A 15 min de cerrar las mesas de votaciones. Vamos súmate, Anímate y Participa. #elecciones2017 #presidente #core #diputados #pichilemu
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I’ll never forget the first time I met Grandma Mary. Gerrit and I were just friends at the time and I was over at his parent’s house for a bbq. I remember being drawn to her from day one. She was a strong-willed, Italian woman with the biggest heart, the best stories, and the deepest love for her family. We spent a majority of that night, just the two of us, sipping baileys and coffee in the backyard. I’ll always be thankful for the bond we shared over the last (almost) 10 years. Today, we are celebrating her life and the beautiful legacy she left behind- including the world’s greatest in-laws. I feel so lucky to have known her and to be a part of this amazing family. ❤️

"फक्त स्वप्न पाहून थांबू नका , बरबाद व्हाल . स्वप्न पाहून कृती ही करा , आबाद व्हाल ." . . #goodmorning #goodmorningpost #goodmorningpic #shilpathakre #smile #smiley 😊 #recording #recordingstudio #dubbing #time #positivevibes

포항 가고싶다!!!

. Kawanku.... . . Aku berharap bisa bertemu denganmu lagi di surga, karena akan jauh lebih menyenangkan daripada sekedar bertemu didunia. . "Dan hendaklah di antara kamu ada segolongan orang yang menyeru kepada kebajikan, menyuruh (berbuat) yang makruf, dan mencegah dari yang mungkar. Dan mereka itulah orang-orang yang beruntung." (QS. Ali 'Imran : 104)

🎉So happy to celebrate another year of life. 🎂 Thank you all for the #Birthday #Love 😘 #july12 #summer #life #blessed

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