here's an arthur post because i love him very much 💗💗 it makes me sad everything that went down with him and morgana - i feel like he would've been more forgiving of her cause than even merlin, as merlin was overly protective of arthur & his love was so exclusive that he always put arthur before her which makes me so sad :(( [ #mergana #merlin #arthurpendragon ]
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Skylar Carter
2018-01-16 06:11:07

Arthur always said that maybe his fathers actions towards magic were wrong, that’s why it’s so sad he never actually tried to change those laws. He was definitely a bit kinder to those with magic, but he never tried to listen or get Morgana back to the good side once he learned she had magic. He said he was sorry about what his father did to her, but he was partly doing the same. And then he wanted Merlin to leave once he learned that Merlin had magic. And of course it was shocking for him, but he could’ve been more understanding. If only he could’ve seen Morgana and Merlin for who they really were 😭