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Let it go,Let it gooo (😅This is going to be in my head for the rest of the day now!) Share it with those who need it. Spread positivity, because husne sulookh karna sunnat hai. You be the first one to start the conversation,if there's a cold war going on with your friends or family💜 Edited using @picsart


Keep reciting this until/after 3rd day of Eid Sound on🔊 Bakri Eid prep❤ Share and earn reward!


Say mashaallah❤ Anaya and Zainab wearing my handlettered tees💕

Look how simple Islam is❤ Share and earn reward. Spread awareness. Sadqa is an Islamic term that means "voluntary charity". This concept encompasses any act of giving out of compassion, love, friendship, religious duty or generosity.

There's no age to watch Disney movies❤ Here are my favourite quotes that makes sense,motivates and inspires. You can join in any time. Make sure you tag me @calligraphermadiha and use #lcwithmadiha 15th July marks 1 year to my lettering journey. Though I started this account again in April 2018 with some bookmarks initially,but took up lettering,that fascinated me! ' How could anyone write with a paint brush which is so felxible'? Am happy that I questioned my self. When I first started,I had no idea,where I am today! Alhumdulillah❤ I cannot wait to see your entries. Feel free to use any tool and any style to write. Got any doubt? DM me. So who's joining me? . . #lcwithmadiha#letteringchallenge#julyletteringchallenge

Share with those who need to hear this 💚💛🧡 Whatever you do,people have to say something. So the best option is to act deaf to such comments. Either online or in person- just ignore!

❤❤❤ Corn and Pepper Lasagna😋 from Firangi Bake @firangibake

Islam is a religion of peace💕 This post is for day before yesterdays match!😅 I couldn't watch and couldn't write on that day,but am happy that India won. I love my country❤,jaisi bhi hai😄and I enjoy it's benefits(if there are any😅) What are your thoughts?

Thank you each and everyone for appreciating my recent work on wedding invites. Secret behind this is @schatlani . I attended her pointed pen calligraphy workshop on 1.06.19 and I got this order on 9.06.19. Coincidence? I think yes😅 She is the boss woman behind @bombaylettering She is my all time inspiration❤ Attending her workshop was on my bucket list! I know I still have to go a long way,practice a lot. But who knew I could even write like this? Sanjana has demonstrated some useful tips and techniques,which were really really helpful, And even how to open the ink bottle 😅 otherwise I would have messed it up for sure! 😄 Thank you so much! And if you want to buy calligraphy supplies like ink,nibs,holders,practise pads,they're all available on her website. She even customise pendants! Like wow💕 Check it out❤

My onesie's coming to life by these brand ambassadors😇😅🤗 They look so adorable,beyond measure! Mahsaallah❤. I wasn't allowed to share their pictures revealing their faces, and I too didn't want to, so hid Rayan's and Abubakr's face(their protective mamma and phuppu😄)They look really cute. The way Abdul Rahman and Abdul Raheem are holding hands got me like awww💕 I am sure Nubaid was looking cute as well🌟 May Allah bless them all immensely. I wish I got Aizah's and Alina's pictures too. Still waiting🤞😅 . . . #calligraphy#eid2k19#brushlettering#lettering#calligraphyonfabric#firsteid2k19#firsteid#hyderabadartist#artistoninstagram#thehungrycreatives#customisedonesies#hyderabad#handmade#handwritten#handmadefont#like#save#share#comment#1kfollowers