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born + raised in the sierra 🏔 wifey to demetri + mama to scout 🐶 photographer, adventurer, dream chaser ✨ contact me: 💌

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TWO THINGS: • DUDES: if you’re proposing to your lady this holiday season and think she’d want it documented, CALL ME. EMAIL ME. MESSAGE ME. Blake (pictured) planned this NYC proposal with me from thousands of miles apart - and it went off without a hitch. I love shooting proposals and it’s so fun to be part of 🙌🏻 • SECONDLY: if you’re thinking of eloping on your Tahoe vacation in the next few months during the winter season - I have a lot of options to help you! If you’re far away and want to handover the planning to me, done. If you just want to know your photographer has an AWD car and knows how to navigate the area even in storms and help you with a plan b, done. Or, if you just want me to show up and be your witness while I photograph it, that works too. My website has basic pricing and packages, but don’t hesitate to email me a (detailed) description of what you’re looking for if what you see doesn’t fit your needs! • The week before Christmas last year I had a ton of people email me about last minute elopements that I couldn’t take - so if you’re thinking about it and want to make it happen, head to my website (link in bio) and shoot me an email via the contact form. ✨ this goes for engagement shoots too - get on the books early to make sure we can make that magic! • Boom - there ya have it. Just thought I’d give some info since I realized that Christmas is only FIVE weeks away and I hate saying no because it’s too short notice 🎄 cheers! • PS! I’m going to be in Boston and Connecticut the first week of December. I have time for one photo shoot - so if you’re local and want in, LMK 😘

Adventure mini sessions! This weekend 🙌🏻 scroll for info - and DM me to book! Only 4 time slots 😍 we’ll hang on Donner Summit and get some fun shots for you and your boo - pups welcome, couples only ✨yay a friend who might be interested!

Brides: what was the most important thing that you focused on for your wedding or elopement day? Was it the dress, florals, location? • Ps: brides with hats forever please and thank you.

Yosemite lovers 🏔✨💕

What do you long for most? - Is it the morning coffee together? Is it falling into a hectic routine? Snapshots on the fridge reminiscent of all the good times had, and the more that are to come. - I always longed for a person who felt like home, regardless of where I was. And, I found it. - Ellen and Tucker clearly found it too. That’s probably my favorite part of this entire job - seeing the joy that other people have found in each other. - Tag the person who is HOME to you 💕

Hey, wanna go explorin’ with me? We can take rad photos and share lots of laughter. It’ll be great. • Been thinking all weekend about how grateful I am for every single one of my clients who trusted me this year. In 2018, I’ve shot weddings in a pub, on top of Donner Summit, all around Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, a family estate, Colorado, Ohio...what the heck?! So much love for every single one of you. I couldn’t have done it without you. • To my clients who took the time to get to know me, invest in me as I invested into them, and trust me: thank you. You all have been part of the fire that fuels me every day. The reason I get up and go. I am forever grateful to you. • 2018 is in the home stretch - and I’m not usually one for rushing to the new year: but hot dang. I’m excited for 2019 and all the new stories I get to be part of. • Also: these two not only trusted me to come to Zion with them, but then flew me out to Cincinnati for their amazing wedding. Swipe to see some favs 😍

Two years ago I wouldn’t be caught dead in harsh light - now, I love the chance to challenge myself. 🙌🏻 • I get to help these two celebrate 20 days of marriage today at their reception 💃🏻 their wedding is up next in my queue after I upload the one I’m working on - and I can’t waitttt to get to it! • Happy Saturday friends ✨

This photo is brought to you by 18 single images stitched together, 1 frozen battery, 2 tickets to the top of a mountain, and the first snow in Chamonix, France. • Yeah, I’m a little blown away by it too, if I’m honest. I love nature - but mountains especially, astound me. I could have sat here all dang day just taking it all in. Can you see the Aguille du Midi? • This world is so easy to see these days. I dare you to book a spontaneous trip in 2019. Just go, somewhere you’ve never been - or have always dreamed about. You will literally never regret it.

It’s been a super stormy day here in Chamonix today, so we’ve stayed in binging season 2 of Fargo on Netflix while I work on some galleries (#imthebosslady) and this one stood out while I did my final run through of Jo and Brian’s day. • The light was perfect and their love fierce. These are the days that set fire in my soul, truly. Thank you to each and every couple who has allowed me into their day to tell their story.l this year - It’s been the best year ever and it’s all because of Y O U. 🖤

Had to borrow my hubby for a photo because I don’t have a couple to model for me. Who wants to elope here? I’ll come back for a steal of a deal, just to shoot some lovers in these mountains. Let’s do it 😍🙌🏻 2019, I think you’re my year ✨

Scroll through this panorama, and then close your eyes. Imagine standing in the last golden light of the day, saying your vows, where your only interruption is a bird chirping above you. The mountain air is cool, but inviting. The trees are your audience, and the alpenglow on the mountains around you is as strong as the love in your heart. • THIS is what eloping with me as your photographer looks like. It is unique, and desolate in all the right ways. It's peaceful, easy, and beautiful. It's stress free, scenic, and exciting. It's full of adventure, and things that set your soul on fire. • It's exactly how it should be, when you are eloping among the trees, along the coast, or on a mountain top. • If you scroll through my feed, you'll see that each couple has their own spot. Usually, hand picked entirely for them. Sometimes, my couples come to me and know exactly where they want to write the next chapter of their story - and that's amazing. And other times, they come to me and say "we trust you - give us something magical." • Being that I was born, raised, and am now settled with my own life in Truckee/Tahoe - I have a lot of spots just waiting for the right couple. My spare afternoons are spent driving down dirt roads I've never been on, looking for new places, and perusing google maps looking for interesting topography to discover on my next day off. I keep these places to myself, in a folder in my brain labeled "for all the stories that are still being written." • Your story is entirely your own - and I believe the space in which you commit your lives to each other should be just as unique. I vow to you, that I will help you create an elopement day that is everything you never knew you wanted, and more. • If you're thinking about eloping in anywhere in California - lets chat. I'm so excited to be part of your day.

Shared one of my all time favorite sessions on my blog yesterday - Boulder is magical, but these two made it even better. Check it outtttt! (link in profile)

Workin’ on this magical day, today 😍

The earth awoke slowly, giving way to a soft pink glow as the sun rose on their wedding day. • Alex + Matt | October 20, 2018

We tried to go to this hot spring this morning since it’s our fav, but it was *way* too hot. So, I’m sharing one of my favorite images of us + getting real instead. • Marriage is hard sometimes. It takes time to figure out how to gracefully be wrong, humbly ask for help, and say I’m sorry. Thankfully, I ended up with a man who does this with me, also makes me coffee every morning and cares about communicating effectively 🙌🏻 Cause, marriage is 90% communication. But it doesn’t change the fact that we are two totally different people trying to make life work together - and if you’ve ever been in any sort of long term relationship, you know it’s difficult. • Last week was challenging for a few reasons, none of which are worth delving into, but it was hard nonetheless. Wait — gasp! I’m talking about our struggles as a married couple on a very public forum?! YEP. • Before we got married, I always heard people say how hard marriage is but no one ever was like “hey, sometimes you’ll want different things and have to fight through finding compromise, and it’ll be hard to ask someone you love to do that because you still want them to be happy, too.” Marriage sometimes involves a little bit of heartbreak, and I wish people were more honest and verbal about the hard work it takes to blend two lives into one. • I photograph people in love, usually in the mountains. I love it so much because it’s a really great picture of what marriage looks like. Peaks and valleys, views you’re glad you struggled for + sometimes wishing you’d taken the other trail - but ultimately, if you’re doing it with your person, you take the lessons as they come and move on to the next thing with more grit than before. • Last week, I looked at a photo of us framed in our home, on our wedding day overlooking Tahoe, and I was reminded of WHY we chose each other + WHY we chose to be married in the mountains. In that moment, I had not only a deeper appreciation of my marriage, but of my job too. • I’m just as human as you are, and I know you’ll have hard days. But, be sure to invest in filling your life with reminders (like photos on the wall) of why you’re climbing the mountain together, not apart.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about something that’s always been a driving force in why I have chosen the niche industry that I have, but I struggle to share it for fear of alienating some people, or making others feel bad. However, I do believe it’s important, and after a wildly inspiring phone conversation this morning, I’m laying it out there. • Did you know that annually, weddings produce 1 billion tons of waste? That each wedding produces 400-600lbs of TRASH? I feel sick thinking about it - like, really, genuinely bummed about that statistic. • I think it’s awesome that we celebrate love so grandly - however, I wish that alllllll the people out there who didn’t feel called to that particular form of celebration for their wedding, had been given the thumbs up from society to do it their way, and in turn - save a landfill a few hundred pounds of waste. • I know, I know - “not *everyone* wants to elope, Ruthanne!” —  and that’s fine. But, I am here to give people who are thinking about it a little bit of encouragement to do it, if it’s what they want. Plus, I receive messages daily from couples saying “omg, thank you for giving a voice to something I’ve been thinking about, but unsure of how to do it!” • Traditional weddings with 100+ guests are fun, and lend themselves to great dancing and awesome stories, sure - but if it’s not what speaks to you, eloping is an incredible alternative - and WAY more eco-friendly in the long run. • So, if you’re on the fence and love this great big world of ours as much as I do, maybe this is the final nudge to get you out on a ridge line in a gorgeous dress with the love of your life to say “I do.”

Some happiness for your Tuesday! Can’t believe how quickly summer has changed to fall - but I’m not mad 🤷🏻‍♀️ • (Finally) blogged this gorgeous session - link in bio! 😍

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