Le style de la semaine : élégance et audace. This week's style : elegant and audacious. Model: @alexandre.paoli
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So here’s (slightly burnt 😆) me 🙋‍♂️. Smiling after an amazing weekend with @littlemissmayhew in Bali Heaven. . . Not my ‘biggest’ and not my ‘leanest’ but functioning ‘tres bon’👌. . For the last 2 years, I’ve generally been relaxed with my nutrition and fitness. Trying out new things (both workouts and weird and wonderful foods 😝), happy with my body to fluctuate whilst I put more of my focus elsewhere. . . Something I want to share, which can be hard to get around thanks to everything we here in the media about health, is learning how to live on a spectrum, and not rigid black/white, good/bad categorisations. . . It’s human nature for us to want to place things into boxes and identify them as such - think of how and why we stereotype...🤔. . . Putting things on a spectrum changes the game. Full stop. No longer are for example foods good or bad. Instead you can place it on a spectrum and ask “What’s that little bit BETTER?” It could be the difference between a Big Mac and a Tesco grab&go... it doesn’t have to be a home-cooked perfected lunch box. . . I use this spectrum for a lot of things: nutrition, exercise, work, mindset (headspace) etc. And I ‘dial’ things UP and DOWN how I choose. . . BOTTOMLINE: I’M CONSCIOUS AND IN CONTROL OF MY CHOICES. . . With the change of lifestyle, work, study, and a few trips away with my family enjoying the experience, I’ve kept relaxed with my nutrition, whilst still keeping relatively active. . . BUT now I want to show YOU EXACTLY HOW I - someone in the health industry (a Precision Nutrition L1&L2 certified coach) - APPROACHES FAT LOSS. . . FOR 30 DAYS ON INSTA STORIES I want to give 100% transparency on exactly WHAT I EAT and what I do for EXERCISE around the 10-14hr work days. . . I hope it will be REFRESHING for some of you to see how ANTI-HARDCORE this approach really is. . . You will also see how I DON’T just eat ‘CLEAN’ foods the whole time, but you’ll notice how most of the time my choices are better than most, and that’s important. ...You might also see a few of MY FAVOURITE HACKS! 😉. . . #livingonaspectrum #diallingup #fatloss #instastories #hugoeats #30days #health #fitness #nutrition #lifestyle #hacks #buildtohealth

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet and in the media. Both of these images are of myself, The one on the left is UNRETOUCHED. The one on the right- I conveniently put into face tune and completely manipulated my body in under 3 minutes. The purpose of this post is not to discredit anyone that you look up to, however I wanted to show you just how easy it is to create ones idea of ‘perfection’ with something as easy to access such as your smart phone device. It’s important for me to encourage anyone that is willing to listen, to not make any comparisons between themselves and anyone else. People will only show you their best versions of themselves and that’s completely okay as long as YOU are aware that YOU are equally worthy, beautifully, talented, intelligent and down right AMAZING! I am content with who I and how I look and I personally refuse to adhere to socially constructed ideas of beauty and I encourage you all to do the same 🌻

雪寒でラウンドがなくなったので、練習🏌️‍♀️ * 今日もいつもの止め練🙋 * #手がかじかんだ#トップで2秒止める#ゴルフ#ゴルフ女子#高尔夫 #golf#ハーフショット#スイング動画#9番#ロマロ#パーリーゲイツ#palmax #アイアン#止め練


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