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Since I dont get to see you nearly as much as I'd like to anymore, I got you tatted on my hand so you're always with me wherever I am. Whatever I'm going through. I can look down and feel at ease. @craftytinab

This pupper gives my life meaning ❤

Viktor Frankl, an Austrian neurologist, who was a prisoner at a few concentration camps including Auschwitz, wrote a book about finding meaning to life. He believes there are three main "meanings" to people's lives. 1 is work (to do something you enjoy and take pride in doing) 2. Is Love (a relation with someone whom you open up to completely and vice versa and feel no judgement) 3. Finding courage in difficult situations. He has an idea of something called "tragic optimism," everyone is effected by the "tragic triad" (pain, guilt, death) and you cannot control ehen these things happen or why, but you can control your attitude and how you react to such situations. It's easy, (and normal) to be hurt and feel like you've got nothing to live for when certain traumatic events occur. But it takes courage to make the best of each situation. It defines you as a person. It takes a lot of strength to be able to face these stituations and find whats still important to you and give yourself a purpose to keep going. That's another thing.."purpose" everyone wonders what their purpose is in life. There is NO one overall purpose. Life is long and many changes will happen, some quite rapidly. You will have many purposes. And it is up to you to see them and live for them. For many its work, love, children, God. Whatever it is, it's up to YOU to find them. I have always struggled with this. But lately I have been reflecting on what my "purpose" is and what gives my life meaning. Starting with 1. I have work, my work consists of me helping children grow into better human beings. I take pride in that. 2. Love, I have no intimate love currently, but I have friends that I consider family and parents who I love more than anything. 3. Finding courage in difficult situations, I have been through many "traumatic" events, and currently my mother is going through Breast Cancer. It has all taught me lessons, make me stronger, and prepare me for more to come. As Nietzsche said "he who has a WHY to live for can bear almost any HOW." And this saying means a lot to me. If you can find a meaning or meanings in your life, you can face almost any situation life throws at you.

"Oh I love you my dear, but I'm goin', I'm gone."