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I absolutely love this art!! ❤️💛💚💙💜

Hey all! I apologize for the inactivity!! Both Kiri and I are super busy and try our best. I was away on vacation for ten days and then came home, then I started a new school recently so I've been a little overwhelmed. Going to try to get on a good posting schedule! Hope everyone is well and had a great week 💗


feel free to comment them here or dm please thanks highly appreciate it cuase im running out of ideas till i decide on a new list -Kiri

So at some point I said I'd be more active and it turned into the opposite but I'm gonna have to step up my game with vi going away for a short while, anyway I said to myself at three hundred followers id draw more mikayuu stuff but noo I forgot to, so here's a drawing I'm literally just working on tats slightly bad of Newt from Fantastic beasts and were to find them my current ignited side obsession along side doctor who, Sherlock, marvel, astronomy and various sciences, and zelda for some reason

lets see this weeks late waifu / husbando wednesday is for Leonardo Watch from Kekkai Sensen (Blood battle blockade). Leonardo is a teenager in crisis, low pay, constantly being robbed, lives in the most dangerous city in the anime, and whats this? has a super power that everybody wants? Leonardo has a sister and when he and his family went for a trip to new york hell fell and leonardo was given the power "All-seeing Eyes of the Gods," these were given to him at the cost of his younger sisters vision and he works in the new New york, Hellsalem's Lot to regain his sisters vision and escape the city while picking up a ton of friends a long the way, leonardo is the kind of person who would dedicate his life to the person he loved making him a loyal person to have around. #kekkaisensen #bloodbattleblockade #leonardo #leonardowatch #anime #fanart #waifuwednesday #sonic #sonicthemonkey