😁😁😁😁 CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS,BEEF TIPS, MEATLOAF, CREOLE CHICKEN AND SAUSAGE GUMBO TODAY!!! We have mac n cheese bowls every day! $4.95 MAC N CHEESE TOPPED WITH MILD BBQ SAUCE IT'S CHICKEN SPECIAL THURSDAY ( chicken, 2 sides, bread, tea $6.99)!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ—πŸ½ FRIED CHICKEN, BEEF TIPS, GUMBO,MEATLOAF, ROTISSERIE CHICKEN AND CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS!!!! GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE, STEAMED CABBAGE, CANDIED SWEET POTATOES🍠, RICE,🍚 MASHED POTATOES, BLACK EYED PEAS,EGG NOODLES, TURNIP GREENS, CORNBREAD DRESSING, CORN AND MAC N CHEESE, PINTO BEANS AND RUTTABAGAS!! SWEET POTATO BISCUITS, cornbread muffins, fried cornbread, jalepeno muffins, yeast rolls, wheat rolls.... 7 LAYER CARAMEL CAKE, LEMON CHEESE CAKE & YELLOW/FUDGE , CHOCOLATE FUDGE, RED VELVET, LEMON CREAM, german chocolate & coconut πŸŽ‚ $2.25 LET'S EAT! 🍴Open 10:45-2:30 ---- 706-322-2766 FREE CUPCAKES FOR THE KIDDOS with purchase of kid's meal :)πŸ₯#minnies #restaurant #columbusga #southerncooking #meatandthree #chickenlady #realpotatoes #southerners #southernplate #bittersoutherner
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