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Notebooks for creative minds, toys for big boys — and girls. 💜 Talk to us:

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Screenprint made in @unioftheartslondon’s Archway campus many many years ago

Night out in town with the guys 👩🏼✌🏻


Extra extra large scale forest illustration for #bornovachildhoodmuseum, which is currently under construction and will be open next year. Muk has designed the graphics for the exhibition space with all the interactive learning stations and cool toys. We’ve also created an identity and wayfinding system including the large murals like this one. This is a darker, moodier version of the original piece, I have to say though. It’s very very exciting to wait for the opening of this beautiful building. I suddenly feel like an architect. And of course, a huge pleasure along the way working with my entrepreneurial soulmate @gorkemrabiakanat and her team. 🍀💚

Sneak peek into one of the most exciting projects from last year—redesigning a digital platform for Mitsubishi. As part of its global rebranding, we designed a responsive web experience that embodies “Mitsubishi-ness”—contemporary Japanese aesthetic meets an excellent craftsmanship tradition. This micro journey helps customers choose the best Mitsubishi for their needs. Full project coming soon on our website. The animation was made on #adobexd, thanks to @stephanie4xd for passing on her #xd skills on a very private, super exclusive tutorial. What do you think? ⠀ Client: Mitsubishi Agency: Critical Mass⠀ Art direction: Blair Jarvis

Spring in London reminds me of the time I started my courtship with this inspiring city. It was 2012, and I visited @csm_news for the first time for a short course and I felt like I’ve finally arrived home. This was the early days of I did “Entrepreneurship for Creatives” by @alisonbranagan — game changing. But more so was the people I met. Marina, Vishal and Jake. Three universes on extreme ends, all sharing a love for wigs, personas and light voyeurism. This photo by @vishalkswamy is the memory from a night out in town I’ll forever remember. And I’m forever thankful to London for giving me so many muses, beautiful friendships, a creative tribe and so many new visions. So happy that life brought me here and changed me from the core.

The spell of the serpent 🖤 💔🖤 💔🖤 Take a break from sexting, and stun your valentine with an old-fashioned postcard. Capture your love story and secret fantasies on a #darkvalentine postcard. Make a sweet naughty gesture to your significant someone, and send them a note they’ll never forget! This limited edition postcard series is printed with lust by @moo on 4 layers of uncoated luxe paper, making them extra-thick and ready to suck all your ink. So lick your stamp wet and get gushing. 🖤 💔🖤 💔🖤

And finally a family photo of #muztypeface for #36daysoftype. It was a pleasure 🍌💛 #36daysoftype06 #36days_adobe #contest @36daysoftype @adobe


Updating your portfolio is a never-ending story for any designer. And ours is finally finally up-to-date and live — link in bio. We're very excited. So be sure to check it out! ⠀ ⠀ Did you know that next to our notebooks and toys, we're also a London-based multi-disciplinary studio specialising in art direction, digital products, print and illustration. We always keep an eye on visual and cultural trends, have an in-depth understanding of design that's coming from years and years of experience, excellent craftsmanship that we take pride for and strong communication skills. We also love working closely our clients — big and small — and love to transform the way they communicate. ⠀ ⠀ If you have a project in mind, give us a shout!

Attention attention! We've just launched our huge passion project that has been brewing on the side for quite a while, and we're finally ready to share it with you. ⠀ ⠀ 😍 @s_m_u_k_ 😍⠀ ⠀ It's a little sister brand to that allows us to tip our toes into the world of fashion, something that we've been very enthusiastic about from so early on. It feels like it was meant to be. Through this channel, we're creating fashion accessories made out of a very special type of paper leather, called parchment. Designing for a minimalist, romantic and edgy woman, it's all about attitude and a strong, quiet sense of self. Check out this new and exciting project that we've truly given from the heart and share this stylish journey with us.⠀ ⠀ Also a big shout out to the lovely @carlabenzing for her magical photography, and opening up her beautiful space @Blank100, which is now part of London history. And huge thanks to our very special model @kind_yoga_life for bringing her gorgeous presence into this project. We feel very lucky to have worked with you two on this, and feel blessed by your energy. ⠀ ⠀ Art direction, styling and all the love in the world by ❤️

36 Days Of Type debuting uppercase E of #muztypeface 🍌⠀⠀ #36daysoftype #36days_e

36 Days Of Type debuting uppercase D of #muztypeface 🍌⠀⠀ #36daysoftype #36days_d

#brexit?⠀ MUK WITHOUT EU

36 Days Of Type with #muztypeface ⠀⠀⠀ #36daysoftype #36days_c

36 Days Of Type debuting #muztypeface and it's uppercase B ⠀ #36daysoftype #36days_b

36 Days Of Type debuting uppercase A of #muztypeface 🍌⠀ #36daysoftype #36days_a

Speaking of crocodiles, here's one you'd wanna get cosy with. In fact, take a break from sexting, and stun your Valentine with an old-fashioned Dark Valentine postcard with the cuddliest of reptiles on it.⠀ ⠀ Capture your love story on these limited edition #darkvalentine postcards. Make a sweet (or naughty) gesture to your significant someone, and send them a note they’ll never forget! Printed with love by, each Dark Valentine card is made of 4 layers of uncoated luxe paper (2 sheets of 600 gsm black Mohawk sandwiched by 2 sheets of 600 gsm Mohawk Superfine), making them extra-thick and ready to suck all your ink. So lick your stamp wet and get gushing. —