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Saturday’s with Santana 💙#santanaakachico

⭐️NEW VIDEO⭐️ LOL Surprise dolls are all the crave. They’re everywhere 🤩 and Layla loves them! it was only right to do an unboxing of the #lol #biggiepets as well as the #lol #ootd surprise box 🎁Comment and let us know which Biggie Pet is your fave 🐶🐱🐭🐰🐨🐼 and do you have any rare #lolsurprise dolls? / LINK IN BIO 🎥 / #laylabaylalaylaland

✨NEW VIDEO✨ The Poopsie Slime Surprise Pooey Puitton Purse is everything! Slime, glitter, sparkles, unicorn 🦄 magic, and a cute purse 👛 to carry it all in. Watch as I unbox all the magic and create the prettiest #slime you have ever seen 👛🦄💩/ 🎥LINK IN BIO / #laylabaylalaylaland /#poopsieslimesurprise /#pooeypuitton

⭐️NEW VIDEO⭐️ Although the holidays may be over we are still in the spirit of....competition Lol Gingerbread House Challenge 👧🏾 vs 👦🏾...OH! it’s going down 😉🏠 🎥 LINK IN BIO // #laylabaylalaylaland

The whole family is on #youtube! Here’s the holiday intro we did to our moms new channel! Go #subscribe now! #2019 is going to be 🔥(Sincerely Melania)

🎄Merry Christmas y’all! 🎄

🎄NEW VIDEO🎄 Christmas is almost here and we got our tree! *foghorn sound* 🎥LINK IN BIO🎥 // LaylaBaylaLaylaLand on YouTube

⛰NEW VIDEO⛰ Hide -n- Seek in a cabin in the mountains is always a good time. As well as s’mores, games, movies and stories by the fireplace! Watch my crazy 😜 #family and all the adventures we had during our vacation in the mountains 🎥LINK IN BIO #laylabaylalaylaland on #youtube

Thanksgiving 2018. As I think back to holidays and specials dates I don’t remember much. No pictures, no memories. No special traditions. Their dad and I vowed as parents to give ours an experience of life they would always remember. The excitement that these two are showing us being here let’s us know we’re on the right path. I’m thankful for these two being open to doing anything. Never complaining and just enjoying the experience. We’ll be talking about or first cabin trip for awhile. Thanksgiving 2018 = starting a list of memories to come. #thanksgiving2018 #thanksgiving #makingmemories #thankful

🎥NEW VIDEO🎥 Hairdorables on your kids #christmas list? Well Layla was so excited to do a fun unboxing review for you guys. 36 different mystery dolls in each box with accessories. Which doll did she get? 👧🏾👧🏽👧🏼If you already have a #hairdorables #doll , comment who you got 💕 // LINK IN BIO // #laylabaylalaylaland


Security told me I had 10 secs to take a pic 🤖🤚


🦄 NEW VIDEO 🦄 We are keeping the Fall spirit going with a fun #diy project for the kiddos. Unicorn Pumpkins! Easy, no carving, and a #cute craft for all the #unicorn lovers 💕 LINK IN BIO 🎥

#fbf 🕷 We’ve had fun over the years. We’re still not doing the haunted houses 👻 and Freddy movies yet, BUT we’re enjoying these precious moments 🎃#makingmemories #halloween2018 #trickortreat

🎃NEW VIDEO🎃 (let your little ones know) Special Halloween Slime Toy Challenge Video is gooey & hilarious with special guest...Santana 👻 We hid shopkins, Lego’s and more in the slime and they had to find as many as they could in a certain amount of time! // Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated // 🕷LINK IN BIO

We’re ready for 💀#halloween2018