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Happy Mikayuu Monday! Thanks to all who answered the polls this week! Also shoutout to those who sent in their personal reason for watching ONS! At the end, @boys_can_like_yaoi_too 's name was cut off- sorry!

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL BEST FRIENDS DAY!! @kirilovesmarvel you are one of my closest friends and ilysm! You are always there for me when I need to cry about lelouch lamperouge or vent about darling in the franxx. I love that we share a mutual love of mikayuu and a bunch of other anime!! So happy that we can run this account together 😊💕

Hi, kiri is resurrected for a short amount of time, husbando Wednesday. I don't have a lot to say about Ciel except for the fact that if you were in a relationship with him you'd be in countless wars, forgotten half the time and still insanely rich while dating a 13 year old demon, but then again you'd also have a great butler called Sebastian. Warning to all seeking people: Coel had a dark past that's filled with revenge and he's still out looking for it and if you're associated with it he won't hesitate to kill you! -kiri #blackbutler #cielphantomhive #phantomhive #ciel #earlphantomhive #kuroshitsuji #earlcielphantomhive #anime #animefanart

Sorry guys, I Kiri am literally dying, I can't uphold activity on a lot of things, failings grades, broke to tears, everything around me breaking (laptop) school being the worst of it all, yeah I just want to apologise for dumping keeping this thing alive (sorry) I might see if I can get waifu Wednesday done for the first time in forever

just gonna leave this here.. ❤️

TOTALLY FREAKED OUT WHEN I SAW THIS!! @johnnyyongbosch Kiri and I are completely obsessed with this anime omg. I cannot even express my love for Lelouch Lamperouge!! 😭😭❤️❤️ any of our friends can definitely vouch that we are obsessed!! code geass is an amazing anime. The storyline blew me away and when I finished watching I fell in love with the whole plot and characters. The character development Lelouch goes through is amazing. In the end, he tried to help the world but only turned everyone against one another. Lelouch is definitely my favorite character you have ever voiced because you capture every element of him so well! You are able to portray his emotions and the layers to his character perfectly. ❤️ Kiri and I would love to win this and would be honored.

Happy #mikayuumonday !! These were the poll pod results from yesterday! Hope everyone had a good Monday and a great rest of the week! - on a side note, I (Violet) won't be available this week mostly. I'm finishing up school and have to travel for my testing. 😬 - Violet 💕

(From @owarinoseraph_news ! Check out their page they have a bunch of awesome posts!) I found this funny and just had to share it lol! This is so me playing Mario kart xD ~ Violet

So I forgot about waifu Wednesday (This is Kiri btw) so as apology for my my forgetfulness here's a random marvel thing that's on my iPad #marvel #marvelfunny #spidermanhomecoming #spiderman #ironman

Happy late #mikayuumonday !! These are the poll results from yesterday's story! I'm shocked that some people enjoy Monday lol! Also..Shinoa all the way.. 👀 Hope everyone had a good Monday!

Happy late waifu Wednesday! Sorry it's a day late! Anyways this is definitely an oldie! Tohru Honda! Literally though fruits basket was my first anime and it has a soft space in my heart!! Whenever I watch it it always makes me feel better and happy/calm 😂 So, Tohru is an amazing because 1. She's a great role model! She's always showing kindness to others and is always doing her best to stay positive but we also see her being sad (which is super important because seriously- you don't have to be happy all the time! It's okay to cry and be sad 💕) 2. Her selflessness and willing to help others! Throughout the season Tohru helps the Sohma family overcome their fears, past and she also helps the family rekindle their relationships. Going to try not to spoil so much! But Fruits Basket is a great anime and is also a good starter anime! Happy Waifu wednesday all! 😊 - Violet

>meme shout out goes to @owari_no_end cause ferid is trash but he's also our ship captain but we think he's trash anyway #mikayuu #ons #owarinoseraph #seraphoftheend #mika #mikaela #mikaelahyakuya #yuu #yuichiro #yuichirohyakuya #fanart #anime #manga #memes #animemes #mikayuumes #onsmemes

KIRI FOUND THIS AND I LOVE IT! Code Geass x Owari no Seraph crossover 😱 also C2 is best girl 👌