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My friend, Kristina from @messytiredlove , has published her first book! I had the great privilege to read an advanced copy and my review and recommendation in on the blog! There’s a giveaway, which includes this book, at the end of the post (no purchase necessary). • #linkinbio #messytiredlove #leavingyourmomlegacy #legacy #motherhood #motherhoodmatters #devotional #christianmotherhood #christianliving #bookreview #booklaunch

#wordbeforeworld game-changer. Attitude- setter. Emotion- equalizer. Perspective-shifter. • The past week hasn’t been the greatest and it is mostly because of my attitude and expectations. I have become lazy and selfish. We haven’t done our summer school work, we haven’t been reading together, I have been choosing TV over reading or podcasts in my free time. All of this together has made us crabby and Screen-driven. I keep blaming it on the mid-summer slump, but truthfully it is just because “I don’t want to.” • I don’t want to sit and help my boys with their work. I don’t want to pick up the mess that comes with art. I don’t want to read aloud for 30 minutes plus any additional story books they choose. I don’t want play on the floor. I don’t want to be patient. I just don’t want to. • But the conviction of the Spirit is real, guys. So we’re hopefully getting back on track. We are in the prime time of childhood and I do not want to waste it. I want to savor it and make the most of every opportunity I have to share God’s truth to my boys. • So we started off the morning with devotions for me and the boys’ devotional book. Followed by a podcast while getting ready. All of this BEFORE scrolling through social media. Purposefully choosing to fill my mind with the Word first and foremost. • Also, I just hollered up the stairs that we were going to leave for the store in a few minutes and middle little hollers back, “Just a minute! I’m finishing my makeup!” 😂 Monkey see monkey do! Hopefully it was just water and not markers! • #readyourbible #haveagoodday #filledwiththespirit #spiritled #purposefulparenting #summer #putabirdonit #jesusandcoffee #inthemorningwhenirisegivemejesus #startthedayright #christian #christianblog #christianmom #momblog #momblogger #instamama

My joyful MOMent: all three children being in bed by 7:30 and asleep by 8. All three boys have been difficult sleepers and the younger two still wake up during the night. This makes for a very tired mama, which unfortunately often means a crabby, impatient mama. But what a blessing to have healthy boys and to be privileged enough to snuggle them back to sleep every night. • I have had four friends lose immediate family members recently, the fourth I just found out about today. When I sat down just now, I read two updates from friends sharing stories of parents who lost children today by illness and tragic accident. Recently a friend mourned the anniversary of losing her little girl. • Two days ago, my Scripture reading was in Mark 15: the crucifixion and death of Jesus. • Loss and true suffering puts everything else into perspective. This life is but a vapor, a mist, a mere breath. How am I spending my time? Am I focusing on self or focusing on Christ? Am I sacrificing eternal gains for momentary pleasures? Am I thankful for my blessings (especially the inconvenient ones) or am I hardening my heart? • Please take a moment to say a prayer for all the hurting families today. If you are hurting or mourning a loved one, please know that we mourn with you and that the Lord is near. He will never leave you or forsake you because it truly is finished. “Upon Him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with His wounds we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:5) • #joyfulmoment #joyfulmamas #bedtime #countingmyblessings #thankfulheart #gratefulheart #mourning #joycomesinthemorning #itisfinished #byhiswoundswearehealed #perspective #eternalperspective #eternalpeace #raisingdisciples #boymom #momlife #momblog #momblogger

“God is love. Love always hopes. In marriage, we do not have hope in our spouse or in our circumstances or in any earthly fulfillment. We have hope because we are filled with the Spirit of God and He provides richly for our needs...” • I had the privilege to write for @amightymarriage on love. Read more by clicking the #linkinbio#love #loveis #lovealwayshopes #lovesalwaysperseveres #godislove #amightymarriage #marriage #marriageadvice #marriagegoals #militarymarriage #truelove #bettertogether #blessed

My Joyful MOMent: About 7 hours with girlfriends to hike and picnic. The weather was perfect. The trail was serene and calm, with just the right amount of breezy shade. It was refreshing to have adult conversation that didn’t revolve around kiddie schedules or cartoons. A day to refill my cup so that I have more to pour out onto my family. • Today I am thankful for a Journey Group at church that has provided such wonderful friendships for both my husband and I. I am thankful for God’s beautiful creation: the trees, the river rapids, and even the snakes that made our group of women a little skiddish. I am thankful for an able body to hike uneven terrains. I am thankful for boys who love their Daddy and love spending time with him. I am thankful for this small break in my husband’s training. I am thankful for the boys’ bedtime of 7 pm. • It has been a wonderful day. Be sure to treat yo’self, Mama. • #selfcare #onahike #inthewoods #adventureisoutthere #getoutside #fillmycup #restoremysoul #dayoff #girlsday #beautifulcreation #glorytogod #joyfulmoment #joyfulmama #momlife #momblog #momblogger #motherhood #mommysdayoff

New post on Evangelism and how I blew it. Is Evangelism difficult for anyone else? I have been so burdened to “go and tell” recently and yet I still find excuses. • Any resources or conversation starters you use? • If you’re ever in the area, we’d love to have you join us at Southview Baptist. A Christ-centered, gospel preaching, community based church full of all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds. • #linkinbio #evangelism #gospel #jesuschrist #goandtell #go #handsandfeet #bethelight #christian #christianblog #christfollower #christianblogger

We have been battling some bad attitudes this summer. I know a large part of it is because I am not as hands on as I should be. My boys are at the ages where attention and affirmation are vital to their growth and development. My boys play so nicely independently or together and sometimes I use that as an excuse to be a lazy mama. • So last night I made a list of things we can do together today. Simple things like play doh, duplo building contests, painting with toys or food, and reading. • This morning we spent a lot of time outside. I weeded (and sprayed for spiders ☠️) and watered the lawn while the boys rode bikes and scooters and then made me a birthday cake in the backyard (which is especially sweet since it isn’t my birthday). • Motherhood is not about me. Right now my boys need a little more attention, a little more assurance, and a little more activity. What a great blessing to serve my God by serving my children by meeting their most basic needs. • And guess what? Today has been the most harmonious morning we’ve had in a long time. What are you favorite summer hands on activities to do with your kids? • #sacredmotherhood #sacredparenting #motherhood #bepresent #missionalmotherhood #raisingboys #littlemen #boymom #beactive #summertime #getoutside #playallday #threesons #joyfulmama #joyfulmoment #joyfulheart #momlife #momblogger #mommyblogger

My Joyful MOMent: seeing my boys display responsibility in helping around the house and taking pride in their work. God created work for man and it was not a punishment! (Gen. 2:15) Work is a blessing from the Lord as it is an opportunity to use the gifts He has provided and to serve Him through serving others and His creation. • I do not always have the best attitude in my work. Housework, child rearing, ministry- my selfish heart often turns inward and I grumble. • Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men. Colossians 3:22 • So today as I sweep up the crumbs (again) and as a I cook the food (again) and as I do the laundry (again), hopefully I will be reminded that this is my work from the Lord. He has so richly blessed me with a family to serve and afforded me the opportunity to work in the home during this season. • #work #dowork #servethelord #blessedwork #homemaker #dailychores #joyfulmoment #joyfulmamas #joyfulmama #joyfulheart #instamama #momblog #momblogger #boymom #momlife #trainupachild #selfdiscipline

I have had hardly any time this summer to do any pleasure reading. I love to read and my reading list seems to expand at triple the rate of completion. At first I was a bit frustrated that I hadn’t finished the two books I am currently reading. I mean, I’m not running around town for our regular school year activities so where is my time going? • Then I realized. I have been reading a chapter book aloud to the boys. I read children’s books every day to each of them. Just this summer, this mister has read at least 9 Magic Treehouse books independently (plus several children’s books and one other shark chapter book), but most of the time I like to sit and listen to him to explain any new words or correct any mispronunciations. • This has been my reading time throughout the summer. It all adds up. But this is quality time with my oldest while his brothers are napping, he is learning and growing, and this is an act of selfless service. • Some of my favorite memories are reading with my Grandpa or Dad. They always took the time to read with me and they fostered an enduring love of literature and imagination. I can only hope that J looks back on this period with fondness and that his love of reading continues to grow. • #reading #readeveryday #whatimreading #magictreehouse #magictreehousebooks #rising1stgrader #mommyandme #readaloud #literacy #literature #boymom #momlife #qualitytime #momblog #momblogger #instamama

Happy Independence Day! • “I have seen many articles or posts reminding Christians that we are citizens of heaven and worldly allegiance has no place in our hearts and minds. I disagree.” • Read why I think there is a place in the Christian life for national patriotism on the blog! #linkinbio#independenceday #happy4thofjuly #happy4th #patriotism #godblessamerica #america #proudamerican #christian #christfollower #disciple #freedom #letfreedomring #freeindeed #freeinchrist #armywife

New post on the blog! #linkinbio • “Keeping these three things in mind helps me refocus my day and remember my purpose. My daily goals should not include taking the perfect picture to post on social media, having a spotless house, or fitting back into all my pre-baby clothes. But my daily goals should include bringing glory to God, shepherding the hearts of my children, and providing them with a godly example of wife and mother. Everything else is just extra.” • #mothermaterial #motherhood #mother #boymom #christianmom #motherhoodgoals #glorytogod #shepherding #discipling #firstimpressions #mom #mommy #mama

Happy July! July has always seemed like “true summer” to me because traditional schools end in either May or June and begin in either August or September. But either way, July is summer. • I have made the switch to using academic calendars to coincide with the boys’ school year. I replaced my wall calendar and its empty boxes leave plenty of room for growth and all kinds of goodness in the year to come. I love new notebooks, new pens, and new calendars. A fresh start and a new opportunity to check off boxes, cross finish lines, and leave past mistakes behind. • The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-13 • Months ago I posted the thought: His mercies are new every morning and morning can come every moment. We do not have to wait for a new day, a new month, or a new year. His mercies are new every moment because He has redeemed us. Because we are new creations in Christ. What if I truly lived like that? What if I treated every moment like a new, clean calendar? What if I was just as expectant each MOMent as I am each new year? • Today I needed His mercies when dealing with disobedient and defiant children. I did not respond well and praise the Lord for a husband who called me out. So hold fast to the mercies of the Lord, sweet sister. And go forth with His joy.

We were driving home after a LONG day at the Zoo. It was tolerable weather, hardly any crowds, minimal whining, and all the animals were showing off. All in all- a great day. • Then this happened. I heard the impact and knew it left a mark. I exhaled and glanced over. My oldest, J, asked why there was a big bug splat on the windshield. I calmly explained to him that sometimes accidents happen and a rock flew up and hit the windshield. But it was ok. Our car was still running, the windshield still kept out the elements, and it can be easily sealed and does not have to be entirely replaced. I told him that sometimes our things get chips, dents, or scratches but we can still be thankful for them and still enjoy them. • Guys, that was all the Holy Spirit working in my heart and preaching to my soul. I used to be an aggressive driver and would holler at other drivers’ stupidity long after I had ceased following them. Thankfully, I was forced to tone it down with kids in the car. But today I paused and used a frustrating moment to teach my children a valuable lesson. • And you know what? It truly doesn’t bother me nearly as much as expected. Plus, when my sweet middle little, D, woke up from his car nap he asked about the “spider” on the windshield and then so kindly and genuinely offered to pay to fix it with his own money 😭. So this frustrating moment turned into a joyful MOMent. Thank you, Lord, for calming my soul, slowing my speech, and ushering in your peace.

This morning we went to the $1 family movies with some friends. My youngest has been gagging himself lately, so a few minutes down the road I heard the horrible gagging sound and the big boys both announcing their disgust. I asked if it was a little or a lot and they replied “it’s all over everything!”. So I drove back home to grab extra clothes a wipes to clean it up. We made it to the movies only a few minutes late and I was hot, bothered, and frustrated. This was supposed to be a fun morning, right? I planned a fun activity for my boys and now it involved vomit! • I tried to bypass the concessions but middle little remembered I told him he could have popcorn. So we waited in line. Still hot and bothered I asked for our popcorn and the sweet teenager assisting us sweetly said, “You’re like really beautiful! Are all of them yours?” • Guys, I did not feel beautiful. I had sweat slicking my hair to my head, I had a headache from not properly hydrating in this NC heat, and I was embarrassed from the morning mess even though no one else knew about it. But this sweet girl made me in all my Mama-mess glory feel beautiful. I turned around my car to clean up earlier, and God knew I needed to turn around my attitude before I ruined our morning. • We all loved the movie (D and C’s first theater experience) and had a much more peaceful afternoon. Praise the Lord for His little mercies and for kind souls who hand out compliments generously. • In case no one has told you today, YOU ARE LIKE REALLY BEAUTIFUL! • #beautiful #turnaround #complimentothers #loveothers #loveoneanother #dollarmovies #boymom #boymomlife #brothers #summermovies #momlife #instamama #notsoglamourous #momblog #momblogger

My Joyful MOMent: middle little teaching me about perspective. I am often in need of an attitude adjustment. I have high expectations and strong opinions and care too much what others think. This often leads to disappointment, disagreement, and discouragement. With three young boys in the house, often my frustration is delivered to them by way of sneers, sighs, and sarcasm. • But middle little showed me today the power of changing my perspective. See, I saw the potatohead eyes and knew they were angry eyes. They would alter his face to make his eyes appear displeased and scowling even if you added a smiling mouth. But middle little didn’t see it that way. He turned them upside down and suddenly they were laughing eyes! They did not HAVE to be angry eyes, but my preconceived idea of the eyes prevented me from seeing their potential. • How often do I miss potential and possibilities because I stubbornly insist on my own way? Stepping back and expanding my perspective will lead to much more peaceful living. Opening my heart and mind to other views outside of my own is so humbling and enlightening and soul-filling. • So let’s trade our selfish, human perspective for God’s loving, gracious perspective. See how that affects your day. Make it count! • #perspective #lessonsfrommylittles #joyfulmoment #angryeyes #mrpotatohead #godsway #christian #christianblogger #joyfulheart #joyfulmamas #boymom #threesons #motherhood #momlife #momblog #momblogger

I have learned a lot about grass this year. Last summer when we moved into our house we had sod in the front yard and seed in the backyard. This year we researched the best way to keep it alive and flourishing in this NC heat (with no shade). • We have had a lot of torrential downpours and I was so thankful for the refreshment for the grass. I watched the rain come down and was expectant that it would be enough for our lawn for at least a couple days, right? It was so much water and that should quench the thirst of the grass, right? • Are you filling up with God’s truth on Sundays and expecting it to sustain you for a few days, or even all week long? That’s not how growth happens. One big rain does not equal a steady trickle of refreshment. Just as our grass needs daily refreshment to bloom and grow, so also our spirits need daily encouragement and guidance from Scripture. • Do you know what began to happen when we allowed the heavy rains to care for our lawn? It began to die. It dried up, withered, and turned brown. Even when the next rain came, it was not enough to sustain our grass that was dying of thirst. • If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’ John 7:37-38 • #womenoftheword #readyourbible #dailydevotion #quiettime #wateryoursoul #livingwater #jesusistheanswer #cometojesus #faithful #hesustainsme #christian #christianblogger #christfollower

For our wedding, he got me a Bible. It is full of highlights and notes in the margin and the cover sheds when used. So for our 10 year anniversary earlier this month, he got me a new Bible. It was also the perfect time to start a new reading plan. Having a box to check has helped hold me accountable. Each days is 1-2 chapters so even on the busiest days, it is manageable. • Slowing down and truly meditating on the chapter of the day has helped me remember that Scripture is purposeful. Each chapter in Matthew has an overarching theme that ties the stories and parables so well together. For instance, today’s chapter was Matthew 20 and the theme is our desire for fairness. The workers in the parable didn’t think their wages were fair. Later the disciples wanted a fair recognition for following Jesus. The crowds following Jesus didn’t think it fair to interrupt His teaching with blind beggars. When we focus on “fairness” we are really falling into the comparison trap. But when we focus on Jesus we have no choice but to worship Him with grateful hearts. • I encourage you to find a reading plan. There are so many great plans available free online and numerous apps that have plans and provide daily reminders to open the Book. The plan I’m currently reading is the New Testament in 6 months. In 2019 I plan to do a chronological reading of the entire Bible (let me know if you want to join a group for this plan!). • Side note: every single day the chapter I’ve read has directly applied to that specific day or my current life situstion. That is OUR GOD! 🙌🏼 • #readyourbible #womenoftheword #dailydevotions #quiettime #newtestament #crossway #biblestudy #esv #gracegirls #christian #christianblogger #comparison #comparisontrap #gratefulheart #worship #ourgod

I’ve been learning to truly appreciate the little mercies every day. For instance: I had a gift to mail this week but needed just the right size box. I couldn’t find one and feared I’d have to use an extra large one that would mean the gift would move around and possibly get broken. But then this perfectly sized box arrived in the mail yesterday. I also had just enough bubble wrap to safely wrap the gift- when I normally don’t keep bubble wrap in the house. Then this morning my husband had a break at work and came home unexpectedly. So instead of wrangling three little boys at the post office, I was able to make a solo trip and enjoy a few minutes to myself- which is essentially a mommy vacation! • These may not seem like mercies to some, but everything happens for a reason. As we learned in VBS last night, “Jesus can do ANYTHING!” He can even see my most minuscule needs and meet them because He cares for me. • By appreciating these little mercies every day I have begun to live a much more grateful and joyful life. • What are you grateful for today? What new mercies have you experienced? • #newmercies #hismerciesareneweverymorning #gratefulheart #joyfulheart #gratefuleveryday #gratitude #trustinjesus #heisfaithful #godisgood #godsgrace #gracegirls #christian #christianmom #christianblogger