Reach out and be present. How you show up for your beloveds is how you show up for yourself. Yes, truth is we all have different capacity and different sense of giving and sharing. But we all know the blessings and importance of loving and caring. Of nurturing. Eliminate spiritual snobiness. Be like Nature, ever nourishing. Honor spirit connections, be unconditional in your giving. Far too many so called conscious/spiritual folk live by egoic practices. Humility is groundedness, without it we float away and lose integrity. Our integrity is our shield on a mission. Stop talking and preaching, integrate and live. Embody. Past month was my time of revelation. I committed to my practice, and removed myself from all my relations, and ways I used to show up. In friendships, sisterhood and my partnerships. I literally took a step away from everyone and was amazed to sight not just how the entire dynamic shifted, but also how my understanding of unions changed. Detachment is a beautiful tool. It is utmost empowering and liberating to redirect energy into self. More you know self, more you can be present for others. And more easily accept that there are many who can't be there for you in nature you desire them to be. Best part of it, you gain true power to nurture your spirit connections. And reunite with your true tribe. Most valuable and most precious gift in Creation. #Sisterhood #AllUnions #Oneness #Unity #Purpose #Togetherness #Gratitude #MyPeople #Connection #Spirit #Unbreakable
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