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I had a major “A-ha” moment. I was reading and thinking about some of my personal pains of childhood. I have often said “As a mother, I will ALWAYS do _____ and NEVER do _____” about a particular area of pain for me. In my mind, if I did this single action item then everything would be ok and I would be successful at motherhood. • But what if my children do not need me to _____? What if my children have different interests than childhood Becca? What if my children have different hopes and ambitions than my young self did? What if my children have needs that go unnoticed because I am so focused on _____ that I create separate areas of pain for them? • I need to stop parenting how I wish I had been parented and focus on parenting how my children need me to parent. Instead of trying to right the wrongs of my childhood, I need to work on successfully navigating the real life situations in my children’s lives. Motherhood is not about me, motherhood is about glorifying Christ. If my eyes are so focused on my past and my wants and my needs, then my eyes are not focused on Christ and His redemption work. • Disclaimer: I have truly wonderful parents. Pain and hurt is part of life and can be an avenue of growth if we allow it. How blessed to have the opportunity to learn to navigate relationships in the safety of the family system rather than in the harsh world. • #motherhood #parenthood #parenting #raisingchildren #raisingmen #raisingdisciples #boymom #mychild #motherhoodrising #coldcoffeeandjesus #motherhoodissanctifying #sacredparenting

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I received this bear from my husband on our first Valentine’s Day together. We were teenagers and I had lofty dreams of all kinds of romance. But he picked out this bear as my gift all on his own. It was the cutest, cuddliest bear and I loved it. • Fast forward half a year, I’m staying with my grandparents for a month and it doesn’t make it home with me. They search their house but cannot find the bear. I am devastated. Both Matt and I try to find a suitable replacement, but we never found one nearly as cute or cuddly. • Years and many Valentine’s Days pass, engagement and marriage occur, and children are born. I still wish I had this bear, but after searching my home and my grandparents home several times throughout the years I have given up. • My grandparents move. A few months later my dad goes to visit and I get a photo text asking if this is my bear! He is nestled on top of a bed surrounded by other stuffed animals. Most of my grandparents belongings were sold and there was no reason for them to keep this bear, but he survived and was waiting for me! I could not believe it! • He now lives in our stuffed animal menagerie. • No moral of the story. Just a fun, happy memory. What is your favorite keepsake? Mine are this bear, the locket my husband gave me for my 18th birthday, my collection of Harvard classics that I am the 4th generation to own, and a bean bag frog that belonged to my grandpa. • #valentinesday #teddybear #lostandfound #keepsake #happilyeverafter #memories #firstlove #truelove

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My forever Valentine. ❤️ • 15 Valentines I’ve spent with this man. We were just kids when we celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together and now I’ve been blessed with three mini Valentines as well. • I love this picture because I could not contain myself in it. I used to hold in my emotions as best I could and tried to put on a cool front (and failed miserably). I tried to be who I thought others wanted me to be and like all the cool trendy things. • Then this man came along and I could just be myself. Not only that, he brought out sides of me I never even knew existed! I always thought I laughed easily, but with Matt there is no containing my glee and it is ridiculously embarrassing (and it is his goal to make me lose it in public 🤦🏻‍♀️). He cared enough to get to know the real me and the he loved me despite all my shortcomings and obnoxious, selfish tendencies. • Now here we are many years later and I am so thankful he is my Valentine. He leads me, protects me, honors me, and is such a godly example for our boys of a man, husband, and father. • Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? We do not, but you better believe we did 15 years ago! Teddy bear (which is a story for tomorrow!), flowers, candy, and he has flown in that weekend to attend my senior homecoming! • #forevervalentine #myvalentine #valentine #valentinesday #trashthedress #dateyourspouse #happilyeverafter #foreverandalways #happilymarried #happyfamily #christian #christianmarriage #beyourself #beyou #joyfulliving #motherhood #happymom

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Joy in motherhood is not reserved for perfect days. Joy in motherhood is not reveling in the tiny humans we are rearing. Joy in motherhood is not a representation of right decisions and super-momming. • I dunno about you, but those 👆🏼 sentences are almost laughable. Perfect days? Perfect children? Super-momming? If that was the essence of joy then I would be leading very joyless life. Read more on what Joy is Not in the blog! • #fruitofthespirit #joy #joyfulliving #joyfulmoment #joyfulmamas #wordbeforeworld #motherhood #christianmom #motherhoodissanctifying #wellwateredwomen #dailyjoy #delightinthelord #thejoyofthelordismystrength #livejoyfully #hemustbecomegreater

It’s a dreary morning ☂️. I woke up over 1 hour late 😳. My washer and dryer had a mishap with an ink pen 🤦🏻‍♀️. My thumb lost a battle with a toddler toy 👎🏼. • But this is the day that the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it! • I took a little piece of home to BSF this morning. What a great and rich blessing to meet together to study the Word of God every week. Even in the most chaotic mornings, He sees us and meets our needs. He uses the members of His body to strengthen, encourage, and build up one another. He is faithful and because of that we can be faithful in our relationships, commitments, and communities. • So walk in faith today. Rejoice in the opportunity to serve the Lord. • Where do you call home? Our current home is North Carolina, but we will always say that Michigan is home. • #thisisthedaythatthelordhasmade #rejoiceinthelord #rejoiceandbeglad #rejoice #joyfulliving #christianliving #thejoyofthelordismystrength #christian #walkinfaith #heisfaithful #home #homeiswheretheheartis #michigan #coldcoffeeandjesus #bsfinternational

Happy Monday! • New week, fresh start. • So I went through my Pinterest boards this weekend and deleted about half my boards and deleted about half the pins on the remaining boards. My fashion, my decor, even my humor has changed in just a few short years. It was interesting to see what interested me and who I aspired to be back then. On the one hand, it was like looking at an old friend or maybe a younger sister. On the other hand, I cannot imagine still being that girl. That girl was very insecure. That girl drowned herself in books and cinema and fantasy. That girl was struggling in early motherhood and reading every article on each stage of development and how to help your child succeed before they can even sing a toddler-speak Alphabet. • But the Lord did a mighty work and molded me more into His own image. He made me secure in Him and opened my eyes to His work all around me. He refocused my thoughts on Him and redirected my actions for eternal significance. • Motherhood became less about me me me and more about displaying Jesus to these little disciples. Motherhood became less about doing the culturally right thing and more about choosing Jesus through the day. Motherhood became less about raising children and more about my own sanctification. • So praise the Lord for this reminder of where I’ve been and who I am now. Praise the Lord for His renewing work in my life. Praise the Lord for seeking me and desiring my good for His own glory. • What is one interesting thing that describes your life 5 years ago? I had a lot of Aztec print clothing items pinned and a lot of behind the scenes Hunger Games interviews. • #motherhoodissanctifying #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #everydaymoments #joyfulmoment #dearyoungerme #lessofmemoreofyou #hemustbecomegreater #raisingmen #raisingdisciples #boymom #praisethelord #coldcoffeeandjesus

While my husband has been away, I have used the opportunity to do my first fast. I never saw the command or benefit to fasting when I was younger. Then when I did understand the requirement, I was always pregnant or nursing and it was not a healthy option. So while my husband was away at a strenuous school, I fasted for a set portion of every day to pray over Him. • Prayer is purposeful. The Lord knows our hearts and this affects how He responds to our prayer. During this fast I realized just how much repentance I needed to do to bring my requests to the Lord. The Spirit graciously revealed heart and mind issues that needed resolving. It is impossible to pray well when you are in need of repentance. • I read through this book, which was partially helpful. If nothing else it brought helpful Scriptures to mind and was a reminder to pray over my husband in new ways every day. I used this notebook to record Scriptures I would pray over my husband, thoughts, fears, and specific prayers for his health, safety, and attitude. In this time of fasting, I prayed over extra details I probably wouldn’t have thought of otherwise: strong ankles, protection from scrapes and cuts, critters that would normally be withdrawn in the winter to come out for his snares. I would have prayed that his body remain strong and that food and shelter would be found, but God cares about the details and I am learning the importance of being specific in our prayers. When we are vague in prayer, then we wonder if God answered or if circumstance just smiled on us. When we are specific in our prayers then we know without a doubt that God has answered. • So I would encourage you to fast to grow in your spiritual walk. Whether it be for a morning, a day, 30 hours, or a month there are benefits to turning your heart to Christ while depriving your physical body. • #prayerandfasting #fasting #prayingwife #prayeveryday #prayer #powerofprayer #christianliving #christian #christianblogger #womenlivingwell #wordbeforeworld #wellwateredwomen

My Joyful MOMent: littlest mister wanted the puzzle but was afraid of the cat. I tried to coax him into getting it since the cat wasn’t upset, but he wouldn’t. Middle little jumped up quickly to go help. 😍 • Brotherly love is just so sweet to witness. I am so thankful for three boys who genuinely love each other and want to be together. Watching the older boys help teach their little brother and offer to help him just melt my heart every time. • We’re waiting on biggest mister to get home from a long day at the spelling bee, then we’re starting the weekend! Our weekend involves a lot of relaxing as we welcome Daddy home. What are your weekend plans? • #joyfulmoment #joyfulmamas #joyfullife #livejoyfully #joy #brothers #brotherlylove #trainupachild #raisingdisciples #raisingmen #boymom #momlife #tgif #itstheweekend #weekend #happyhearts #helpinghands #coldcoffeeandjesus

We’ve all been missing our Daddy. Only a couple more days until we are reunited and I know we are all ready. One of our boys has been very emotional the past couple days and I’m sure it’s because he is missing Daddy. He asked if we could call Daddy and unfortunately, that’s not an option this trip. Solo parenting can be wearying, but if is also wearying on the emotions of these little boys who also admire and respect their father. • But just as in my post yesterday, my joy does not come from my husband. My joy does not come from having him as a partner who leads our family well. My joy does not come from watching him so lovingly parent our boys. And my boys’ joy should not come from knowing they are loved and wanted by their parents. • Our joy comes from the Lord alone. Our joy comes from salvation in Him and knowing Him intimately. All the other things: a devoted husband, a loving father, and feeling cared for by family are just small reflections of our Heavenly Father and His great love for us. All of these things are gifts from Him, so we take joy in Him and thank Him for everything He provides. • I have been watching movies after the boys go to bed. One of which was It Takes Two on Netflix! Any one else totally love MK&A growing up? Anyone else do the hair twists, use butterfly clips, then switch to butterfly Bobby pins, do the crooked part, and have the perfectly fanned our layers solely because that’s what MK&A were doing? I may have a small collection of their teen movies because it just gives me the feels! What is something from your childhood that still makes you all warm and fuzzy? • #armylife #armyfamily #hooah #americansoldier #fatherandson #respectandhonor #familyman #thejoyofthelordismystrength #joy #praisehim #godfirst #jesusfirst #raisingdisciples #raisingmen #coldcoffeeandjesus

When my children are not behaving in ways I would like or when the trials of motherhood seem too compounded, I ask God, “Why me? When will you act? What am I doing wrong? Where do I go from here?” I cross my arms tightly across my chest, pout my lip, stamp my foot, and count it all a loss rather than counting it all joy (James 1:2). • On the blog today is a lesson from Habakkuk that I learned about the joy of the Lord. • #linkinbio #christianblog #christianblogger #joy #thejoyofthelordismystrength #fruitofthespirit #christianmom #motherhood #motherhoodrising #risenmotherhood #wellwateredwomen #womenlivingwell #christianliving #christian #womenoffaith

The Word, a book on prayer, and the general chaos that comes with three little boys. The past two and a half weeks I’ve had the opportunity to purposefully pray over my husband. It has been a growing experience and has developed my overall prayer life in such positive ways. The beauty of prayer is that you can never have too much and you can never wear it out. • I have been working and reworking my post series on Joy for this month. There is so much to be said about joy, how can I possibly narrow it down to four specific application points? I would jot down notes and thoughts and each would be valid and true and sound, but all seemed to be coming from me and not from the Lord. • So tonight, I scrapped my whole first post and just sat in stillness for awhile. I had been praying all week for the Lord to prepare the topic and to speak through me. • All I can say is that even if this post is just for my own ears and it doesn’t seem quite as applicable to all of you, I very much needed these words the Lord has impressed upon my heart. Revealing new truths in a favorite Scripture passage of mine and bringing tears of refreshment and rejoicing over the joy of the Lord. • So this is my encouragement to you: Be still. Be mindful. Be in prayer. Be humble. Be open. The Lord WILL speak to you and He desires to teach and guide you. Read the Word. Store its truths in your heart and mind. Even if you do not understand, the Lord is working through His words and will reveal its message to you in due time. • Embrace the joy of the Lord tonight. He is our salvation, our stronghold, and our Sovereign God. • #womenoftheword #wellwateredwomen #hisgracegirls #christian #christianliving #womenlivingwell #bestill #prayer #fruitofthespirit #thejoyofthelordismystrength #joy #joyfullife #joyfulmamas #disciple #motherhoodissanctifying #readyourbible #dailydevotions #prayingwife #prayuntilsomethinghappens

Motherhood. 💁🏻‍♀️ A balance between good feels and untangling knots. If you need a good feels starter pack, head back a couple squares and enter the giveaway! What’s your child’s fave mommy and me game? This little LOVES to brush my hair and I’m not complaining about it! #boymom #motherhood #momlife #instamama #mom #raisingmen #raisingdisciples #christianmotherhood #coldcoffeeandjesus

This is my newly born middle little circa 2014. We were so excited for a little brother and his name was very special to me. He came out looking the most like me... and we soon learned that he also inherited my temperament. • It has been long MOMent of discipline with this one recently. Pushing boundaries and figuring out his place in this world. Direct defiance and big emotions. • But this little boy loves the Lord and loves to learn about Him. This little boy loves to snuggle and has the gift of exhortation. And last night, this little boy made a series of very bad choices right before bed. He got tucked in while the spirit of discipline and consequences still loomed. I came back downstairs to clean up the kitchen and about 15 minutes later I hear small footsteps on the stairs. • This little boy was so distraught over his bad choices. He tearfully held up his arms to me as he whispered, “I’m sorry I disobeyed and lied about it. I promise to make better decisions tomorrow.” Cue mama tears mixed with a throbbing heart full of joy. • For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11 • Maybe you are in the thick of a season of discipline- for yourself or for you child. But hold fast! Discipline removes from us all that is ungodly and trains us in righteousness. Little by little, we will see the peaceful fruit and praise the Lord for the pruning. • #discipline #holdfast #christianmom #christianblogger #christianliving #wellwateredwomen #womenlivingwell #momlife #motherhood #motherhoodrising #motherhoodunplugged #christianmotherhood #coldcoffeeandjesus #raisingmen #raisingdisciples #boymom #hisgracegirls

✨FRIDAY INTRODUCTIONS✨ Hi 👋🏼 I’m Becca. I feel like a lot of people would be surprised to know some details about me: like I was the cheer captain in high school, I am a closet geek and wish I were cool enough to go to comic con, and growing up I had an aversion to Asians. Yup- you read that correctly. See? You want more details, right? Another day, another story. Today I’m sharing a couple goals I have for February. January was a month of renewal for me as I had a difficult time getting back into schedule after Christmas break. I had mental and emotional funks going on, but I think I’m recharged and ready to move forward now. So goal 1: February Financial Freeze. We have some big financial goals in the next couple years, so this month I’m saying no to splurges and excess and saying yes to our future. Every time I’m tempted to spend on a little (or big) something, I’m going to move that amount to savings instead. I’ve done this before and it’s amazing how much the excess adds up to! Goal 2: February Fitness. I don’t have hard and fast goals for this, but after some minor issues I know I need to get back on track with good exercise to build strength and better eating. (Solo parenting is rough on the diet plan! Lots of kiddie food!) . Goal 3: February Freetime. Less screen time, more free time. Freetime to relax my eyes and mind. Freetime to read and reflect. Freetime to focus on my family and friends. This will not be a screentime fast, I’ll be posting and checking in. But there will be specific screen free times of the day to ensure it is productive and not possessive. So there you have it! What goals are you tackling this month? It’s a short month and for whatever reason that makes it seem more achievable, right? . Also, I am in LOVE with this new shirt from @amandaeverett_writer Proceeds go towards her adoption! Go buy what she has left or I’ll be tempted to buy the navy one too! #fridayintroductions #friyay #itstheweekend #february #lovebearsallthings #adoption #hello #christian #christianmom #joyfulmamas #happyheart #momlife #wellwateredwomen #womenlivingwell #christianliving #christianblog #christianblogger

My Joyful MOMent: middle little doing a great big puzzle and then matching up the states with their image. He loves puzzles and says he wants to be a builder when he grows up. It’s so cool to see how his little mind works and how his interests influence his future goals and dreams. • With three kids, it’s hard to have quality time with each of them. Especially while solo parenting. But I have found that purposefully creating the time is so worthwhile and fills up all of our love tanks. For this one, quality time means playing board games, doing puzzles, or doing an art project. None of which is terribly time consuming. How selfish am I if I can’t find 20 minutes to sit on the floor and do a puzzle with my boy? How can I be fulfilling my call of motherhood if I am not making use of the opportunities to love on and press into my little boy? • How does your child want to spend quality time with you? • #motherhood #boymom #momlife #christianmom #raisingdisciples #lovetank #qualitytime #bepresent #choosejoy #motherandson #middlelittle #puzzle #happyhearts #joyfulmoment #joyfulmamas #joyfullife #womenlivingwell #kingdomwomen #motherhoodrising #wellwateredwomen #coldcoffeeandjesus

To wrap up the Fruit of the Spirit: Love, let’s discuss the gift of God’s love towards moms. God shows His love for us in so many ways, but have you ever considered the great gift of motherhood? Not the gift of our children themselves, not the gift of family, and surely not the gift of changing body types or sleep deprivation. But the gift from God that is motherhood and how He created this position out of His love to draw our hearts to Himself and to deepen our understanding of who He is? Read more on the blog! Next month we move on to the next Fruit of the Spirit: Joy! #linkinbio #blogpost #fruitofthespirit #love #godislove #christianblog #christianblogger #christianliving #motherhoodissanctifying #christianmom #christianmotherhood #motherhood #motherhoodrising #risenmotherhood #graceupongrace #faithblogger #womenofgod #womenoffaith #kingdomwomen #wellwateredwomen #womenlivingwell #christiancreative

I don’t want to forget this story: We were at Barnes and Noble playing with the train table. Two little brothers came over to play, around C’s age and younger. C ran his train around the whole table and then came to where one of the brothers was standing, trainless. C grabbed another train and held it out to the boy! 😍😭. Since my word of the year is “petition”, I wrote down a few petitions for each family member. One for C had to do with how he interacted with other kids, as he had a couple months of quick escalation when things didn’t go his way. I prayed over him and I tried to teach him better strategies, but I hadn’t paid much attention to any changes to his behavior. But this is such an answer to prayer! I was so proud to see him willingly share with a new friend! He also has been very receptive to our conversations about behavior in general. He is learning and I admit, I forgot to work on a lot of typical things with him (third child probz), but when I correct him or remind him of expectations (like sitting during story time) he is quick to smile and respond “otay, mama.” So while this petition has begun to be answered (because we know that behavioral problems won’t disappear overnight with a 2yo), I have realized how much more my heart and attitude was adjusted. I needed to take responsibility for him because I am his guardian. I am his teacher. I am his shepherd. Praise the Lord for His work through our prayers to better us and to bring Himself glory. #raisingdisciples #raisingmen #boymom #sharingiscaring #momlife #learninglessons #motherhoodissanctifying #motherhood #everydaymotherhood #christianmom #prayer #answeredprayer #prayeveryday #christian #christianliving #coldcoffeeandjesus #hisgracegirls #practicewhatyoupreach #2yearsold

How do we teach our children to love? One great way is to teach them the blessing of giving gifts. Coming off Christmas season, we had plenty of opportunities to teach our children about gratefulness and generosity. My boys used their own money to buy gifts for each member of our family and they were thoughtful to each person’s interests. For the grandparents we included them in the gift giving. They drew these images and wrote each name and we had them carved into these wooden magnets. Including our children in the gift giving process helps them understand the joy of giving to others. It teaches them to show their love for others in a concrete way. So how do we teach our children to love? We help them to think through and understand the gift giving process, which also points them back to our Heavenly Father and His love for us. If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him! Matthew 7:11