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got a freshhhh tan & went to the gym so felt like being extra, but here’s where im at - finally starting to feel hooooman again 💁🏼‍♀️ something ive found quite useful (and have been practicing on and off for like 5 months) is intermittent fasting 🤗 im gonna use the term lightly tho as I don’t religiously follow it buttttt I basically try to I stick to a specific “eating window” during the day and have a cut off point where I stop grazing, as i find it reaaaal easy to needlessly snack into the night lol. for me it’s useful for digestion rather than controlling my total food intake (altho it can be useful for that too!!). ~ if you’ve followed my journey u may know that I have really bad gut/digestion issues (which is why I try sooo many different methods of eating haha) and by (loosely) following IF it allows my digestive system more of a rest. RN I try to have 14-16 hours between my final meal + my first meal. as mentioned I don’t follow it religiously - some days it doesn’t work with my schedule and others I really don’t want to lol but most of the time I trryyyy. and it’s helped quite a lot to be honest! if anything has helped me get back into a routine 🤷🏼‍♀️ there’s heaps of stuff about IF online if you’re interested, but do remember it’s not necessarily for everyone 😊 does anyone else following IF find it helps with digestion/tummy issues?? am intrigued 🤗

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Baby, don’t hurt me 🌹