My goddess beautiful Kyo 💕💕💕 📷: picture owner (old pic )❤️ #songhyekyo #songjoongki #songsongcouple #송혜교 #송중기
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see the best views only on my new xxx premium snapchat 😉 • This is my first time totally opening myself up and sharing my deepest self (no pun intended) with the world. And it feels really freeing. That I have this beautiful power inside of me, all I have to do is be open to sharing... and Life pours in its miracles into mine. • I told myself a long time ago if I ever got into the adult industry, that I would only do it from a place of spirituality, openness, freedom... and inspire others to free themselves and love themselves completely and fully, regardless of anyone else’s opinions, whatever that may be. • And I promised I would speak up for those who are FORCED into horrible sex industries and trades, against their will... That is NEVER okay. There are no words for the wickedness of those crimes. • That’s why it’s so important to me to do this from a place of LOVE. For myself. For others. To reinvent the idea of “sex work.” Sex work can be WILLING, fun, and freeing- financially and spiritually. So many people have such fucked up views of people who decide to share their sexuality, and I’ve had ENOUGH of it. • Collectively, we need to start being open about our desires and needs. We need to pay WILLING models who love what they do for our porn. We need to stop creating a dark cloud of shame over our sexualities, it only creates harsh conditions for those who don’t have a choice. • Sex is beautiful. Masturbation is a divine connection to consciousness. Naked bodies are not inherently sexual. The Self chooses when they want to be perceived as sexy or sexual, not the viewer. We are all ultimately free, and as long as no one is being harmed (animals included!) then there is absolutely no warrant for negative judgement. And those who view you in a condescending way, only show something about themselves. Not about you. You know your ultimate truth, and you are free. And you are beautiful ✨ • Happy Thursday, everyone. Enjoy my morning thoughts. 💭🌎🌟 (public snapchat: madeleineivyy)

I’m really shy...

"Lone morning paddles" Photo by: @joemackin | 🔥📷🔥 . For more check out his collection! pintaram__pintaram______ #beyondthelands_ | #canada Selected by: @simona_br_photography

Volkswagen Touareg 2010г., 3,6л., 280л.с., белый. Пробег 55200км. Покупался у официального дилера. Два владельца за весь срок эксплуатации, два ключа. В наличии все документы о покупке и обслуживании. История автомобиля и честность пробега - в базе у дилера. Минимальные годовые пробеги. Без ДТП. Полностью обслужен. Недавно сделано большое ТО. Не потребует никаких вложений. По комплектации: пневмоподвеска, кожаный салон, передние сиденья с электроприводом и обогревом, память водительского сиденья, обогрев задних сидений, ксенон, противотуманки, омыватель фар, датчик света, дождя, 2-х зонный климат-контроль, складывание зеркал, круиз-контроль, камера заднего вида, парктроники, навигация, музыка Bose, R18 и мн.др. Комплект зимней резины. 1.190.000 р. @chistiyvikup