Did someone say RAFFIA? Fact- Raffia comes from the fibre of palm tree leaves. - - - #marrilondon #raffia #weave #bag #accessories #s/S18 #naturalproducts #details #facts #palmtrees #nature #colour #beach #summer
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Which one? IF you're willing to do the sin of choosing the second one, I'll suggest you to SWIPE LEFT ;)

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موافقید؟ عشق به مردم و کار و هنرنمایی برای عاشقان این نیرو و انرژی را به یک هنرمند میده که با قدرت و احساس زیبا برای عاشقان و طرفدارا و دوستداراش برنامه اجرا کنه و بقول بانو گوگوش عشق مردم ، دلشو جوون نگه داشته و احساس پیری نمیکنه ، کسی که نزدیک به شش دهه روی صحنه هست . #بانو_گوگوش #کنسرت_گوگوش #شاه_ماهی_هنر_ایران #

🎶 Lil Mama got ass for days 🎶 @fashionnovacurve #novababe #novacurve x Photo: J. Al-Ajam

Where I come from The attitude to have, is to NOT quit My Momma, one hell of a woman, fighter and badass lady She badly broke her back at 18 years old and was hospitalized for 10 months, she brought me into this world as a 20 year old lady, despite her back getting worse day by day, she kept working her ass off in pain to support me and my little sister, we didnt have much, but we sure had plenty of love to give each other. She got multiple back surgeries done the following years, and in one final attempt to fix her back she ended up with triple blood clots in her brain as the result She lost her ability to speak any words, she's partly paralyzed and have big trouble walking, she's in constant pain and she will never be able to lift and hug her grandson, that's life for you right there But one thing I brought with me from my childhood, is my relentless attitude towards never giving up, Momma taught me that And here I am today, standing tall and proud as one can be, I have achieved the things I wanted to achieve, I have raised my son to be a true little gentleman, I have turned my life from depressed and fat to happy and curvy as fuck, and the journey towards even greater achievements has only just begun Never give up means everything to me #neverquit #nevergiveup #proudmommy #mommy

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