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New #nyc trip in just 2 weeks! Looking forward to connecting with @gmvaughan again! I’m always inspired by the people I work with in #newyork and grateful for their continued collaborations. 🌹

Sean Jindachot

3 Days 15 Hours Ago

*see you again my friends | จนกว่าเราจะมาพบกันใหม่...ไว้เราจะพบกัน​ อีก​ขอบคุณทุกสิ่งอย่าง​ที่ให้กันมา เพราะมิตรภาพ​ มันมีค่ามากกว่าเงินทองเสมอรักษากันไปดีๆ​ สมดั่งที่คนข้างบนให้เราได้มาเจอกัน​ ใจหายที่ละครเราจะปิดตัวลงแต่ไงเราก็เจอกันอีกยาวๆอยู่แล้ว​แหละ จาก.จินดา​โชติ​ มาส่งพวกเรากันนะ​ 4 ทุ่ม​ทางช่อง​ one 31 กับตัวละครที่คุณรักมาเสมอ​ #ฌอห์ณภูมฮั่น#อาร์คตรัยแบงค์ #โสดstories2 #หมาป่าหมูป่าหมีป่า 🐺 🐷 🐻

Ljuvlig frukost på rummet i dag & en av de godaste middagarna jag ätit i går på fantastiska @yasuragisweden 🙏🧘🏻‍♀️👌⭐️😍 Som en lisa för både själ & gom....! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Tusen tack @micaelbindefeldab & #yasuragi 🙏 ”I’ll be back ...!”😘 Swipa 👈 för att se alla bilder!

Магнитик, созданный во время сегодняшнего эфира. Вот так просто можно превратить штампованные магниты из магазина в эксклюзивную душевную вещицу😊 Берите на заметку😉 Запись эфира доступна еще 20 часов здесь и в скором времени появится на моём канале в хорошем качестве ♥ #микро_марафон #art_flowers_svekla

Um frasco do NOSSO CREME PARA ESTRIAS, tem a duração média de 20 a 40 dias, dependendo do número de regiões a serem tratadas, passando 2 X ao dia, diariamente, de MANHÃ e de NOITE! - Nosso tratamento MÍNIMO são de 3 a 4 meses. Esse prazo é o tratamento MÍNIMO. O tratamento máximo você que definirá quando estiver satisfeita com os seus resultados! - WWW.100ESTRIAS.COM.BR

Sara Underwood

2 Days 7 Hours Ago

Beach bum 🍑🌊 📸 by @jck_photography

ƙarina ཞaola

2 Days 11 Hours Ago

Coffee or tea? ☕️


1 Day 7 Hours Ago

YO! PSA! Can I have everyone’s attention?! We need to stop blaming social media for our misery and depression. It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that what we see on Instagram & Facebook isn’t ... fucking... REAL. If we could just think critically and realistically and just stop envying the lives we see on here, we could use it to help people instead of hurt them. Please don’t let me or any of these other Instagram models fool you. I can honesty tell you I’m not as happy as the girl I portray. My life isn’t as good as I make it look. I’m not always smiling ear to ear and in REALITY- my body isn’t as “perfect” as it looks when it isn’t being edited or taken from the right angles. If you look at the second picture- it’s completely RAW and the picture is actually really gloomy: just like my life sometimes. I battle a heavy ass ton of depression and anxiety on the daily. I’m insecure as hellll sometimes and I want to level up to the models I see on here but it’s actually pretty freakin exhausting trying to edit my life. I feel like lately I can’t post pictures without feeling some kind of guilt that young girls look at them and get SAD that their bodies/smiles/lives look like mine. I don’t want to feel that way anymore and I don’t give a damn if I lose followers or hype for exposing the truth. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Tell an IG model with a good amount of followers to send you the original photo of the masterpiece he/she posts. It’s not easy for them once they’ve built up a certain image. And if you think this was easy for me, you’re trippin. I have a lot of love for people who enjoy my content but if you’re gonna stick around- I’m gonna start giving you real content.


1 Day 5 Hours Ago

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Wandering through NYC has been amazing🕵🏻‍♀️HUGE thanks for my incredible stay at the beautiful @sixtyhotels in Lower Manhattan ! My suite was perfect and loved the art and sushi! And to @go_dashdot for the weekender bag i discovered right before my trip! This thing transforms into several different ways to become a different bag for whatever i need. I’ve never had a bag like this before, not gonna lie.. super impressed. I had a wonderful time away with friends and can’t wait to share more with you guys because I’ve missed you all so much !!! ❤️ - #fashionweek #luggage #travel #hotel #hotelart #boutiquehotel #weekenderbag #weekender #weekendaway #vacation #trip #holiday #fashion #fashionstyle #fitness #fitlife #citylife #nyc #manhattan

Didem Madak

2 Days 17 Hours Ago

İnsan, insanda kaybolandır. İnsan sevince güzel, güzel iken doyumsuzdur.

⤵️⤵️ Follow: @dalandofmilkandhoney @dalandofmilkandhoney @dalandofmilkandhoney _ Model: @cierarogers

Nick Champa

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If we don’t fuck this whole thing up Guaranteed, I can blow your mind 💋 — 📸: @andrewmgleason —


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Axshaminiz xeyir dostlar Xezere baxin .5 de 5 Xezer tv de

The stunning @bikini_in_paradise in her new Malibu Strings Beautiful Fruit bikini.


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Cajun Shrimp 👅 #opi

Хотела оставить сегодня свой отзыв об отдыхе, но всё стёрла и решила оставить на последний день😉 если, конечно, вам это интересно 😀 А сегодня Чижику нашему👶🏻 три месяца💪🏼 Позитивный растёт малыш😀 Ему тут вообще по кайфу😊 Гуляют с бабушкой с утра до вечера, получают витамин Д☀️ С погодкой нам, конечно, повезло, а вот с катанием если честно не очень... #розахутор