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🚨NEW VIDEO🚨PRANK on mom! We lost Santana at Skyzone....👼🏾🗣😡 LINK IN BIO 🎥

Mood. 😏

Summer ‘18

Coolin on a Tuesday 😎

🚨NEW VLOG🚨 LINK IN BIO 🎥YouTube.com/LaylaBaylaLaylaLand •• •• •• Trip to Monster Mini Golf...they were so scared!! 👻🤡👹😳 Do you have one kid that loves to sleep and the other NEVER naps? Let me introduce you guys to Layla 😅 Some of the best moments with her are in the car...while her brother sleeps....peacefully. We were on our way to Monster Mini Golf for some summer fun and let’s just say it was...hilarious! LINK IN BIO

Santana’s 1st official photoshoot was a success! When he was asked to do different faces he had quite a few stored away and ready 😆😂😍

Layla’s dad and I allow our kids to be who they are freely. We never stifle their thinking, what they might want to wear that day or how far they take their imagination. I always ask Layla, “Do you want to be a zebra 🦓 amongst other zebras in the herd or a unicorn 🦄 in the herd?” The results are....she lives her best life majority of the time and always dances as if no one is watching 💁🏽‍♀️ She’s a full #mood ,really. As you can see I’m ALWAYS “OMGing” and caught off guard with her. (1st Video a roof was being fixed...👷‍♂️) SWIPE LEFT

🚨NEW VLOG!!🚨 We ran from security.....went to a water park and saw Black Panther for the 1st time. 💧🚓🖤😳🤦🏾‍♀️😆 LINK IN BIO // YouTube: LaylaBaylaLaylaLand

Hey there beautiful 🌸

This kid had soccer practice and a photoshoot with his sister today. Slept through the entire photoshoot so we decided to reschedule him. In my opinion, this is one of his best shots #santanaakachico #babyboy💙 #eyelashes #curlyhairbaby

🚨NEW VLOG!🚨 Santana started soccer this summer and it has been....well, let’s just say fun, cute and adventurous ⚽️😆 We also went to go see Michael Jackson in concert! 🕺🏽💃🏽😉 // LINK IN BIO 🎥 YouTube.com/LaylaBaylaLaylaLand

My shining light playing with his shadow☀️pictures where he is looking at the camera are hard to come by these days. It used to bother me...but there’s something special about capturing kids in their natural state😍 He was having so much fun dancing and playing with his shadow. It’s the simple things, ya know? #memoriestocherish

🌸🌼Little Layla-Bayla 🌸 🌼#tbt

🚨New Video!🚨*fog horn sound* Shopkins Season 10 collector’s edition is out! Have you seen them? 🦄🌸 LINK IN BIO 🎥YouTube.com/laylabaylalaylaland

Happy Sunday from the fam! Hoping everyone has an amazing day 😊

🚨New Video!🚨Mixing ALL my slime together to make one big jumbo slime 💚😳 💚LINK IN BIO // YouTube.com/LaylaBaylaLaylaLand 🎥

Happy Father’s Day to our special guy! Thank you for sprinkling gems on them to be the best they can be everyday, cooking....eggs, going for walks, teaching us how to DJ, singing crazy songs, and so MUCH MORE. We love you “Patricio” 😍😘💙

“Roar like a dinosaur” || Yesterday I was tested as a mom...took Santana to Tot Spot where toddlers get together to basically play he was playing “superheroes” with this little boy who was clearly at least 5 for a minute. Towards the end of the playtime the little boys mom was taking pictures of her infant daughter. Santana and the boy were sitting right beside the infant so she was already struggling to get a picture without the boys in it (side note: she could’ve just moved the baby away from them to get her shot 💁🏽). Santana decides to encourage the baby to smile by rubbing her head and smiling at her but it was also a distraction. I call Santana over to tell him to play a little further away so the mom could get her picture on. Santana goes back and do you know that the little boy pushed Santana to the ground and then stuck his tongue out at him. I calmly watched and hoped he would do that UFC kick punch move he likes to practice on his dad but nope he got up as if nothing happened and continued to try to play with him. Then this kid pushes him AGAIN!! No words from his mom who clearly saw EVERYTHING. So I run over there stoop down to Santana’s level and tell him loudly. “Don’t you ever let anyone push you and you not push back! Little boy...don’t you put your hands on him he’s not the one.” I assumed mom was gonna have some words with me but nope...she said NOTHING. Didn’t look our way or anything. 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀so I see why this kid thought it was ok. Santana cried as I carried him away cause he just wanted to play and didn’t understand what was wrong #parentingfail LADY. He got a lesson in fighting back last night. I don’t know how I’m gonna deal with being a mom to a boy. I just wanted to drop kick haya that kid then swing him around and let him go into the sky. 💁🏽💁🏽💁🏽 #forgivemebutnotmykids #dangmomreallythatshowyoudoingitin2018 #wheretheydothatat #iteachhimtonotgetsomadbutthistimegetmad #grandmawaswithmeandwasreadytogetdown #thatwouldnthavebeengoodforgrandma #beastmode #thankgoddadwasntthere