetoomanyyetis #yetisanctuary #oneofthesethingsisnotliketheother

Guess what argument we were having... again. I never knew a kid in the trunk was such a conversation starter?? At least 5 people wanted to talk about her seating choice as I calmly said some variation of "Roczyn, please get out of the trunk," & put groceries in the car, but no one stuck around as I pulled her out by the feet screaming "No, mommy. I ride in tunk." #twoistough #ididntwritethevehiclecodekid #stillpickingmybattles #momlife

Everything's a race; the car, the bike, the quad, the boat... #sheisaNevil

I got my groove on for a bit, & Frank enjoyed show too. I'm so glad my daddy came along with me & mommy! Arghhh, matey! #pawpatrollive #rubble #marshall #bethereonthedouble

Mommy & daddy took me to see Paw Patrol Live today. Good thing they can't see into the future or we'd have been staying home... #theimpstrikesagain #goodthingimcute #pawpatrollive

Some close ups of the pics we got from @reneedeephotography today! Roczyn was really enjoying her time with her cousins, Collin & Cole! #gonefishing #gonnacatchabigone #guessillgoeatworms

Roczyn stands at the fridge & repeats "Jerky. Jerky.. Jerky..." louder & louder, until we get it or distract her. Daddy better be on his game for hunting season again this year. #ihaveajerkyproblem

When mommy has to make a surprise visit to work & you've been there for a couple hours reading, helping make copies & writing on the dry erase & chalk boards... Hello projector & Puppy Dog Pals! Her response, "I'm super!"

Frank & I are like two old people, sitting on a rocker, people-watching at the mall.

When hugs go wrong...

Not only did I get to help my favorite photog take some pics, but I got to do a photo shoot too!! #apprentice #smileforthecamera #bestphotogever #cousinlove #twins #brotherlylove