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I’ve always considered myself as an extrovert but sometimes I become the most silent person at a party. And it happens not because I don't want to talk or know new people. I discovered that my mind needs these moments when I can just look around and record a film inside my head. A film about a simple life from my perspective. I really enjoy conversations with people one on one where it's possible to keep an eye connection and be more attentive and empathetic. It's hard to accept some your characteristics and allow yourself to be yourself. But there is no right strategy, right?

Yesterday I met a 60-years-old guy from NYC, and he highly recommended me to watch any episode of ”Tiny Desk Concert”. So now my goal is to share with you this insider information. Let's ⚡️

It seems that the next chapter of my life is to improve several aspects of my personality and also build some useful routines and skills. Hello, wild world, I'm ready to work hard! If something makes me scary me, I'll take a breathe and do it. And I noticed that the more I challenge myself, the less I'm afraid of opinions of a crowd and other unmeaningful things which could sometimes stop me. This is absolutely the beginning of a new ”me”. Really like it.

What do you most appreciate in people? It tends that for me this question is more about empathy. Every time I feel a pure pleasure when I notice that a person is really caring about people around. No chance that with them you don't feel positive energy and relaxing atmosphere where you can be yourself and aren't afraid of sharing your real thoughts or fears. I firmly believe that everyone can learn how to develop this talent. All you need to do is to be in a present and consider each meeting as a chance to make a real deep connection and open the whole Universe in another man.

This place will be always special for me. I remember how we walked with my mum there in childhood. I even remember a moment how she bought me a Harry Potter coloring book from one old lady at the park, and I was the happiest child ever, sitting in the king’s grass and painting. Today I came here again to get lost, catch some sun and feel a little bit nostalgic. Because Arkhangelskoe is a pure inspiration ❤️

This picture would be named "Lyuba and Napaleon Cake. The first trial."

Let me just say that I'm happy to have 2 days off when I'm going to dive into favorite movies, nature and cooking adventures. Extremely need to recharge ⚡️

I want to be a person who notices incredible perfection of any environment around. Planet, you are incredible.

Decided to go on a media diet, a digital detox or call-it-whatever-you-want once a month. It means that I'll search for a nice location close to nature and spend there the whole weekend. Without a phone and any gadgets. Let's see how it'll work this Saturday.

It's been a year since I was seating at the airport and waiting for my flight to Sri Lanka. At that moment, I had no plans for the future, only a desire to go far away and find the answers why I'm living, what I should actually bring to this world. And if only I could imagine how I would change during this 365 day trip. Now I'm gonna grow more and do my best to use all lessons I was given. And if you want to understand what I'm talking about, check an incredible ”One Strange Rock”.

The easiest and maybe the healthiest way to stay contend and satisfied with life. Just spend at least an hour under The Sun.

I’m constantly continuing to see Lofoten everywhere - at random exhibitions, in magazines, in my dreams. Only even thoughts about this place bring me so much inspiration and calmness.

When you have been waiting for the weekend, and finally it came 🐾🐾🐾

All I need is a fucking teleport or to become Paige from Charmed

Can I marry this precious?! Totally fell in ❤️

Officially, the first day of snow in this season. It's time to get my Icelandic sweater and don't take it off until the end of April. Please remember the summer (and the happiest) version of me.

Trying to build so many important routines but also to find the time for inspiration, friends, and fresh air. The rule ”The more you want, the more you get” is still working. However, the only thing is not to forget to enjoy your way. Yeah, I'm super cheesy with my night Instagram posts.

This weekend after the first working week at a new place, I had no energy to be 100% active and sociable. However, on Saturday I was a speaker at Volunteer Conference @goodsurfing where I shared my experience about participation in 2 volunteer projects in Reykjavik and Berlin. It was so inspiring to talk about the happiest moments in my life. Definitely, want the third one!⚡️