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@rinanose16 jadi Agen Tamu di MissionX setuju ga ? Kalau setuju Komen : SETUJU @missionxtranstv @transtv_corp Spesial @comedytravelertranstv Episode 3 & 4 @amingisback @melki_bajaj @t_orasudi_ro @boiyenpesek SABTU & MINGGU ini jam 10:30 di Transtv #missionx #comedytraveler #transtv


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YO! PSA! Can I have everyone’s attention?! We need to stop blaming social media for our misery and depression. It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that what we see on Instagram & Facebook isn’t ... fucking... REAL. If we could just think critically and realistically and just stop envying the lives we see on here, we could use it to help people instead of hurt them. Please don’t let me or any of these other Instagram models fool you. I can honesty tell you I’m not as happy as the girl I portray. My life isn’t as good as I make it look. I’m not always smiling ear to ear and in REALITY- my body isn’t as “perfect” as it looks when it isn’t being edited or taken from the right angles. If you look at the second picture- it’s completely RAW and the picture is actually really gloomy: just like my life sometimes. I battle a heavy ass ton of depression and anxiety on the daily. I’m insecure as hellll sometimes and I want to level up to the models I see on here but it’s actually pretty freakin exhausting trying to edit my life. I feel like lately I can’t post pictures without feeling some kind of guilt that young girls look at them and get SAD that their bodies/smiles/lives look like mine. I don’t want to feel that way anymore and I don’t give a damn if I lose followers or hype for exposing the truth. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Tell an IG model with a good amount of followers to send you the original photo of the masterpiece he/she posts. It’s not easy for them once they’ve built up a certain image. And if you think this was easy for me, you’re trippin. I have a lot of love for people who enjoy my content but if you’re gonna stick around- I’m gonna start giving you real content.


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Closing by EXO and opening by LAY EXO Zhang yixing 😊😊😊 . . . Penutupan Olympic d Korea oleh EXO,,,, pembukaan Olympic Beijing oleh Zhang yixing a.k.a EXO LAY 😀😀 . . . Alhamdulillah 😁😁

“ Lingerie is the maximum expression of a woman’s femininity. “ Photo was taken by the amazing @alexmanfredini 😉 Make-up by the wonderful @raul0tero 😉 Hair by the fantastic @alexanka8 😉 Wearing a beautiful green @agentprovocateur lingerie set matching it with a pair of sexy beige @louboutinworld heels 😉 #playmate#instafit#fitness#healthyliving#instagood#instalike#fitgirl#fitmodel#lingeriemodel#curvesfordays#exoticbeauty#covergirl#playboy#maxim#bootyfordays#fitchick#lingerielover#classymodel#latina#sexycurves#bodygoals#playboybunny#playboyslovakia#playboyvzlaoficial#glamourmodel#playmatekieraribeiro


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Magnificent 💕

I can’t wait to get back in Thailand 🌴 26.02-28.03 Shot by @mavrin (backstage)

Finally Decided To Start Working On These Abs 😜🤘🏾 * Didn’t really think it was possible But YES! You can have #abs after kids! I was only concerned about a slim waist (At First) BUT I’m thoroughly impressed with MY #progress while on the #new RGX 28 Day Challenge! I wanted to develop something that gives #realresults, is easy to follow, and #empowering through #education when it comes to achieving better health for all and here it is! 🙌🏾 In just 28 short days you will: -Lose (or Gain if desired) weight. -Tighten, Tone, and Build your desired areas. -Increase stamina, and endurance. -Feel AMAZING due to your results! The RGX 28 Challenge comes with: -Daily Meal Plans! -Daily Interactive Workouts with Me! -Support from myself and Team RGF! CLICK THE LINK IN BIO for more info! *************************************************************************************** * Want to #boost your #rgx28daychallenge results? Add a RGF #waistsnatcher to help melt that midsection #faster! Check them out today at: www.RocsiGlobalFitness.com . . #rgx #28daychallenge #bodied #getfit #transfomation #abs #abcheck #bodygoals #fitmom


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😭😭mohon direnungkan sahabatsubuh, perbanyak amal, jadikan dunia ladang amal, kasih tau temannya sahabatsubuh . . follow @subuhku___

You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness Like resignation to the end Always the end So when we found that we could not make sense Well you said that we would still be friends But I'll admit that I was glad that it was over

🎗 KEŞKE HERKES SENİN GİBİ DELİKANLI OLSA . . . 🇹🇷 @illegal.video 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 @illegal.video 🇹🇷

Teotihuacan: "il luogo dove vengono creati gli dei" @ruggerofreddi #messico #teotihuacan #fitness #love

And again... English lesson 🤓📚🤙🏻

Booty Gains @simplysexygirlz. . . 📸 @gerihoops

👉👉@michieva_zalina 🌹. . Kahvaltı için süper fikir değilmi 👌😋. . . #patates #pizza #kahvalti #food #yemek #yemekvideo