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lel guys, this husbando wednesday is abstract as i'm literally doing Arata Kasuga from Trinity Seven the main demon lord candidate for his universe. with a harem of girls called the Trinity Seven he triumphs over all with his sword skills (manga only), with ridiculously over powered magic abilities and the habit of leaving breakdown phenomens every where he goes. Good looks, perverted attitude yet a really good sense of humour. His demon form is the Astral Trinity and litterally overcomes all and takes 2 of the most powerful grimoire to seal it. Okay okay the list could go one for awhile but almost all of its pointless and i'm not in the mood on writing an essay on white arata kasuga is best character. GN Mikayuuers! Kiri needs sleep but like, she also 50 animes to watch and only 77 years to do it. GN #anime #manga #trinityseven #aratakasuga #arata #mikayuusquad #waifuwednesday #husbandowednesday #officialart

@lilmissojoart drew fanart for us to celebrate 200! 💗💗 her artwork is amazing and her Mikaela drawing is perfection!! Kiri and I both love it so much and really appreciate it you drawing art for us! Go follow this lovely person because she has a ton of other great anime art, such as Pokemon, Sword Art Online, Yona of the Dawn, Fairy Tail, and Seraphina and John from the webtoon UnOrdinary (which btw her art is fantastic and she 100% deserves to win this contest!) She also has her own comic she is working on!! and 300% deserves to reach 300 followers ASAP!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Don't you love mosquitos, they're like mini vampires with wings, they're loud, they wake you up in the middle of the night, they suck your blood, they're impossible to kill, they give you low blood pressure and levels, and make sure they get you at a time when you definently can't eat! -Kiri #ons #owarinoseraph #seraphoftheend #mosquitossuck #mikayuu #mika #mikaela #mikaelahyakuya #yuu #yuichiro #yuichirohyakuya #fanart #anime #manga

Happy #mikayuumonday!! Today we have some new memes that will start your week off right! Enjoy 😊 also thank you all for 200 followers! Check out our last post in which Kiri drew a lovely picture 💗💗 Have a nice Monday everyone! (All credit goes to those who originally made these!!) ~ Violet 💕

AHHHHH hey guys!!! Kiri here!!! Vi and i would just like to thank you (late) for 200 Followers! neither of us imagined we'd get 200 in 3 months but you broke our expectactions! ignore my really rushed drawing i was in a hurry because i had vi breathing down my neck to get it done!! Vi is the one in the scarf because its cold where she is lel, ft. @skyehyakuya our 200th member and thank you so much for following us! my OC Mei lin is in the middle because i can't remember what i look like because i never look in mirrors xD But thank you so much again and i better go find mikayuu images to spam for you all in celebration!!! #mikayuusquad #ons #owarinoseraph #seraphoftheend #goals #200 #200followers #art #drawing #mikayuu

Happy Waifu Wednesday!! This title goes too...Bishamon from Noragami!! TBH I love her so much and she's so under appreciated EEK. Legit Bisha 1) has a phenomenal voice actress @elizabethmaxwell who is super kind to her fans!! 2) Bisha's past is amazing and her character development is great. 3) Bisha loves her friends and especially Kazuma.. (shippppp!) Bishamon is also a great character because she is a strong woman 👊 I hope Noragami comes off hiatus soon so we get to see more of her!! 💗💗 ~ Violet 😊 (Keep on Mikayuuing!)

Happy #mikayuumonday ! Starting your Monday off with some Mikayuu memes.. captain of Mikayuu is obviously Ferid like- we know how much he ships it rofl. And some facts! All credit goes to the original creators and they are tagged. Hope everyone has a good Monday and rest of week! ~ Violet 💕

oh yeah~~~ Chapter 66 of ONS released in 3 different languages across like 18 different manga sites recently... forgot to mention it amongst the spamming i've been doing on my main.. anyway.. chapter name: Shuttered Shinoa -kiri #manga #ons #owarinoseraph #seraphoftheend #seraph #yuichiro #demon #saltking #possessed #spoilers #panels #shinoa #shinoahiragi #yuu #yuichirohyakuya #keeponmikayuuing #updates #chapter #chapter66

(taken from @lia_love_bts) but like- THIS IS SO TRUEEE! Protect the Mikaela smile! 😁💗💗~ Violet

this was for some reason in the #owarinoseraph AND I've never been so blessed in my entire life 🙏🏻💕 - Violet

*slides into picture* Greetings mikayuuers it is time for another Husbando wednesday presented by me kiri *tips hat and bows*. now anyone who follows my main insta @kiri_anime would know that i started watching Bungou stray dogs on vi's request and have this crazy obsession with Atsushi Nakajima the MC and did a 20 odd plus picture spam of him fairly recently. Well, how about i continue that and give you my 5 reasons why Atsushi Nakajima would make a great love interest, husband, boy friend what ever, oh and if you haven't guessed who gets the husbando award this week, it's painfully obvious and being Atsushi Nakajima from Bungou Stray dogs. WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD. Reason one: now anyone knowing his backstory would know that Atsu grew up in an orphanage no idea of who his parents are, and was kicked out at the age of 18 because he killed all the chickens and destroyed everything, well that past left him with a strong self morality and is willing to give his life to almost anyone, if you're on the verge of having the idea you have no purpose in life this guy will walk up to you and give you an adorable look and explain why you should remain on this planet. Reason two: roll up, roll up, gather around cat lovers, this man can actually turn into a giant white tiger! yes you heard me right, a white tiger! the mascot of this years winter olympics! be warned though that if he doesn't get enough to eat you could be headless by the end of the day. Reason three: Atsushi is so aloof and oblivious sometimes it is almost adorable, sometimes not even noticing the mood in the air this guy makes for a great friend to talk to in times of need. Reason four: Any of you plan on joining U.A anytime soon? well if you do make sure you rescue atsushi first! atsushi has almost un breakable loyalty to his one and only prince who has saved him from perillous feats like: starvation, ripping his body apart as a lion, being killed, sold off to the black mart for 7 billion yen, yeah the list goes on and on. Reason Five: Heads up girls, this little guy is ador- ok if i keep going i'm about to run out of character room, erm i'll do reason 5 in comments with subjects.

Kon'nichiwa everyone! Today I'm gonna be reviewing an anime.. Code Geass! ⚠️ Warning: might contain some spoilers.. So Kiri basically dragged me into Code Geass hell and now I'm completely addicted to this anime. (It's so good!) So, Code Geass starts out with Lelouch gaining a new power from a strange girl named C2. This power is called "Geass" and grants Lelouch the power to control others. He uses this power to fight against Brittania and make the world a better place for his sister Nunnaly. The reason why I love this anime so much is because of Lelouch's character. He goes from a cocky teenager, to ultimately taking on the world and becoming a psychopath. We see him struggle as he loses his best friend Suzaku, but he continues to fight for what he believes in. As the plot goes on, Lelouch loses his sister Nunnaly and doesn't want to live anymore. He believes that there is nothing left for him until his friend/brother Rolo sacrifices himself for him. Towards the end, C2 is the only one that Lelouch has left as everyone around him has left him for the person he has become. Lelouch later becomes Emperor and the whole world hates him, he realizes that everything he has done up until now was for nothing. Lelouch lost everything in the end, but the reason this anime still kept me captivated was because that Lelouch never gave up. He continued to fight even when he lost it all, and died to make the world a better place. Code Geass is an anime masterpiece because of its plot twists and such unique characters, truly a great show with an amazing English dub! 10/10 pleaseee watch code geass! 👍 - Violet 💕 Keep on Mikayuuing! (Art isn't ours and goes to the rightful owners!)

"Go! Mika's precious smile collection!" Vi and i have gone along with the plan of doing cosplay shout outs every time we find one thinks deserves a shoutout to the squad. Also the schedule has been changed, from now on we'll regularly do Waifu/Husband Wednesdays and Favourite ship moments which will now go across every anime ship we want to share a moment, we will be posting any other time aswell and more anime topics will be shared. -Kiri #mikayuu #mikayuusquad #mikayuufanfic #mika #mikaela #mikaelahyakuya #yuu #yuichiro #yuichirohyakuya #ons #owarinoseraph #seraphoftheend #memes #manga #anime #fanart #fanfic #updates #scheduleupdates #announcments

Oh hi guys again. Kiri again, i'll probably evantually start posting more about other animes but with an even balance of OnS and mikayuu so we can get more of a variety in here and not just limit vi and i to OnS related stuff, i'll also discuss this one with Vi but i'm think about only doing Cosplay shout outs when ever we find one that we think deserves a shout out for you amazing cosplayers out there, as vi and i can't dedicate 24/7 to finding cosplay stuff to post every third or so post, if you guys are against it let us know in the comments ok? ;D -Kiri #mikayuu #mika #mikaela #mikaelahyakuya #yuu #yuichiro #yuichirohyakuya #anime #manga #owarinoseraph #ons #seraphoftheend #officialart #suggestions #updates Official art, goes to the OnS team for making it~

Oh my god without me this is dead isn't it? Hullo guys Kiri is alive (oh my yes i know shes alive ahhh) I need someone to suggest me a good video app so i can make an amv for mikayuu with the song "hand of god - Outro" by Jon Bellion, i don't have a phone so it has to be for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or (yes i know its so old omg) Ipad 2 (THE ORIGINAL IPAD 2 NOT AIR OR ANYTHING) so if someone could that would be great okay, or if someone makes one and lets me repost i'd be really happy ok. Okay i'll probably post again in 2 hours or so when Tokyo ghoul:re chapter 163 or 164 i can't remember releases, also i'll do an update when i find the next chapter of OnS translated okay. -Kiri #mikayuu #mikaela #mikaelahykuya #yuichiro #yuichirohyakuya #mika #yuu #ons #owarinoseraph #seraphoftheend #manga #anime #fanart #updates #amvhelp ART GOES TO ORIGINAL ARTIST NOT OURS

Konichiwa Mikayuuers~~~ I kiri have returned from my terrible real life beach episode filled with pain, suffering and tears! to bring you favourite ship moment this thursday! the image provided is enough, okay thanks, i need to sleep after finishing kaze no stigma, bye bye now. #mikayuu #mikayuumoments #mikayuusquad #kazenostigma #mikayuumemes #yuichiro #mikaela #mikaelahyakuya #yuichirohyakuya #ons #owarinoseraph #memes

Heya guys! (I seriously need to start saying something different rofl) today on Waifu Wednesday... Sonozaki Nori from Kiznaiver!! Shoutout to this lovely queen who deserves the world. 🙋 Sonozaki is such a deep character and from the beginning all she wanted was for everyone else to be happy and she didn't care about whether or not she felt pain. 💔 Sonozaki is my favorite character because she is kindhearted, she cares about others and because she tried her best in the end. Throughout the series I was always rooting for her and Katsuhira (otp yo) no hate against Chidori..she just annoyed me. Other than that, Sonozaki is just a great, well-rounded character with so much detail and character development! I really enjoyed Kiznaiver overall and I thought it was an outstanding anime that deserves more appreciation! 😊 - Violet 💕 Keep on Mikayuuing! 👊 (art isn't ours at all and all credit goes to the original!!)

Starting off your week right with some.. #mikayuumemes !! This week may be a bit slower than normal, Kiri is away currently and I have a lot of schoolwork. But don't fear! I will post when I can! 😊 this week we will be seeing a Waifu or Husbando Wednesday, and either an art shoutout or a cosplay shoutout (vote in comments!) Kiri also really wanted me to post this meme for her (it's hilarious rofl and so true- Creds go to @salty_seraph for making this lovely meme!) Thanks guys for all your support! Check down in the comment section for a poll, either like my comment or comment with your own! - Violet 💕 keep on Mikayuuing! 👊

I've been hearing a lot of hate towards Yuu and Mika respectivaly recently and how one deserves more love then the other is such a useless and terrible character. It really makes me annoyed to hear these things, I get that everyone has favourite characters and everything but just because you have a set favourite doesn't mean you should go and hate on another because it's just "not as good as this little cutie!" ~~ ~~ Mika & Yuu deserve equal amounts of love each, even if i preferred Shinya or Arasuramaru over them i'd probably still say that, if it weren't for my desires to have them both appreciated i probably never would have started the MikaYuu squad with Vi. Mika and Yuu have their down points yes, some of you might dislike the fact that they got first place in a top gay ship list, but Mikayuu gets a lot of hate and Mikayuuers every where hate as well, theres a lot of tention between the massive Mikayuu ship and the Yuunoa ship. ~~ ~~ (From Violet-) I just want everyone to know that hate/homophobia against the ship will also not be tolerated. Kiri and I both believe in supporting LGBTQ+ ships, and any account that is hateful or attempts to troll will be blocked and deleted. ~~ I hope for all this hate to stop one day even though it might not, sorry for lengthy shit posts~ -Kiri #mikayuu #mikayuusquad #owarinoseraph #seraphoftheend #manga #anime #fanart #yuunoa #mikaelahyakuya #yuichirohyakuya #yuu #mika

Heya guys!! 😊 Today's Cosplay Shoutout goes to...@nellz_cosplay !!!! I actually was thinking the other day- why does no one cosplay Shinya? He's such a bean 😂 so I searched high and low to find a Shinya and then I found this page!!! 😊 made me so happy. They have the best Shinya ever and their facial expressions are on point! I love the pictures and the way Nellz captures Shinya so perfectly!! I also really like their makeup in the second photo and it's super awesome! Best Shinya 10/10!! They have also cosplayed Mikasa, Elsa, Yuichiro, and so many other really awesome characters! Go give Nellz a follow :) ~ Violet 💕 keep on Mikayuuing! (none of these photos are ours and belongs to nellzcosplay!!!)

Ah Waifu wednesday, i wonder how many people have done two people at once for these~ Hullo Mikayuuers, Kiri has returned for once in a blue moon because of IRL issues like how i'm at a funeral tomorrow (not for lelouch). But this weeks waifu wednesday is more like a popular ship pair of Lelouch and C2 so sorry guys, both C2 and Lelouch are taken but we won't stop you from fighting an immortal being and a person who can control your actions for either one of these lovely characters. Lelouch~ He has a little sister, so if you have a little sister complex or fetish well you can join him in his duty to create a country for Nunnally to live happily in free of Britannia. Did i mention he has a Geass that has the rarest rate of being given? The Geass of Rule, he can command anyone he likes as long as its physically possible like, "die", "every day for the rest of your life mark this wall once", etc. But he can only do it once per person unless theres specific circumstances and hes made it so he can activate it again under a certain Circumstance. C2~ An immortal being from the 1500s, originally a Geass user her self, C2 entered a contract with a Nun and suffered for it after being given immortality when her Partner died and being the sad sad duty of being Related to oh what's this? Lelouch's Father's Brother?! Blessed with a beautiful body and a love for pizza, C2 is a worthy companion for any Geass User! #waifuwednesday #mikayuu #keeponmikayuuing #ship #shíps #anime #manga #10yearsforseason3 #codegeass #codegeassr2 #codegeasslelouchoftherebellion #codegeasslelouchoftherebellionr2 #codegeasslelouch #lelouch #lelouchlamperouge #lelouchvibritannia #cc #c2 #codegeassc2 #fanart

Hey guys! 💕 today we are going to be doing something a little different..A art shoutout!! I just had to do a shoutout when I found this account omg. I was so amazed by their art! This shoutout goes to..@rosekasa !! They have a ton of Owari no Seraph art and I love their art style!! It's so cute! They have this amazing Valentines Day picture of Mikayuu and legit it's so adorable, I can't even. Rosekasa also has this picture of Mikaela with cat ears and I love it 😂 There's also the cutest picture of Shinoa and Mitsuba!! Such an underrated ship too! Their drawings of Krul are also amazing and I love it so much. They also have a ton more Mikayuu posts and it's awesome!! Go give this lovely person a follow and compliment their art pleaseee!! ❤️❤️❤️ ~ Violet 💗 Keep on Mikayuuing 👊 (ART ISNT OURS!! All credit goes to rosekasa!!)

Hey guys! Here's another bingo ~ (also does everyone enjoy the bingos? I think they r super fun haha. Here is a recent bingo made by @storygaymes ! This also helps to let you guys know (our followers) how we got into anime and some of our favorites! :) ~ Violet (blank is on third slide!)

Hey guys! Sorry this is a day late, I wasn't feeling well yesterday and same with Kiri. Anyways, this weeks favorite ship moment is.....Crowley and Ferid!! TBH I love these two so much. They just get one another and understand each other's sense of humor as they get along so well. Lowkey- they are the best in the manga rn 😂 Do you guys ship Crowley and Ferid~? - Violet 💕 Keep on Mikayuuing! (Art isn't ours and credit goes to the creator!)