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Never stop smiling and sharing 🌈👸🏿 #womenempowerment #strongertogether

Here are our beaded matriochka round boxes. They are not only very useful to store earrings or rings but also very cute ☺️🌈 #womenempowerment #strongertogether

Here are some pictures of our beaded bowls. Don’t hesitate to contact us by email or dm if you’re interested in something that is not on our Etsy page or if you have any special requests (such as different colours etc) 🌈💞 👸🏿#womenempowerment #strongertogether

We present to you our beaded flower container, hope you’ll like it ☺️ you can use it to store your beautiful maasai jewels 🌈 #womenempowerment #strongertogether

Come and discover the wonders of Kenya at Amboseli EcoCamp 🦓🌈

Come stay with us at Amboseli EcoCamp 🏡 The Camp was built by our community who is doing an amazing job at running it. 💪🏿🌈 You’ll be able to meet the women’s group, see all of the progress that your contributions have allowed us to reach and obviously enjoy our beautiful view on Mount Kilimanjaro 🦒🦓🐘🏔 Link and info :

Her name is Susan Parsae. 👸🏿She is a 26 year old wife and mother of four. 👶🏿😍 She was able to attend the Ol Doinyo Oibor Primary School, where she reached class 7. She then joined the Women’s Group in a attempt to provide for her children and allow them to get a shot at secondary school and graduate education. 💪🏿🌈 #womenempowerment #strongertogether

Sharing is caring! The women learn more about our culture every day just as we learn about theirs. Cultural diversity is the most beautiful thing our world has to offer, embrace it and never stop exploring and learning : education gives you power! 👸🏿🌈 #womenempowerment #strongertogether

Go check out our rainbow dream catcher earrings on Etsy 🌈 They are a unique piece 👸🏿 #womenempowerment #strongertogether

Susan making one of our beautiful Orgelhow bracelets 🌈😍 100% handmade and unique! 👸🏿 #womenempowerment #strongertogether

Meet Silanka, Ntetetei and Susan with one of our wagenis from Amboseli EcoCamp! 🏡 Go check out our website if you want to book a stay with us at 🦒🐘🦓 Their jewellery is also available on Etsy (link in bio) 🤩🌈👸🏿 ! Don’t miss out on a chance to help these women provide for their family #strongertogether #womenempowerment

Hello lovely people! We've added some new pieces to our Etsy site, and we've managed to reduce shipping costs so make sure to grab one of our handmade and unique gems before they sell out! Free shipping for orders of $50 and up!!! 😍👸🏿 If you have any special requests, don't hesitate to message us on here or on Etsy! 🌈 Link in bio : Credits : Tumblr

The traditional Maasai dream catcher earrings and bracelet set in blue 💙 Go shop it now before it gets sold out 👀🌈 #strongertogether #womenempowerment

Here is our white choker and diamond earring set ; perfect for your august tan 🌞 Those are unique items so don’t miss your chance and go shop them on our Etsy page (link in bio) 🎁 #strongertogether #womenempowerment

Our beautiful beaded anklets! More colours available upon request. Don’t miss the chance to shop our unique products on our Etsy page!! Go check it out (link in bio) 👸🏿🌈 #strongertogether #womenempowerment

Hello everyone, I am glad to announce to you that our Etsy page is finally ready. 🎉 You will now be able to purchase all of our products on there. This is a first try for us to see if we can then evolve into an actual website. Please let us know what you think about it. More jewels will be available on it very soon but on the meantime go check it out, you’ll learn a lot about our story and each one of our members 👸🏿🌈 #strongertogether #womenempowerment Link in our bio 👉🏻

Her name is Kimanjoi Sailepu, she is here presenting to you our beaded layered necklace! 👸🏿Hope you’ll love it as much as we do 🌈 #strongertogether #womenempowerment

We present to you our beautiful beaded headpiece worn during traditional ceremonies in Maasai culture. Our beautiful Kelai modelling here, give her some love 🌈👸🏿 #strongertogether #womenempowerment