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About two months ago this motor saw her final hurrah. Taken too soon to say the least. She’s been across the country north to south and east to west, and even made a trip into the heart of Mexico. Her and I have been through a lot together; lifted each other when we’re down; witnessed incredible country; met wonderful people. This is why I couldn’t let her go. She’s my baby, so it was time for a new heart and there was only one kind that I had in mind... 😈 #staytuned #FXRebirth

Why so serious?!? 🖤 #justme #womanportrait #myseriousface 📸 @mvernicos

walk with me, free ice-cream 🤟🏻

#simonedebeauvoir #mood #clara #claramorgane

Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Focus on what to do next.