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This is pirate Tim. He be a good matey. 😍

😂😂 @ me once I can get my hands on one😍❤

Big ol' 454 does some work!😍

Successful day shooting with @brettonblasdell 😍❤ gotta love going BOOM!

To be an outlaw must be a very empowering feeling!😍 @georgechristiejr

The adventurers desk😍

My next reads😍

Poetry and Puppers😍

Poems by the Lizard King 😍

Bnw train car😍

Bnw creek😍

I like the reflection in the water😍

@zo3x0 senior pic❤😍

Bnw old cars😍

Bnw nature😍

My boy @zo3x0 looking good with that sunset!😍

My boy @zo3x0 is the easiest person to take photos of and we had such a good time this day!❤

Another senior photo I took of @zo3x0 ❤