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Honest picture No makeup showing my skin darkening ( melasma ) also called the mask of pregnancy You may also develop dark patches on your cheeks, along your jawline, or on your forearms and other parts of your body that are exposed to the sun. What's more, skin that's already more pigmented – such as your nipples, freckles, scars, and the skin of your genitals – may become even darker during pregnancy. This also tends to happen in areas where friction is common, such as your underarms and inner thighs Kind of love it on my cheeks, but im certainly not a fan of it on my forehead and upper lip, it look's like a freaking mustache lol There you go if you didnt know #preggo #healthyliving #greeneyes #biglips #melasma

Rules for kicking ass in life 1. See failure as a beginning, not an end 2. If you dont go after it, you wont have it 3. Always do more than is expected of you 4. Teach others what you know 5. Make peace with the past or you'll pay for it 6. Stop thinking so much and start acting 7. Never compare yourself to others Glow and slay every single day #workoutempire #girlsthatlift #tyngre #babyinside #girlpower

The greatest things in life arent things Your health is wealth, never neglect yourself there is only one you ❀️ XO Mommy Mia #workoutempire #girlsthatlift #tyngre #lastyear

Weekly update Less than 7 week's to go now, Norr is weighing around 2-2.3kg at the moment and will gain around 1kg more if everything proceeds as planned, he is measuring around 42-48cm and will probably grow 5cm more Regarding myself I havent gained anything the last month or so, 15kg in total so far but that will probably go up a little as the little man grows rapidly these last weeks, my lower back is killing me and have to pee seven hundred times daily which is also perfectly normal No new stretch marks so far, but have now got the full flowering skin discoloration / pigment changes most women get's when pregnant, as seen on my cheeks and under my nose, the dark line on my bump is also due to that, I think it's kind of cute though because it look's like freckles This was kind of my own monday #monslay motivation to myself, everything is as it should be with all the good and bad issues of being pregnant Wish all you lovelies a fab monday out there #almost #pregnant #girlsthatlift #fitmommy #gravid #swagger

Relax its sunday Sunday to do list - Do nothing & chill - Do nothing & chill - Do nothing & chill Check XO #thoughts #sundayvibes #preggo #dayoff #chillout #tan

Did you know That Queen @serenawilliams won the Australien open while pregnant? Let's break it down one more time : It is NOT dangerous to you, or harmful to your baby to workout, lift weights or be active carrying a life inside of you It's common sense that you DONT go all out while pregnant, that's obvious and every lady knows that! But the excuse that youre not allowed to lift when carrying a baby, is made up by women who are either lazy or sick in some way Its totally fine to do a 100kg deadlift if your body feel's fine while doing it, if it hurts or dont feel right you stop immeadiately, just like with anything else in this world The thump rule is, what you could do before pregnancy you can still do in moderation while pregnant, that's a fact and it only benefits you to stay grinding during your pregnancy, just as it will benefit you to recover easier after giving birth I will post a link with some very useful information on this in my story, please read it Wish everyone a lovely weekend #knowledge #girlsthatlift #fitmommy #workoutempire #tyngre

One year ago today Its crazy how much things can change in 365 days! In little over 7 week's I will give birth to my second child, in 7 week's time life will once again show itself from its most beautiful side, delivering life into this world is the one thing that cant be beaten by anything Im just glad that this time around we are two to embrace the beauty of raising a child, it was absolutely no joy raising my first born all by myself at the age of 20, now more prepared, stronger mentally and physically, wiser and grown up I cant help by smiling when thinking about going from 3 to 4 in this house of ours Life is a blessing, we should do everything to embrace it and get the most out of every single day we are here, do the things you love and feel for, be with the people who cares about you and the one's you love, stop wasting your precious life on what if's and cant do's, its your life, your story, take charge and own it Happy thursday out there XO Dress from @hm Wedges @guess #empower #powergirl #selflove #beyou #oneyearago #quads

Your excuses dont work Hard work does! Get up, get out and do something #nevergiveup #neverquit #preggo #workoutempire #tyngre

Wish everyone out there a fabolous day #tuesday #fabolous #greeneyes #freckles #greatday

Beware, long caption But let's first praise @fashionnova for making preggo clothes that rocks Please read : Not if you are a certified dietitian, not if you have worked as a general counselor for Obama, not if you have "The World's Most Recognized Health Professionals" stamped on your ass. Comments like "Being so overweight is unhealthy" or "the amount of sugar is the reason you have fat on your stomach" or even not so obviously: "You look good, but you would look even better / healthier / slimmer etc. out if you did yours or that "is not beneficial. Comments like that do not ignite positive changes, weight loss or healthier habits in progress. Shame and pain are not long-term motivating factors, but they can cause long-term emotional injuries. 2. Do not use the obesity epidemic to justify being an idiot Those who use health claims to justify their 'body shaming' enjoy quoting how obesity is killing - just to make them feel better about their bad behavior. Yes, obesity and heart disease are serious subjects, obesity can lead to health problems and poorer quality of life. But listen here, that another person is fat has no influence whatsoever on your health or your quality of life. So do not rattle all sorts of statistics of you, just worry about yourself, your family and let it stay there 3. Do not force your own ideas of beauty upon others Just because you do not find another person attractive does not mean that everyone else has it in the same way. Has it ever occurred to you that the person you suggest changes, already loves what she sees in the mirror? If not, you are advised to jump on board in the love yourself movement, which has been going well for a long time. Beauty lies not only in the eye that see : The body image is also below the individual's own area 4. Do not forget that these three points also apply to yourself! It does nothing good to feel inferior, your body is home to your heart, your soul and a brain that are able to change the world. Use your time to build a positive body image and you will find that where there is self-love comes health too, health is wealth #bodypositive #bodyshaming #stopit #beyourself #healthylife

Happy mothers day Want to start off with sending all of you who wished me happy mothers day a huge hug, thank's a million guys Personally it has been an amazing day, got spoiled with tons of love, a blue sky, 25Β°C and on top a fantastic lunch out by the beach, #qualitytime with the hubby was so appreciated since its soon to be all baby and diapers errday Btw as you can see im totally digging myself in my fave @fashionnova dress, my most appreciated item in my closet Wish you all a lovely sunday #mothers #fashionnova #preggo #healthyliving #motherhood #girlsthatlift

So you want to get "ready" for summer this year This is the sequel to yesterdays post - And let me start it off like this : Dont EVER compare yourself to anyone, and especially not your favorite fitgirl seen on Instagram We are all different from head to toe, our metabolism, bones, height, weight, joints, nervous system, strenght, stamina and intellect, not two people are the same. Hence why you should NEVER buy a shitness one program fits all from any fitgirl, it will not give you the results you are dreaming of, a program NEEDS to be tailored to you and your needs, and fancy resistance bands, cable one leg kris kross booty exercise's this and that will only make a program even more ineffective Unfortunately you dont need a degree to release online programs, sadly anyone can do it without any education or knowledge on body mechanics, nutrition or physiology, which is so evident when looking at 90% of all online programs, there is no logic to it, its just random useless exercise's put together with no structure or science behind it Here's what's working : Real hard work, healthy eating, a structured program based on progressive heavy lifting over time, years of doing the same things over and over again, that will deliver that peachy booty, flat and defined stomach, tighter skin, increased confidence and self esteem, lower fat percentage and way better mood and health, 6 fuc**ing weeks will never ever in a million years give you that Just think about it, 6 weeks! It's hillarious and sad at the same time, to think that naive girls actually believe in it.. 6 week's are just a fraction of what it takes to achieve a well developed physique, and that's the truth Please share this folks, it needs to get out there as much as possible, its a disease that fitgirls take advantage of less fortunate and naive girls in this way XO #share #workoutempire #reallife #booty #bootybuilding #workoutempire #girlsthatlift