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40 counters. 20 islands. Mtg player since 96. Mtg memes, awareness, accountability&and other bs as I think of it. Wrestling is real, people are fake

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If it's legal, it's real and viable.

My kind of people.

Get out of my doorway.

Also really like where you want (your daughter) to be.

Myself included.

Give me some more of that blue on blue crime please.

Internet clout means fuckall.

Going to a wedding today, so here's my only post.



Them: "I play blue because I'm not dumb" Me: "Uh-huh." Them: *heavy breathing intensifies.

Angry folks everywhere.

There are 0 reasons to not run it if you're playing blue in commander.

Whoops. Life has been hectic as of late, between traveling for work and yadda yadda yadda excuses, I've not felt very motivated as of late. Gonna try to ramp up the ol shit posting machine again soon.

Nothing makes people saltier than counters.

Proud papa moments. Decks are your babies, prove me wrong.

The answer is no.