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Tbt to last weekend with these guys!! Was an amazing experience filming Sh’bam 39 with them! 🕺🏻💃🏻🕺🏻💃🏻😍😍 @lesmillstribe @lesmillsasiapacific @reebok @polarglobalfitness

TBT to this time last Saturday when we were dancing Sh’bam 39 with an epic team and the loudest participants ever 🤩🤩 Was great to be away with my boys too! Need to book more weeks away. @lesmillstribe @lesmillsasiapacific @reebok @reebokau @polarglobalfitness #lesmillsfilmingsydney

Was great to sit back and observe @quoc.nguyen_pt taking a group of new Arena Coaches through their training course today! We’ve been working together for a number of months to get him ready to be an @arenafitnessmma trainer so I can share the workload of training and developing our coaches. Today he did all of the content solo and crushed it! Such a calm, thorough teaching style and very knowledgeable about Arena and the fitness and MMA components that make up our workouts. Congratulations Quoc you’re going to be an awesome trainer! #arenafitnessmma #arenafitness #hiitworkout #hiittraining #mma @goodlifehc

After a busy week of #lesmillsfilmingsydney it's time to focus on some recovery. One of my fav features of the #polarignite is the Sleep Plus Stages (how much REM, Light and Deep sleep I get) and Nightly Recharge (How well my Autonomic Nervous System is recovering from training). Although last night's scores were Poor, my polar suggested some ways to improve this allowing for better recovery tonight. Hopefully I bump the score back up tonight. ZZZZZZZZZZ @polarglobalfitness @lesmillsasiapacific @lesmillstribe

What a week!! Sydney you’ve been 👌🏻👌🏻 Loved that I got to spend it with my boys, my friends and fellow tribe members. An amazing experience I will remember for a long time. @lesmillstribe @lesmillsasiapacific @polarglobalfitness #sydney

Sh’bam 39 Filming team 🔥🔥! What an honour to dance on the stage with them and share the release with the instructors and members from Australia and around the world! Thanks for an awesome week! @lesmillstribe @lesmillsasiapacific @reebokau @polarglobalfitness #lesmillsfilmingsydney

Filming Day!!! Can’t wait to share the stage with this group! Sh’bam 39 is going to go off today at Fox Studios!! Cant wait to see all the instructors and members who are coming along to dance with us! @lesmillsasiapacific @lesmillstribe @reebokau @polarglobalfitness

Come to the Sh’bam 39 #lesmillsfilmingsydney filming and dance with us on Saturday! The release is full of so much swag and gets the heart rate pumping! 🤙🏻🤘🏻👍🏻👊🏻✋🏻 @lesmillsasiapacific @polarglobalfitness @reebokau #polarignite

Sh’bam 39 is gonna be such a 🔥🔥🔥 release with this group! Day 2 rehearsals were fun and now really excited for filming on Saturday arvo. Who’s coming to Sydney to dance with us?? #lesmillsfilmingsydney #lesmillsfilming #polarignite @lesmillsasiapacific @polarglobalfitness @reebok

Checked out @crossfit168_sydneycbd this morning for a pre #lesmillsfilmingsydney rehearsal workout. Making sure I stay in track with my own training in this busy week of filming prep. Thanks for a great session. #toriansontour #torianproud @cftorian

#justbarryd thanks @barrysaustralia @barrysbootcamp Surrey Hills for a great sweat session! #barrysbootcamp #barrysaustralia

Explored a bit of Sydney today before a big week for #lesmillsfilmingsydney I’ve been testing out the new #polarignite this weekend and can’t wait to track all our rehearsals and classes. It also doubles as a pretty cool accessory! #lesmillsasiapacific #polar @polarglobalfitness @lesmillsasiapacific

It’s not a trip to @warnerbrosmovieworld without our token #supermanescape photo! Such a fun night for @mw_fright_nights_ for @johnnypawliw birthday!

Laced up and ready for #lesmillsfilmingsydney can’t wait to track some of my workouts this week with my #polarignite as we get ready to film Sh’bam 39 @polarglobalfitness @lesmillsasiapacific @polaraus @reebokau

Filmed some content for our Arena Coaches today! Anyone else feel Blergh after watching themselves back on camera? @arenafitnessmma #arenafitnessmma @goodlifehc #hiittraining #derpface

Photo 1 - January 2019 - I was my heaviest weight at 89kg I wasn’t performing physically at my best in my LM Classes and felt flat energy wise and didn’t really want to take my top off at the beach! Photo 2 - August 2019 - 83kg. At this time I was feeling fitter and had been doing CrossFit for 12 months! We decided to do an 8 week challenge to get ready for LM Workshops as well as push eachother to be fitter and stronger. The focus was on training and eating to fuel the training, cutting out sugar and snacking (still have had a couple of days where I’ve had a drink or sweet but much better than I was) Photo 3 - October 2019 - 81kg. At the moment I know I still have a way to go but I feel lighter, fitter and faster than I have in a very long time. I also feel stronger and can lift more than I ever have. Here’s to the next 8weeks and seeing what changes I can make in that time! Just goes to show train hard and eat well and results will happen....... But it doesn’t happen over night so patience is a virtue when wanting to change your body!! @lesmillsasiapacific @goodlifehc @arenafitnessmma @cftorian

Kicking Names and Taking Ass! Or is is Taking Names and Kicking Ass?! Body Combat making us feel like 🥋🥊🤺 @carolenewton1 @lesmillsasiapacific @reebokau @polarglobal #guardiansofthegalaxy #mantis

Looking forward to a new week of training and prepping for filming week in Sydney next week. Reebok gear keeping me looking fresh for my workouts @lesmillsasiapacific @reebokau @reebok @goodlifehc @arenafitnessmma