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Heya guys! Thanks Kiri for posting so much, I have been really lacking. My computer broke which did contain many of my mikayuu stuff and I did start a new school which is really tough. 😬 Here are some pictures I got from the Pride Parade yesterday by me! 🏳️‍🌈 Also, @mikayuu_is_real tagged us in this photo and it's so cute I had to share!

Lets talk about something different for a change, i am really running out of ideas for waifu wednesdays, but i've been trying to post every wednesday, so how about some questions i've been asked a lot today: How are you: Descent, lifes not perfect and it never will be, caught up on some new airing TV series thats about it. Help: @_.charmainee_ i know you need my medical assistance but im not a proffesional so get some proffesional help instead my lousy collection of medical tips. do you need anything?: no i do not, i would like a vanilla milkshake but i can make one of those. how old are you?: i am within the average teenage range of age placing me somewhere in between 8th to 10th grade. More Posts: Sorry i am currently lacking in post ideas feel free to give me ideas though!, vi and i are a little restricted in what we can post as a team since our whole account theme is Owari no Seraph! How was your day: it was fine, i spent the day doing jobs around the house and watching Marvel's Daredevil inbetween Arrow and the first episode of Flash Season 5 as i am currently on break i am allowed to do that. (would really appreciate posting ideas, im open to suggetions as long as it doesnt get out of hand and physically impossible) -Kiri

Let's just say both vi and I have been extremely busy and this hasn't been updated in a month about, but I bring you the first husbando Wednesday in a month, wow a lots happened and I recently found time to rewatch durarara!! And I thought hey, IZAYA deserves a spot on our list, izaya is over the top in confidence with the habit of making people commit suicide when he's bored, his hobbies include stalking humanity, helping multiple gangs in Tokyo and getting on shizu's bad side. Honestly he's the right match for you I you're a psychopath and eccentric to the max #durarara #durararamanga #durararaanime #durararafanart #durararaizaya #durararaizayaorihara #durararashizuo #durararashizuoheiwajima #durararax2ten #durararax2 #durararax2ketsu

I absolutely love this art!! ❤️💛💚💙💜

Hey all! I apologize for the inactivity!! Both Kiri and I are super busy and try our best. I was away on vacation for ten days and then came home, then I started a new school recently so I've been a little overwhelmed. Going to try to get on a good posting schedule! Hope everyone is well and had a great week 💗