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Blog: Currently planning our epic van trip around Oz commencing 09/18. 🚙🇦🇺 Super excited! My photos, my memories.✌

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Jumping for joy not realizing there was 150k's of corrugated road ahead that almost destroyed us. Haha. It's all apart of the adventure right! 🙆‍♀️❌ . . . . . . . . . #outback #australiagram #corrugatedroad #funtimes #rattled #vanlife #longway #dirtroad #redcentreway #redcentre #getouthere #headingnorth #chasingthesun #jumpingforjoy #jump #travel #traveloutback #northernterritory #gdaymate #aussieway

When you see the magnitude of this beauty you realise what small space you occupy in this big beautiful world.

Uluru you amaze us. 😍 What an incredible place and history.

When the first light of the day hits the beautiful rock. This day started out pretty perfect, little did we foresee how it would end. So after we watched this amazing sunrise we headed up to Kings Canyon which was also amazing! Then off we went following the road for quite a long time which lead us to a very rough corrugated road. We asked a couple coming in the opposite direction how long the dirt lasted and they said 15km's so we thought sure let's do it, going back would take forever! We hit the bitumen after a while thinking all was dandy, until alas, more unsealed fact 150ish kilometres of it. It was a killer. Our poor van was terrorised by bumping shuddering and clanging, not to mention we were terrorised driving in these conditions. Finally though after almost tears (Liz of course) and a long freakin ass time, it ended. We were a little disappointed about not reaching our intended destination but we didn't have long to ponder on it because then another problem came... We were almost out of fuel and had used our back up jerry can. It was dark and the gas station we planned to stop at was closed. There were no camps within 50k's either. So with a quarter of a tank in our thirsty van, we decided to risk the 130 km drive to Alice Springs. We are still driving as we post this. We will let you know if we make it there or not... Davo votes we won't make it, Liz votes we will. We are cutting it close guys and freaking out just a little. What do you think?? 🆘️🤔

2600 kilometers later and we touched down in this magical place! We are so pumped to be in the Northern Territory and chasing the sun! 😀🌞

Sunset walks on the beach are always a good idea. This photo was taken on Secret Beach in Bali with my trusty Samsung and edited in LR 😋 Where was your favourite beach sunset?😍🌅

Our van is ready to take us on our adventure! Next Tuesday we are off and away. We have put a lot of time and love into our van so we are excited to finally take her on the road. 🚙😍 #1yeararoundaustralia

Listening to the sound of a powerful waterfall is one of the most majestic things nature has to offer us. It's incredible how long you can sit there, just watching and listening in awe ⛰🍃💦 Nature has an incredible way of taking away all the worries of your life for a brief moment in time, that's why it's so good for the soul 👇 Can we spend 24/7 of our lives in nature pleeeease?? 😆🍃

Just taking a moment to soak in our amazing world. While cities are cool, we are definitely open space and nature lovers. It's where we feel most free. Not suffocated by buildings, thousands of people and the rush of everyday life. Do you feel more alive in nature or the city? ⛰🍃

Enjoying these Summer Dayzzzz. 🏖 Jokes. It's Winter right now in Australia and we are actually freezing 😨 #throwback to when we were warm and happy. 🤣

P.A.R.A.D.I.S.E 🏝 Most Aussies right now are suffering through Winter and our only solace is to look back at our glorious beach days like a distant memory and hope it gets us through 🤣🤣🤣

I could stay here all day walking through the rice fields!! Tegallalalang is amazing. Every inch of the field is perfectly maintained and beautiful. 🌴🌾😍

We scooted all over Bali and discovered so many beautiful places. Our favourite beach is this, Secret Beach. Perfect blues, crystal white sand = heaven 😍🏝

We went in search of a beautiful beach in Bali and found Secret Beach! It was so beautiful. This cute little cocktail bar has just opened right on the beach! The owners are really lovely and excited to be there. If you're looking for a beach with pure white sand, crystal clear water, not overcrowded and no pollution go check out Secret Beach and show the locals your support. 🏖🍹🍺 . . . . #secretbeach #beach #paradise #cocktailbar #beachlife #beachdays #summer #balibible #indtravel #baliindonesia #bestbeaches #pure #travel #travelislife #locals #supportlocals #holiday #vacation #liztravelstheworld #wanderlust #girlswhotravel #iamnotlost #traveller #travelblogger #happyhour #seebali #baliliving #followme

Our world is so beautiful and we were so lucky to see this beautiful beach with our own eyes. The ride there was certainly rough and long but the moment you lay eyes on this beauty and all the shades of blue that surround it, you truly are in awe that such a beautiful place exists 😍 . . . . 📸 Komang @triptonusapenida . . . #kelinklingbeach #nusapenida #penidaisland #islandlife #islanders #tripofalifetime #bestofinsta #whatadream #beauty #naturalbeauty #mothernature #bali #seeindonesia #triptonusapenida #beachesofinsta #wanderlust #travelcouple #travelislife #travelling #travel #wanderingbutnotlost #liztravelstheworld #travelblogger #traveltheworld #travelawesome #travellust #travelstoke #girlswhotravel