Magic: The Hatering

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40 counters. 20 islands. Mtg player since 96. Mtg memes, awareness, accountability&and other bs as I think of it. Wrestling is real, people are fake

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Magic and online culture memes. Can you imagine being cancelled by some uneducated balding fuck who lives with their parents, doesn’t have a job, can’t provide for themself, doesn’t have a cell phone or a car, lives off their parents and feels morally superior to everyone? Me neither. Fuck the internet in 2019. Art from captivating audience by dimitry Burmak. Blank on 3.

Another throwback.

Here's an old one of mine I found today and I liked. Edit: the inspiration behind this was a Howard stern skit.

If there’s someone you don’t like on the gram, block that shit bag and keep them out of your field of view and out of your life, even if online life ain’t real life. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

A magic meme, a niche meme, and a meme about meme makers. Fun for the whole family.

If I were a magic card I’d be Thirst Trap. I’ll probably delete this later like every other selfie I’ve ever posted but fuck it. It me. I’m my own #mcm. #self #selfie #mancrushmonday #saltandpepper #36 #daddy

You’re gonna have a bad time with the wrong group and wrong power level deck.

Hey girl. Let me holla at you. #metamonday

Good evening let’s get this bread (body of Christ ).

Chop. #bionicle

Unban Treasure Cruise and I might come back to modern. @wizards_magic

What card is she looking at? I say drain life because she sucks the life out of everything.

I posted about this in my story and it inspired this. I’ve got a long way to go but as someone who drank almost every day from 2011-2018 it’s a good start. Thanks everyone for the love and positivity you’ve already sent my way.

Magic is love, no matter what color you prefer.

Fun for the whole family. Blank on 3 #memetemplate #memeformat

Ajani Vengeant gets his vengeance. #ajani #sasuke #naruto

They know.