Another one from the mystery tattoo walk in day today... I'm probably going to have another walk in day at @deadslowco again soon... maybe October 7th... who knows - MRHEGGIESUCKS@GMAIL.COM for all tattoo related info and shit - #mrheggie #onlyblackart #btattooing #blacktattooart #darkartists #blackworkerssubmission #toughguyclub #catstuff - MRHEGGIE.COM
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2017-11-17 23:57:48

@jacinta_read @stefanikebbell look at these crack up tattoos

@nyliram.3 problematic girl 🎈


2017-09-23 14:28:29

Top! I Like!

2017-09-23 14:27:26

Thanks man! Fucking luff it

2017-09-23 14:25:55


2017-09-23 14:17:57

Pls come to california again I will let you tattoo 500 cats on me ☺ 👌💙 lol