Magic: The Hatering

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40 counters. 20 islands. Mtg player since 96. Mtg memes, awareness, accountability&and other bs as I think of it. Wrestling is real, people are fake

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Ooooooooooooooooooo. #spacejam

Y'all should start doing this with expensive cards and posting. It's the most fun you can have with a magic card without playing.


It's gonna happen.

Don't get ahead of yourself.


Christmas in August. From winter orb by @marktedin Thanks to @hexproofharry for the assist

A.C.A.B. ALL (storm) crows are bastards.

Are you totally lost? With and without sunglass lens. Wasn't sure which was the better shit post. #fblthp

This is what you look like when you ask to borrow your friends cards. You'll only bridge shuffle too, I'm sure. Blank on 2 if you want it.

Once I traumatized my opponent and then cast living death. Whoops.

Tag your favorite scammer.

@kimkardashian are you ok? #kimkardashian

Demons grasp says it gives -5/-5 but it would surely give me a +5/+5 at a minimum. Art by @digitalbydavid

The first ain't me but the 2nd is. From demonic collusion by @jimnelsonart #jimnelson

Murca. There's no blue troops I could find so red and white it is.

Stifle keeps the fetch from happening. #meangirls

I've always wanted to have a playgroup that passed a replica wwf wrestling belt around to the winner of games. This is from #pitfighter