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A little body appreciation post💕 I’m honestly so used to hearing that flat chested, skinny girls can’t relate to me or look up to me & things like “oh it’s easy for you to love your body, look at it-“ And as snotty as it sounds I guess it’s true. I’m not gonna hide it or shame myself for it because it’s different though. The only thing I CAN say these girls could and should take from the things I post is- no matter what you look like- you have to be happy inside first. I’m still working on that daily but I know how important it is. I know that a lot of my mental struggles are apparent because I’ve chosen to share them with you all. But I don’t care about what negative people have to say: I’m a work in progress, mentally and physically. I’m only getting better and stronger. Peep all my self talk posts and rants about life ! I am NOT perfect lol🙏🏼 It’s possible that we sometimes shoot only good angles of our lives, too.

How I’ll be rolling up to @inkmaster ‘s arena for the first time tonight on @spiketv ... But no matter how rough this journey gets, or how difficult it will be, opening the doors to letting people critique my hard work can’t take away all the growth and success I’ve attained. I never achieved the feeling of success from becoming wealthy, or buying nice things... coming from someone who’s had nothing I know material can come and go. No one can take away your will to succeed. The feeling of success is something you create yourself. Starting with all the words we say to ourselves and eventually, all that data adds up to create our individual self-worth. Your intentions will set the drive for how skillfully you navigate personal or professional success. Consistently setting your goals high enough to challenge yourself and always think bigger to push past your comfort zone. Get comfortable being uncomfortable - that’s where the real growth happens. With growth comes success. Setting your goals high and believing in yourself is how you achieve the change in the way you wake up in the world. I promise no one has ever regretted embracing the power to think big. But with big goals comes more failures. When it comes to success effort will count 10x more then talent but passion and perseverance both play the biggest asset to your long-term success. Im still fighting for the feeling of success every day and to me I’m barely scratch the surface. It’s quite common to see a lot of people experiencing initial excitement when deciding to pursue a New Year’s resolution. Less common and far more difficult is the sustained focus and drive throughout long periods of time needed to achieve it. It’ll be vital topush past the desire to give up, especially when things get rough AND IT WILL GET ROUGH . Visuals by @daltonjamesphotos “HAIL” by @prodbytheking

I recently wrote a post about how we simplify and stay organized in our kitchen. I thrive in a very clean and well organized space and I don't believe in living with more than what we need. I also love all white dishes, it helps in keeping everything looking organized, neat and it is easy to find dishes to match. This island holds all of our families dishes. Silverware and serving/cooking utensils are in the drawers, except my woodenware. All of my white dishes are thrifted with the exception of two which were gifts. What are your favorite kitchen tips for staying organized? Want to read the post about other ways we stay organized in a small kitchen? Click the blue link in my profile. Oh....and the island got painted. I am not finished with the makeover but I really felt like our space needed a pop of color. I had such a hard time choosing a beautiful green but I finally went with Countryside from the @joannagaines paint line.

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