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It's never an invitation Inspired to do this post by the lovely @nicole.christine18 Whatever a woman, lady or girl choose to wear, there is never an excuse and definently no invitation to rape that woman, lady or girl - we are never asking for it, rape is never the victim's fault, all sex without consent is rape There is no way around it, all sex without consent is rape, period the way a woman dresses or her appearance is never an excuse or reason for anyone to assault, grab, touch or rape. Women should not be judged by what they wear, just because a woman has the guts to dress in clothes revealing some skin, she should be praised and respected for doing that As Cate Blanchett stated at the InStyle Fashion awards, when accepting the Style icon award - 'Women like looking sexy, but it doesn't mean we want to f*ck you", amen to that Cate It's common sense really, you just dont hurt other people intentionally for whatever reason, unless the words : I'm asking for it is leaving her mouth, no one's asking for it Food for thought #no #means #never #look but #dont #touch #respect

Hip game Read this article today on a forum about pregnancy, as we mothers do from time to time, and there was this young lady that wanted to widen her hips, so she asked if pregnancy and giving birth would widen her hips, and if they stayed wide after giving birth, because if they did and stayed wide she would get pregnant right away What the hell girl, are you seriously serious about being that unserious, you want to get pregnant, give birth and bring a child into this world because you want wider hips My first thought was : Dear god, PLEASE let this girl get struck by lightning! On a more serious note, things like that do really happen every day, there are some crazy crazy girls out there who will do anything anytime to cause some drama, holding on to unborn babies just to get back at whoever impregnated her, getting babies to receive extra money from child support, very young girls keeping their babies despite being 13-14 years old with no education or support, it's getting more and more common to bring a child into this world with no valid reason whatsoever I can only as a mother, advice all you people out there to think twice, before taking on the responsibility of parenthood, it's no joke, it's serious business and the most serious job in the world With that said, being a parent is the most rewarding and joyful experience ever, there is nothing above that Happy hips day world Mommy #rocking this @fashionnova lounge set and bomber jacket Heel's @aldo_shoes #mother #parents #serious #business #fashionnova #novababe

Life isn't about Avoiding the battles and bruises, it's about collecting the scars to prove you worked for it Everyone thinks im constantly on the move, constantly doing things or taking care of things, it's partly true most of the time, just being a mom is a 24 hours no days off job on top of everything else you do every day Life moves pretty fast and life is pretty stressed at times, but one thing I always prioritize is to take a time out, take a deep breath and regain my focus to avoid things from getting out of hand, it helps me against getting distracted by the things that have nothing to do with my goals When and if you stop taking time out's, you will become less productive and less focused Just a "quick" reminder, to once in a while take that breather out there XO Btw slaying this @fashionnova dress in 5° freezing and rainy weather, nobody steals my slay slay #fashionnova #novababe #breathe #timeout #girlsthatlift #focus #slay #freezing #denmark

Work for a cause Not for applause, live life to express, not to impress Great words, they make so much sense to me Those words pretty much sums up what I decided to do, back when I got fed up with how I was stuck in life When you take initiative, when you take responsibility of your actions, when you start to do everything with a purpose, something will eventually go right at some point Im 30 years young, and I have been on this "turn my world around" journey for the last five years, and im still at the fucking beginning of achieving goals. The moment you settle, thats the moment you will stop progressing in whatever you do There is no such thing as stuck or lost in life, its all made up inside your head and imagination, but what's very real is you doing something about how you feel, that's what's real, nobody is going to force you into taking the first step out of your miserable life, its you, you and you who's in charge, its you and how much you want it Express yourself, and let your actions talk louder than words #mondaymotivation from Momma Mia As usual seen wearing @FashionNova from top to toe #express #yourself #move #forward #life #fashionnova #novababe

Powerful words You have to be fearless in the pursuit of what set's your soul on fire, dont let the fear of what could happen make nothing happen Wish you all a lovely sunday evening Kick it with you hooded tunic by @fashionnova - Freaking love all their tunics! Just a damn shame its too damn cold to wear it outside Heels @aldo_shoes #tunic#minidress#fearless#fashionnova#novababe

I believe We have a major problem, with the huge effects on people's expectations for themselves from social media, everywhere we see that unless you are exceptional at everything you do, then you are not good enough Its been the norm to compare ourselves to others, who in all honesty probably feel the exact same way too! The truth is, that its a fraction of us who truly are exceptional at what we do, and that is perfectly fine We are all unique in our own ways, we are all pretty badass, awesome and beautiful, we dont need to be exceptional or the best to be happy, beeing mediocre or average, is probably when we are the happiest we can be. I used to compare myself to others, that perception of what beauty and beeing perfect was, was fake and made up inside my head, its not real, because things of value arent about beauty or beeing the fucking best, its about doing the things that make you happy, doing the things you love, in other words, do you before trying to be someone else Wishes of a fabolous saturday evening to all of you out there Wearing Tamera Floral Lounge Set by @fashionnova - Check my story for direct link to this rocking #fashionnova outfit #lounge #flowerpower #copenhagen #denmark

Life isnt perfect But your outfit can be This is silent friday from me, I have no motivating or inspiring words to be honest, im tired and worn out as hell, ill leave it at that Wish you all a fabolous weekend out there in the real world Bomber Jacket and the Kathleen Lounge set from @fashionnova Heels from @aldo_shoes #fashionnova #novababe #heels #lounge

Sisters Take a good look at these two beautiful ladies They both share the same view on how to achieve things in life, they both share the love for lifting heavy weights, they both know there’s no shortcuts, they both prefer to work hard because it makes them appreciate the things they accomplish more Basicly they both go by staying positive, spreading positive vibes, by working harder, by doing the things they love, like and feel for My girl @carinamoellermikkelsen and me captured by @michael_fertig We both are rocking @FashionNova btw #bonnieandclyde #danish #dynamite #fashionnova #sisters

Truth To all the girls that think you're fat because you're not a size zero, you are the beautiful one, its society who's ugly - Marilyn Monroe Even though I work as a model, I dont want to be like the models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and that makes me proud as fuck, I turn heads with all my clothes on, imagine that Yes that's a cocky statement, but beauty isnt measured in size, its about how you wear your size Happy wednesday lovely folks Swimsuit @fashionnova Body @iammissmiafit #fashionnova #novababe #embrace #figure #curves

So this is How it all goes down when having fillers done in your lips Very subtle but yet so effective, im so happy with the result, and the guys at @klinikrude did an amazing job! They always make sure it look's natural, and always poins out that less is more in doing any kind of touch up - And no, im not in any kind of collaboration with the clinic, but people deserve to be praised for being sincere, giving proper service and giving out real advice Actually I was going to get a hair removal done too in my arm pits, but had gotten a spray tan the day before which will inhibit the procedure, so ill have to wait with that one unfortunately Some might say I dont need this, and I probably dont, but do I want it, yes, I am not unhappy with anything about my lips or, but I am now 30 years old and can definently see those areas have shrunk with each year gone by, these small touch ups have brought back lost volume in those areas, which is a thing I love and im probably going to get done over and over, because I personally think it look's good and its something I personally like So girls if you have thought about getting something like this done, ill definently recommend you go do it, just make sure you go for a clinic like @klinikrude with good references, its serious business getting these things done Note - This procedure hurts on me, it actually makes me cry a little lol, but other people dont feel a thing at all, and what you see here isnt the proper result, of course the lips are swollen and will look way more natural a couple of days after the fillers Happy wednesday lovely people #klinikrude #beyou #lipsbyrude #fillers #lips

Sometimes I do tell myself I do look good and beautiful Good look's are not something you earn, and I remember in my early twenties when my insecurities and self esteem was at my lowest ever, I thought to myself every single day, that I would never look good, beautiful or have the kind figure I have today What I did to was actually quite straight forward - I changed the changeable, accepted the unchangeable and removed myself from the unacceptable The changeable : My body and mind got the full enchilada so to speak, weight training, healthy foods, more focus on me and things that did me good, and less focus on others and things that hurt or didnt do me any good The unchangeable : The frame I have been given from nature, im no petite little thing, and that is a hard thing to accept when all you want is to be thin like all the fitness girls and models on social media, but when I finally embraced the way I was built there was nothing stopping me from going forward The unacceptable : I literally closed numerous doors to people with bad influence or bad habits, I would not accept anyone putting me down, anyone taking advantage of my weak soul, or anyone guiding me in the wrong directions So as arrogant and snobby it may sound, I actually do tell myself I look good from time to time, and so should everybody else do, looking good is the best damn revenge to get back at those who never belived in you, its that kind of revenge that actually hurts nobody and at the same time put a big smile on your face Treat yourself good, and you will look and feel good, its a win Shirt @hm Jeans @fashionnova Heels @aldo_shoes #win #selfworth #embrace #change the #changeable

Lets talk BCAAs BCAAs - Is it worth spending your hard earned money on it? The short answer is no, its not worth it First, a supplement is not the only source of BCAAs. In fact, you might be surprised to learn how many BCAAs you get from the food you eat. As an example, around 15% of the protein in chicken or beef comes from BCAAs. For every 25 grams of protein from chicken, which is roughly what you’ll find in a skinless chicken breast, you are getting around 4 grams of BCAAs. The level of BCAAs in whey protein is even higher – 25 grams of protein from whey provides around 6 grams of BCAAs If your protein intake is relatively high, and that protein comes from a range of high quality sources i.e. chicken, beef, fish or milk, chances are you’re already getting plenty of BCAAs from your diet Second, very few of the studies out there have looked at what happens when you give BCAA supplements to people who are already eating enough protein In summary, there’s plenty of research out there to show that BCAAs have a number of benefits as far as muscle growth is concerned. But there’s little evidence to suggest that it matters where those BCAAs come from – a chicken breast, a scoop of whey protein or a BCAA supplement. Once they’ve made it to the bloodstream, they’re going to do exactly the same thing If you want to get some BCAAs in your system before and after a workout, a scoop of whey protein will do the job way better and way cheaper I will put this as #mondaymotivation, because it hopefully will motivate you people out there to save your money on useless supplements Btw to all of you who asked about the "Wonder Woman" crop top ( in my story ) and this crazy cool power #jumpsuit its from @workoutempire #workoutempire #realtalk #supplements

Im not me As seen here on Instagram, I have talked about this before in earlier post's What you see from people's life on here is just a fraction of who they really are Nowadays people seem to be obsessed showing off their lifes on social media, so the entire world will know they live a perfect life, sometimes I wonder if people arrange meet ups and get together with friends, not because they have missed them, but because they want to take pictures to show the world they are having such a good time with friends The "brag" culture has made us so obsessed in narrating our lives online, that we sometimes forget how to enjoy every second of it Which is also why I rarely share the moments when im at home or with friends, because that's where things are private for me and the one's im socializing with Sad to say, life is now a popularity contest measured on how many likes and followers they get There are people who does not brag online about their new gadgets, expensive bags, watches or whatever, who already have fat bank accounts and more life achievements than the one's who constantly constantly brag about their seemingly perfect life of travel and pleasure Morale is : What you see on social media can be very deceiving, everyones life is NOT as perfect as people attempt you to believe it is #reallife beats #socialmedia and is actually #real #reality

Had an awesome time today With this girl @carinamoellermikkelsen, my fellow curvy sister living in Germany And that's one of the fabolous things about social media, while there’s no substitute for making new friends face-to-face, social media makes it easier than ever to connect with like-minded people all over the world Which brings me to this, its been a while since ive told you guys out there how appreciated you are, all you fantastic people supporting, showing love, inspiring me and cheering me on when I feel a little down, its amazing and I feel so blessed to have you lovelies out there to watch my back THANK YOU - LOVE YOU #outfit of the day entirely by @fashionnova of course #danish #thankyou #blessed #fashionnova #some

These thighs Are built by hard work, endless hours of self inflicted torture on my own body, thousands of squat's, deadlift's, lunges, leg presses and candy bars Last part is of course a joke, it takes as much good food, dedication and patience as it takes hard work to build the physique of your dreams, if one part is lacking it will inhibit your progress, that's facts right there ladies and gents Not that you cant enjoy life and binge eat once in a while, but as one of my fave saying goes : Eat well, feel well and be well People often complain about why healthy food is so expensive, which it is in most cases, but ask yourself why junkfood is so cheap Think about that, your health is wealth Wish you all a fabolous weekend Dressed in @fashionnova from top to toe - Feel free to use my code 'MISSMIAFIT' to save 20% on entire site XO #sassy #fashionnova #healthylife #thoughts #novababe

Real girls Are never perfect, and perfect girls are never real Being a mom is worth every stretch mark, wrinkle, and sleepless night I cannot wait to get go through all that one more time #mommylife #stretchmarks #strongnotskinny #proudmom

Those moments Where everything falls into place, and life really smiles back at you That feeling is indescribable, it literally cant be explained in words Looking back six years from today, my life was an utterly mess! Ive told the story before : No job, fat, depressed, emotionally ruined, no self esteem, sleeping on the couch in a one room appartement with my son, there was basicly no light at the end of the tunnel back then And today the puzzle fell into place! It's been a long journey, and im well aware that tomorrow ill probably be thrown another curve ball from life itself, but ill be more prepared and stronger than ever to take on any battles that might come my way So how did I change it? I fought back, I never gave up, I threw away people from my life that wasnt good for me, and instead surrounded myself with positive people who cared about other people, I started lifting and eating healthier, I started taking responsibility for the things I did, basicly I started all over from scratch It all start's with the first step you take, and taking that one step forward again and again will eventually lead to something good, as long as you dont ever give up, keep on fighting and never give in So from tiny Denmark, ill send you my most happy wishes of a fabolous evening XO #lifeisgood #healthylife #confidence #happygirl #browsonfleek

How to get thick Insanity overload! Just read a post about how to get "thick", the amount of stupid and uneducated people and their comments surprised me to say the least The most common answer was : Get birth control, eat junkfood, eat bread and squat everyday, surgery too was mentioned of course I mean come on! Please use a little common sense girls, get birth control! Eat junkfood! That is just the most stupid thing ive ever heard my entire life. Eating junkfood doesnt make you thick, it will make you fat, getting birth control will in some cases increase estrogen which increases fat storage, increase water retention, higher blood pressure and related health issues to the above mentioned You can sculpt your body almost how you want to, eat HEALTHY, eat real nutririous foods to slap on some meat on your bones, lift heavy weights to build muscle and curves, do some light cardio or HIIT sessions to get rid of unwanted fat, its that simple, a little dedication and common sense will get you there, you will grow along the way, get wiser, stronger and healthier both mentally and physically We live in the freaking year 2017, and girls recommend other girls taking birth control and eat junk to get thick NO NO NO! Wake up, it will destroy you #outfit black on black Jeans @fashionnova of course Heels @aldo_shoes Top @hm #wakeup #thick #healthylife #commonsense

For my Danish followers Permanent makeup noget jeg er jeg blevet storfan af, efter at jeg har været forbi på besøg hos @marlenebech inde på Gothersgade i Køffenhavn Havde gået længe og luret på hendes billeder her på Instagram og var bestemt begejstret, men stadig sindssyg skeptisk over at skulle "tusses" i fjæset, og så lige på et så ømtåleligt område som ens bryn Oprigtigt talt, så super lykkelig over at have taget "skridtet" og få det gjort, det er blevet SÅ flot og jeg er simpelthen SÅ tilfrds, farven er falmet lidt her nogle dage efter første omgang, men det er helt normalt og jeg skal ind og tegnes op igen om en lille måneds tid, det er normal procedure og helt efter bogen Gør det ondt? Lidt ondt gør det da, men der bliver suppleret med lokal bedøvende creme til at tage toppen af poppen Som tidligere skrevet er jeg blevet fan, mega fan! Det gør alting så meget lettere ikke at skulle ordne og tegne bryn op hver eneste dag! Så har du leget med tanken om at få det gjort, så får du i hvert fald de varmeste anbefalinger og henvisninger herfra #browsonfleek #permanentmakeup #ombre #superfan #københavn

Diet I get tons of messages regarding diet / nutrition and what I eat I want to make one thing clear, what I eat will not work out for you. Why is that? Because we are all different inside and out, we all need different amounts of foods and calories, all depending on your size, goals, activity levels and metabolism, everything needs to be taken into consideration when making someone a meal plan, its not something you get done in 5 minutes and hand out to people Thats why you always should go to a professionel trainer or nutritionist to get your meal plan done, we know what we are talking about, there is a reason why we educate ourselves and spend hours reading, studying and expanding our knowledge on exactly getting things right, when it comes to helping you out So what I eat is irrelevant guys, what you eat is Indeed very relevant though, that's where you focus should be, your health is wealth Wearing the best training gear from @workoutempire of course #personaltrainer #workoutempire #tyngre #bootybuilding #healthylife

Dont be afraid to Sparkle Create a light - Start today, dont hold back, dont wait until tomorrow, its right now The second you postpone or delay something, the chance of failure will increase, the chance of something more "important" will come up and interfere with your main goal, will increase million fold if not doing it now Your key to succes is taking responsibility of your actions, or lack thereof, taking the first step, taking initiative and get shit done is your responsibility, no one will ever pad your back and tell you that you did good for not doing shit Unless handed to you, succes depends in a huge measure upon individual initiative, it cannot be achieved except by hard work. And even when working hard, you can always work harder, you can always improve and learn new things, you can always do better and become smarter But it all starts with you, there is absolutely no excuses, its only you and what you choose to do with your damn self Its a lesson ive learned through hard work and countless failures myself Now smile, its a joy working on your damn self, its the biggest challenge you will ever face in your life, but oh its such a wonderful feeling when you learn, win, see and feel the changes Happy sunday evening XO Fabolous #jumpsuit by @fashionnova #nothing is #holding me #back #nevergiveup

So its been a bloody long time Since ive done an actual booty shot The reasons for that is many! First off I dont find it very aestheticly beautiful to only promote your rear end as your "business card", im more the show the entire package kind of girl, im more a see this is what ive been working so freaking hard to accomplish, its not just one body part that should steal one's attention, but the entire package including body, face and mind Another reason is, it will attract those ridiculously primitive men, who totally loose their mind when looking at someone's booty, and when they decide to speak their mind it will come out sexually explicit, really unnecessary I know these primitive men are everywhere there is a woman, it comes with the territory, and it doesnt get to me at all, but one way to avoid the sexually harassing and explicit comments are to show more, write more and share more of everything, not just one thing Thirdly the booty shot is more a fitness model kind of pose which im definently not, im far from being fitness model material, and will never be fitness model material for obvious reasons, dont be mistaken by the "fit" in my user name, fit is a lifestyle not a look Basicly I strive to bring more to the table than "just posing", if I inspire people to live a healthier life my mission is definently accomplished, and judging by the support and lovely messages I receive every day from all you fantastic ladies and gents out there, im doing a damn good job Love you guys, wish everyone a fab weekend Shirt @zara Jeans @fashionnova of course Heels @aldo_shoes #bootybuilding #aesthetics #glutes #total #package

If you dont have a smile Ill give you one of mine Studies have proved that a genuine smile increases the trust that the recipient of that smile feels. In fact, the bigger your smile (not a crazy Joker smile, but a big approachable smile), the more others will trust you. Building trust is an absolute must for business and individual success, and when you give your fellow earthlings a warm smile, they are much more likely to trust you Your smile can lighten the mood of any situation your find yourself in, and has the power to lift the mood of those who see your friendly expression. Bring more happiness to the world -- Greet everyone with a smile Wish you all a fantastic weekend fam Jeans @fashionnova Shirt @hm Heels @aldo_shoes #always #slay and #smilemore be #positive and #optimistic

Dress like Coco Live like Jackie Act like Audrey Laugh like Lucy What is the most important thing in a dress? The woman who wears it - Yves Saint Laurent Can't get enough of this @fashionnova bodycon, get yours with 20% off by using my code 'MISSMIAFIT' mah ladies What's more feminine than wearing a dress and some high heel's, its the womans equivalent to the mans suit and tie! I know this is sooo girly, but im totally addicted to the tv show 'Say yes to the dress' featured on TLC Whether you’re curvy, skinny, bumpy, athletic or something in between, you’re going to look good in a dress #novababe #stretchmarks #fashionnova #bodycon #nyxcosmetics

This is me In my right element I live a busy life, most days im on the run for at least 14 hours a day My days are busy as hell, but when I enter the the church of iron everything calms down, some people do yoga, some read a book, others smoke weed or whatever to relieve stress and calm down, I lift weights At the moment im down to 4 days of working out a week, I have no straight workout regimen or plan I follow, I go for what I feel for, mostly its something leg related and basic, no fancy exercise's, no fancy techniques or fancy machines Reps I also mix up, somewhere between 3 to 8 rep is where I feel the most comfortable, unless its upper body related where im aiming for lighter weights and higher reps, my bodybuilding days are over lol Basicly im aiming for quality over quantity ( as always ), fewer set's but with increased focus on execution and contraction, its about getting the most out of it when the chance is there to get work done Its one step, one breath and one moment at the time, I am only one person, things will get done when things get done Btw. The rocking #outfit is the new INSIGNIA line from my fave @workoutempire Happy wednesday folks #workoutempire #getshitdone #patience #work

From the side Hate side poses! Nevertheless here goes Happy Halloween to all of you celebrating #jumpsuit #fashionnova #positive #heels #profile

Dont over think Over thinking is one of the biggest causes of our unhappiness, over thinking is actually a form of fear, this fear becomes worse when adding imagination and emotion into the mix That's why the good old quote from @nike still is my most precious one to this day : Just do it! Stop thinking about the if's and but's, and choose to do instead of all the worrying Most of your problems are completely made up scenarios in your head, and they guaranteed stress you for absolutely no reason. Try to explain to yourself why your are so stressed out, and you will quickly realize how fucked up your thoughts are, and they make absolutely no sense at all Your mind is the strongest tool you will ever be given, cherish it, learn to master it and you will start to think in more constructive ways Wearing my all glam fave @fashionnova jumpsuit Happy tuesday fam #fashionnova #think #confidence #mindfulness

I am in charge Of how I feel, and today im choosing happiness There is a very great saying that I cherish : If people are trying to bring you down, it only means you are above them Good people bring out the best in you, good people are good because they've come to wisdom through failure, if you have grown and matured in life, you know you have the power to destroy someone who did you wrong, but you just breathe, walk away and let life kill them #mondaymotivation shout out to all the good hearts and beautiful minds out there Dress @fashionnova #cherish #goodness #novababe #danish

Picture from this noon Btw this might be my new years outfit, its the Bellah studded jumpsuit from @fashionnova, shop your clothing groceries using my code 'MISSMIAFIT' and save 20% ladies After some days feeling like crap because of insane water retention, due to no visits to the restroom for three ( yes 3 ) days, I finally had a "break through" this morning and holy spirit it paid off - Okay I just love sharing details on my stomach issues lol But its actually a serious matter, the amount of toxins and food being pent up in your intestines, can lead to serious illneses! Worst of them all is of course colon cancer, so if you have this problem too and havent visited your doctor, please do yourself that huge favor and go get it checked, its a problem that needs to be taken seriously But - Besides that, its a total transformation done in a couple of hours, its quite frankly insane how your body and entire physique can change so quickly, my entire midsection goes from looking 5 months pregnant to completely flat, water leaves my body like Starship Entreprise goes warp speed, but most important my well beeing is on total other level, the struggle is fucking real Nevertheless its sunday, wish you all the most awesome start to a new week #fashionnova #thestruggleisreal #ibs #novababe #jumpsuit

Dont let your online presence Be greater than your real life presence What you see on my pictures : Face covered in makeup, fillers in my lips and cheek bones, jaw muscles filled with botox, extensions in my hair, breasts have implants and are lifted, eye lashes and spraytan What you dont see : Body covered in imperfections, stretch marks, scars, a lovely fold on my stomach, love handles, lazy eye, pigment damage, IBS, thyroid deficiency, poor eyesight, cellulite on my thighs and booty Its not that I havent mentioned these things before, but its just a kind reminder that its important to stay real and be original, and dont hide who you are in reality, its so easy getting carried away with the sugar coated look, that 99.9% of all Instagrammers put on display to make everything look perfect #original #plastic #not #fantastic #reallife

Confidence isnt "They will like me" Confidence is "ill be fine if they dont" Ladies, this one is for you - You are a goddes, and once you truly know what that means, I pray for anyone who tries to hurt you Happy weekend out there in the real world Swimsuit @fashionnova Jacket @fashionnova Hair @byasascha Makeup @urbandecaycosmetics Badass @iammissmiafit #fashionnova #confidence #slay #outfit #novababe

I understood myself only After I destroyed myself. And only in the process of fixing myself, did I know who I really was Life is just too short to be fighting yourself, its an endless journey of losses and kick's in the head, there is no winning when constantly battling your own thoughts and the imaginary perspective you have on who you are So where do you go find yourself? Honestly I dont have an answer to that, its a long a complicated journey with numerous losses and setbacks, numerous failures and battles to be fought, but like the damn kliché says, every battle, loss and set back you fight your way through, its definently worth it in the end But what I do have is the answer to how you get there, its very simple but yet so hard - Dont ever give in, dont ever quit, never back down, always keep going. I know its very easy to say and very hard to do in practice, but that is literally the way to go Morale is : Destroy what destroys you Wish you all a fantastic little friday out there XO Outfit @fashionnova Makeup @urbandecaycosmetics Hair @byasascha