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Proud mama to twin girls, one typical and one with enhanced chromosomes 💛💙 | Holistic nutritionist in training | Endo Warrior 💪 |

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They say that when you are pursuing a big, scary dream or goal.. you need a “why” that is big and motivating enough to keep you going when things get hard.. . How lucky am I to have two of them! 👯‍♀️ . . . . . . . #twinlife #twinmom #twingirls #chromosomecutie #nothingdownaboutit #theluckyfew #upwithdown #upsyndrome #lifeisbetterwithyou #downrightperfect #morealikethandifferent #downsyndrome #trisomy21 #t21 #joyfulmamas #goaldigger #workfromanywhere

Happy thanksgiving to all the Canadians out there! 🍂 . After enjoying myself this weekend I was so ready to lift some weights this morning! . Yes I indulged on yummy food of all kinds. Yes I had some wine. No this doesn’t mean I “fell off the bandwagon” or that I broke my “diet” . Because I’m not on a diet. I am just living my life and making good choices as best I can. But also not denying myself from partaking in the celebrations.. because what kind of life is that? . If you feel you’ve “fallen off” stop beating yourself up.. because there is no such thing. Be mindful about your choices.. indulge with intention! And then just pick back up where you left off 🙌 . . . . . . #twinmom #joyfulmamas #eatwithintention #endowarrior #csectionmom #ivfjourney

Having kids is time consuming and can be stressful. I’m definitely operating on less sleep than I did before them.. and often feel like using them as the reason (excuse) that I don’t have time to workout. . But I also want to have the energy to keep up with them and play... to be able to lift them up without feeling like I’m going to break my back.. and to carry them around when they want snuggles despite how heavy they get. . So instead of using them as my reason not to.. they are my biggest reason to continue! . Not to mention they get a real kick out of me working out.. sitting there giggling at all the “silly” things mommy is doing. Plus they get time to play with toys in their high chairs and watch their shows. A win-win if you ask me. . . If you are ready to join me, registration for my October bootcamp is now open! I promise you can do this (and your kids will even thank you for it!). Drop an 💪 below and let’s chat! #strongerforthem

It’s October which means it’s Down Syndrome awareness month! . This beautiful lady “Graced” us with her life and extra chromosome and we couldn’t be more grateful. Any excuse to celebrate her and others like her I will gladly take. Her and her sister are the light of our lives and we wouldn’t change anything for the whole world ❤️ #downsyndromeawareness #cutiepieawareness


We are on the mend but still having bad sleeps. So seeing as it’s a rainy day anyway.. we have officially declared today a pajama day!

Everyone in the house is sick leading to bad sleeps all around. Yesterday we put the girls in the car and grabbed a coffee in hopes that a drive would lull them to sleep. While the drive only led to Grace being able to take a nap.. we also got a gorgeous impromptu waterfront walk in a neighboring city. . The girls were particularly fascinated by the geese 🦆 <- a duck but you get the idea. . . . . . . #twinlife #twinmom #twingirls #chromosomecutie #nothingdownaboutit #theluckyfew #upwithdown #upsyndrome #lifeisbetterwithyou #downrightperfect #morealikethandifferent #downsyndrome #trisomy21 #t21

Being both a twin mama and a Down Syndrome mama.. the @doublingdownmom account and family has had a special place in my heart ever since I came across them. . Recently their daughter Lottie underwent open heart surgery and is having a difficult recovery. They have been on my mind constantly and every prayer or good intentioned thought I have in the day has been in their honour. Please include them in your prayers or head over to their account to show them some love and support. Let’s all rally behind them for Lottie’s speedy recovery. #prayforlottie #lottieswarriors

The face of a mama who had a day at the spa and a whole night to herself this weekend. I got to spend some time with close friends and just relax. . Also the face of a mama who got new (heavier) weights and is ready to start round 2 of her program. I’m not messing around guys 😂 . Also, also.. the face of a mama who definitely is feeling unwell, had to take the girls to get shots 😩 and really didn’t feel like crushing it today.. but did anyway because she is a badass like that 💪 . Disclaimer: overload of confidence can be a side effect of finishing this program #sorrynotsorry . . . . . . . #twinmom #strongnotskinny #hypothyroidism #momsofinstagram #csectionmom #endowarrior #joyfulmamas

💥 Before and A F T E R! 💥 . I am so proud of my results! I want to be honest though. About 2 weeks from finishing the program I was starting to feel like I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I was so focused on losing weight in my midsection I ignored all the other progress I was making (like how much I had been able to increase the weights I was lifting!) . I started to self-sabotage. Have you ever done this? I started to ‘treat’ myself way more often than normal. And eat foods I know upset my stomach (hello gluten and dairy) . I was hesitant to even take these photos. But look 👀 Even with the bad attitude I had in the last few weeks I definitely got better results than I had given myself credit for. . Losing weight/getting in shape can be hard. My thyroid condition certainly doesn’t make it any easier. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. I tell my clients all the time that it’s a lifestyle, not a quick fix... and not to be only focused on how your body looks but instead how it feels. . I forgot the very lesson I teach to others. This was a good reminder and wake up call for me. It isn’t about the weight or the inches lost. It’s about the health and confidence gained! 🙌 . I’m starting round two of this program on Monday. 4 of 5 spots have already been taken. If you’re ready, snag that last spot my friend.. you deserve it! Apply through the link in my bio or drop your fav emoji below! . . . . . . #twinmom #postpartumfitness #csectionmom #hypothyroidism #endowarrior #joyfulmamas #momsofinstagram

So I put in my notice at work today. . Not because I hated it.. I actually was lucky enough to work for a great company that always looked after me. I put in my notice because it was what was right for my family, and family comes first. . I put in my notice because I wanted to be the one looking after the girls, and making sure Grace got to all of her therapy appointments. I put in my notice because I found coaching.. and it gave me an opportunity to earn an income from home and provide for them while still being their primary caregiver... and be able to have more pajama days like today 😍 . It’s not just about the financial benefits though.. coaching allows me to help and support other women and it fills my soul with joy. . If you’ve ever been curious about what I do and how coaching works.. my team has a snoop group going on over on Facebook right now. It’s not too late to get in there and be a fly on the wall.. no strings attached. Drop me a ❤️ below and I will get you in that group. . . . . . #joyfulmamas #entrepreneurlife #momsofinstagram #ivfsuccess #twinmom #upsyndrome #nothingdownaboutit #lifeisbetterwithyou

Kissing summer goodbye 😘 . We just came back from the cottage after spending what is likely to be our final week there. The weather cooled down quite a bit and it definitely felt like fall already #bringonthepumpkinspice . I am one of those people that loves the changing of the seasons. Fall would be my favourite if it didn’t lead to winter. I’d be pretty content with fall weather sticking around until it was time for spring again. How about you.. what is your favourite season? . . . . . . #sweaterweather #endofsummer #twinmom #endowarrior #hypothyroid

Who here has been personally victimized by @joelfreemanfitness? 😉🙌 . . Sooo proud! My mom and I did the last workout of the program together! She not only did the entire program but was lifting as heavy or close to what I was lifting the entire time! . We both have gotten stronger physically and mentally.. but best of all had fun doing it. By far the my fav program that I’ve ever done. . I love it so much I’m starting again on September 17th. Ready to join me?

Second last day of the program and these weights have transformed not just my body.. but my mind! . I feel stronger and mentally I know I’m more capable than I believed possible. . This is not just about a physical transformation but a transformation that happens from the inside out! I want to share this with you 🙌 . September is here and a new month means a new online bootcamp! I’m looking for 💥5 WOMEN💥⁣ who are ready to tackle both their physical and emotional health together! ⁣. You will get lifetime access to the nutrition course I’ve been following, workouts you can do from home or the gym (not required if you don’t want to), me as your coach every step of the way and for the rest of foreverrrr, support from a community of women working on goals together👯‍♀️ and guaranteed results or you can get your money back. 💪🏼⁣ ⁣. Want in? Drop a “❤️” and I’ll send you info about the group!