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Feliz día a todos los padres, y en especial al mío! 🙋🏻‍♂

. What got me into this ? What made me choose fashion or makeup as my profession? Is makeup my hobby? Why would you choose this kinda field when there are soo many better options ? 🤔 these are the question I get asked all the time. 2011 My dad passed away when I was 17, got married when I was 21 and divorced at 22. This phase was an emotional roller coaster for me it made me felt depressed and frightened. I would lay down and think about the harsh stuff my relatives would say , not realising the pain I have gone through. I started avoiding family gatherings just cause I didn’t want to be in that awkward situation as you all know that divorce is such a taboo thing in our society. This phase in my life made me loose my confidence and hope, hope of having a good and happy life ahead . . I would stay in my house and try on different makeup looks just to get over with a long day and practicing makeup started being therapeutic for me , helped me with the nervousness and anxieties i had , it just diverted me from the disturbing thoughts my mind was filled with ,I stayed busy watching and reading about makeup, and I would discuss my interest with my twin sister. My sister was the person who encouraged me to start blogging and explained me how it’s done, she would show me different pages on @Instagram of different makeup and fashion bloggers and that got me motivated to start my own. The best decision of my life,choosing makeup and blogging as my profession ,I’m a whole new and positive person just cause I’m doing something I love, ❤️💄 never get under the influence of the backward society we’re living in ,don’t get yourself tangled up just to satisfy the typical stereotypes. . Never get scared of taking decisions for yourself just cause u made a wrong one in you’re past. have the courage of standing up for yourself even if you’ll be standing alone.. just be positive guys and never loose hope , never let anyone judge you and put you down cause nobody knows the pain and struggle you’ve been through. We all have the rite to start over because everyone deserves a beautiful life 🙂❤️

“It’s definitely real, it’s definitely here” my heart 😩 #jylan

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