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Happy Friday! We have a fairly busy weekend of soccer, birthday parties, children’s choir, and a movie date. What a blessing to have places to go and people to celebrate. • Happy Weekend! What are your plans? • #itstheweekend #weekend #happyfriday #friyay #outnumbered #boymom #happyhearts #bettertogether #brothers #fatherandson #leadbyexample #raisingdisciples #blessedmama #joyfulmoment #joyfulmamas #coldcoffeeandjesus #happyfall

A lesson I’m trying to instill in my boys: when you see a need, fill it. • #preachingtomyownheart #amiright I do not always make the right choices. I do not always do the selfless thing. I do not always do the work. But sometimes I look outward instead of inward and I more readily see those needs and fill them. • It can be overwhelming to see all the needs in the world. We cannot possibly fix every problem. We cannot possibly bring about world peace. We cannot possibly fill all the needs. It feels overwhelming and so we don’t act. But we are not called to heal the world. That’s the job of Jesus that only He can do. #praisethelord • We ARE called to be the hands and feet of Jesus every day though. Maybe that looks like pushing your brother on a swing. Maybe that looks like tying your kid’s shoes. Maybe that looks like volunteering at a shelter. Maybe that looks like serving in the jungle to share the gospel with a people group who has never heard it. Big or small, it all matters to God! He has placed each of us in specific communities to make a difference for His Kingdom. So see the need, fill it. Do not diminish the work that God has given you. • Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. Colossians 3:23-24 • #raisingdisciples #handsandfeetofjesus #bethehandsandfeet #dothework #christian #christianliving #christianmom #christianblogger #christcenteredmama #christfollower #thislittlelightofmine

This weekend we celebrated this guy’s accomplishments, hard work, graduation from Army school, and Veteran’s Day. • Just as military soldiers fight in physical battles, believers fight in spiritual battles every day. The Army values: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage also perfectly align with the Christian life. • I could not ask for a better example for my boys. He exemplifies what it means to be a man and more importantly, a man of God. • Yesterday was Veteran’s Day, but I am so grateful every day for all of our military servicemembers past and present. Thank you for your sacrifice and for protecting and defending our liberty and freedom. • #veteransday #thankavet #usarmy #usarmysoldier #armywife #fightthegoodfight #walkworthy #christiansoldier #christianliving

So a little about this image. I am watching this episode now, because #momlife and the fact that I’m only one episode behind is some kind of win since I’m usually several behind. When I pulled up the episode and saw the title I had to grin. “Kamsahamnida” is “thank you” in Korean. My husband recently was in language school for Korean so I heard that phrase a lot. Tomorrow is his graduation from his 18 month school, including 6 months of Korean language. • This is just another reminder of how much God has blessed us. Eight years ago, we were prayerfully considering my husband entering the military when that was NOT part of our 10-year (or lifetime) plan. Six years ago he entered the #usarmy after having unexpectedly lost his job when I was 8 months pregnant. Two years ago we prayed fervently for him to be selected for this new Army career path. Eighteen months ago we relocated to North Carolina to begin his training. Ten months ago we were praying that he would pass Korean, as you can imagine how difficult a 6-month crash course could be. Now tonight we are praising the Lord for His faithfulness in seeing us through every single step of the way. • There were plenty of difficult moments along the way, but we have learned that God is in control of even the smallest details. So in this season of celebration and joy, we must remember to praise the Lord and thank Him for His rich blessings over our lives. • We are in the season of Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for today? • #thanksgiving #thankfulhearts #praisethelord #kamsahamnida #koreanlanguage #blessings #newmercies #christianliving #christian #greatisyourfaithfulness #trustinthelord #ebenezer #remember

Confession: I’ve been on the struggle bus with daily devotions. I’m on the last leg of my reading plan and the motivation is waning. I make excuses that I’m doing group Bible study or the boys’ devotions with them, but it all boils down to a commitment I made to God and if I will fulfill it or grow weary in my walk. • But sweet sisters, the beauty of our bent towards unfaithfulness is that “if we are faithless, He remains faithful.” (2 Timothy 2:13) • Some days are difficult. Some days are draining. Some days are filled with despondency. But through it all we know that we have a Sovereign God who determines our every step and demolishes our worldly strongholds. He is faithful, “for He cannot deny Himself.” (Second part of the above verse) • Press on, friend. Prove yourself a worker to be approved by God. Walk in a manner worthy of your calling. • #preachingtomyownheart #preachtoyourself #steadfast #presson #faithful #faithfulness #greatisthyfaithfulness #heisfaithful #christfirst #christian #christianliving #christianmom #readyourbible #dailydevotions #cometojesus #livingwater

My Joyful MOMent: having this guy back. There’s a lot of coming and going in the Army. Through it all I realize that even if I could do it all on my own, this parenting thing, I never ever would want to. He is my support and sounding board. He is my reassurance and rest. He is my comfort and companion. My hope is found in Jesus Christ my Lord, but oh how gracious of God to create the family unit. • This time, he was only gone for 11 days. But we’ve entered an extra sweet spot in our marriage. So I felt much more lonely and counted the days until he returned. It was not always like this. We have had rough seasons. We have been indifferent to each other. We have gone through the motions with little emotion. But our God is in the redeeming business! He has restored our love and desire, our friendship and respect, and drawn us closer to Himself both individually and as a couple. • So take heart, friend! Remain steadfast. Serve as you have been served. Love as you have been loved. Pray without ceasing. For God can redeem even the most barren seasons. Draw near to the Lord and He will sustain your heart and mind. • #friday #weekend #armyfamily #homeagain #helpmate #marriage #strongmarriage #husband #happymarriage #boymom #soloparenting #redemption #christian #christianmarriage #christfirst #bettertogether

We will miss out on our neighborhood trick or treating tonight, but the boys loved the trunk or treat we attended this weekend! Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, Tails the two-tailed Squirrel and Knuckles the Echidna. The boys have loved watching the Sonic cartoon and hopefully they’ll love the Sonic video game they’ll receive for Christmas! But more than costumes or candy or presents, I hope that they always love to play with each other and work together. • #halloween #sonicthehedgehog #sonicandfriends #sonicandtails #sonictailsknuckles #halloweencostume #boymom #brothers #brotherfriends #instamama #momlife

My Joyful MOMent: the pure joy of middle little peeling hard boiled eggs. • This kid has a heart of gold. He is an encourager, an includer, and has a genuine love for others. One of my favorite memories is a story another mom shared with me about D. He was sitting and playing with play doh when her son sat down next to him. There was no more play doh, so D broke his lump in half and gave the other boy some. D was two-years-old. • Now at age 4, he is still so kind and sweet, but I have realized I often stifle it. He loves art and I just see the scraps mess when he so proudly shows me the picture he made for me. He often tries to scootch into the chair next to me and when I ask if he can sit on the couch instead (not a physical touch, over here 🙋🏻‍♀️), his little shoulders slump. He always wants to help me make dinner but I often want to rush through it and tiny hands take twice as long. • But this day I slowed down and said yes and let him peel a couple eggs. He did it so carefully because he takes pride in his work and he so sweetly turned to me and said, “Thank you, mama, for letting me help you. I really like it.” 😭 • Slow down, mama. Embrace the slow. Let your child peel the egg shells instead of having to walk on them. Make use of every opportunity to teach your child that helping is a joy and not a hindrance. • #preachingtomyownheart #slowdown #helpinghands #helper #eggshells #joy #happyheart #joyfulheart #joyfulmoment #joyfulmamas #christian #christianmom #motherhood #motherhoodrising #middlechild #boymom #momlife

Bible Study Fellowship has been such a blessing in my life here in NC. It has enriched my study, introduced friendships, and given me an opportunity to serve. I was not overly enthusiastic about this years study “People of the Promised Land: Part 1”. • BUT GOD! • Having grown up attending Church and a Christian school, I heard the stories of the Old Testament greats over and over. I had become desensitized to the miracle of conquest of the Promised Land. The story of Ruth made me roll my eyes because, as a woman, I often feel Ruthed/Esthered/ and Proverbs 31ed out. • But just as the Lord redeemed Israel and Ruth, the Lord has redeemed my heart and attitude towards these passages. He has rekindled the awe of the battle of Jericho. He has convicted my heart to my need for earnest prayer that God can and will work on my behalf, even to make the sun stand still as He did for Israel. He has shown me the beauty of His abounding Hesed, as displayed in the story of Ruth. • Friends, the Word of God is living and active. He speaks through passages we have read dozens of times and reveals His truths to us so that we might know Him better. He meets us in our circumstances and His truth is applicable whether we be age 2, 12, 20, or 32 (and beyond). Be encouraged, friend. God deeply desires for you to know Him just as He already intimately knows you. • #bsf #bsfinternational #biblestudyfellowship #hesed #biblestudy #knowgod #readyourbible #wordbeforeworld #thewordofgod #livingandactive #oldtestament #redemption #womenoftheword #christian #christfollower

⭐️FRIDAY INTRODUCTIONS⭐️ • A little different spin on intros today. Hi 👋🏼 I’m Becca. Growing up we had this square coffee table that was solid wood. It was beautiful and I loved sitting at it to draw or write (I always loved to write!) or do my homework. When I was young, I did something to put a bunch of long, slim chips in the wood. It was a brown table and there were now slivers missing on about 1/4 of it on the top. I’m not sure if I had scissors or a sharp toy 🤷🏻‍♀️ but the slivers were a natural color and were quite obvious from the beautiful dark wood. So what did my Little mind decide would be the perfect solution? I took permanent marker and colored in every single sliver. My thought process: the wood grain had black mixed in so now the slivers would blend right in and no one would even notice! 😊 I was SO PROUD that I fixed the table and I promptly ran off to show my mom. • ... • You can imagine her response 🤯. For years I was confused as to why she was so upset over my genius solution. I sat at that table for many more years and as I got older, I did notice that the black spots stuck out but I still though it looked better than the natural interior of the wood. • But now as a parent, I completely understand 🙈 I just had a talk with my two bigs that if they ever saw this kind of marker left on the counter they were not to use it because it would not come off the counter or table or walls! They replied “yes ma’am” and I hope they truly meant it! • Permanent markers- the eternal enemy of mothers everywhere! • Share an “oops!” story from your childhood 😂 • #fridayintroductions #hello #friyay #sharpie #hideallthesharpies #childhoodmemory #kidsruineverything #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings #mypoormother #instablogger #instamama #momlife #momblog #momblogger #coldcoffeeandjesus

My joyful MOMent: taking a much needed sabbath for my body. I tentatively say we have successfully weaned the third baby. I have been pregnant or breastfeeding or both since 2011 with no breaks in between. My body is ready for a rest, yet I also mourn the loss of this season. • Have you ever just kept going and going and going until you burn out? Until you just can’t hang any longer and crash? Maybe you’re knee deep in ministry and you’re doing good work for the Lord, but you are sacrificing fellowship and your daily bread of life to accomplish it. Maybe you are a yes-girl and you pile on the tasks and responsibilities for fear of letting anyone down or leaving God’s work undone. Maybe you are like me and in the trenches of motherhood of littles and your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs get pushed to the back burner while you grow and disciple those in your charge. • And [Jesus] said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. So the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath.” Mark 2:27-28 • Rest is a command. Rest is a blessing. Rest is a gift. Our gracious Creator intimately knows our design and our needs. He designed us to eat and sleep and rest. While He needed no rest from His Creation work, He chose to rest as an example to us- the frail work of His hands. (Genesis 2:1-3) Rest is not a punishment and it is not part of the fall. Rest is a way to refocus our hearts and minds on the Lord so that we can join His work with the proper attitude and aptitude. • Rest, sweet sister. Rest in the loving arms of your Heavenly Father who so richly desires your good for His glory. • If you are a try-hard girl who needs a little encouragement in this area, head on over to my friend @jillemccormick for her words of wisdom. • #rest #sabbath #sabbathrest #restinhim #peacefulparenting #joyfulmamas #joyfulmoment #christian #christianmom #christianblog #christianblogger #motherhood #coldcoffeeandjesus

My joyful MOMent: when the boys take initiative and responsibility all on their own. • I was worried when my oldest learned to tell time. I thought it would be an issue when we said “just a minute” and his literal mind would start counting down the seconds, waiting for the hand on the clock to move. But instead, it has been a way for him to display initiative and responsibility. Now he knows when it’s homework time and he (usually) doesn’t argue. Now he reminds his brother that at 6:15 we do chores. As soon as the clock reads 7:00 he proclaims “it’s bedtime!” and he and his brother bound up the stairs. • The other day we were all preoccupied and I realized it was 7:15. I looked for the boys to have them get ready for bed and found them already in jammies and brushing their teeth. What a blessing to my mama heart! • This is just another example of setting clear boundaries and expectations for your littles. Giving choices is a great way to teach autonomy, but they do not need a choice when the only option is to listen and obey. They need to understand the rules of your home so that as they age you can loosen your hold as they display responsibility. • Don’t worry, my boys are not perfect angels who choose obedience every time. They disobey plenty and have consequences. But in the happy MOMents, we celebrate and thank the Lord for growing their understanding and the discipline of obedience. • #encouragement #happymama #happyheart #brushingteeth #diligence #initiative #obedience #responsibility #trainupachild #discipline #joyfulmoment #coldcoffeeandjesus #christian #christianblogger #christianmom #motherhood #keepon

My joyful MOMent: middle little enthusiastically helping bring in the garbage can from the road. He is eager to help and does so out of a truly loving, servant’s heart. God has blessed him with a spirit of exhortation, but we’ve also tried to foster practical ways for him to use his God-given talents. • Mamas, it is never too early to teach your kids love, kindness, respect, ownership, diligence, or about the truth of God. Even as infants, kids are learning so much just by observation and they pick up on our attitudes and cues to normal behavior. That shapes their expectations of the world and their place in it. Are you displaying the traits you want your children to mimic? Are you encouraging them to act in loving ways or giving them opportunities to join in the work of your family (and the work of God)? Are you showing genuine appreciation when your littles lend a helping hand, even if it makes the task take a little longer? • Use these MOMents to help shepherd the hearts of your littles and to direct them to these traits of their Heavenly Father. Pray with them for the things they want to happen and praise the Lord when He intercedes. Then explain that they too can intercede on behalf of others and help in everyday things, like bringing up the garbage can! There are examples of God and His character all around us! • This has been a big work in progress for me. It seemed so foreign and I felt like I had more time to instill the truths of God in my boys’ hearts. But the more I practiced bringing God into our everyday lives, the easier it became to see Him at work in the boys’ hearts and also my own. #motherhoodissanctifying • Do you have chores for your kids? Do you do allowance? • #diligence #workhard #servantsheart #mamashelper #preschoolchores #happyhearts #raisingdisciples #chores #allowance #discipline #christian #christianmama #christianmotherhood #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged

God has been working in my heart in a big way the past couple years. I used to be consumed with consumerism. I played the comparison game and longed for the day when I could shop at certain stores or furnish my home in a certain way. Every promotion or pay increase was so refreshing so I could obtain more. But there is no pinnacle to reach in that kind of climb. There is no “I’ve made it!” moment, because there is always more to consume and new levels of comparison. • “For we know that if the tent that is our earthly home is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.” 2 Corinthians 5:1 • This verse was in my reading plan last week. It was so fitting to my changed mindset of our home and possessions. Living in tornado alley (OK and TN), moving often with things being damaged or lost, and now residing in Hurricane Lane (NC) I have (mostly) released my grasp on materialism. Our house is just a house and our true home is in heaven. Things can be replaced but souls are of eternal value. Am I spending my time and resources on possessions or on people? • I am very thankful to have a comfortable home that shelters us and protects us, but I know that God has provided our home and ultimately He is our shelter and protection. No matter what the world takes from us, even our very lives, I rest secure in my eternal standing with Christ. • #materialism #consumerism #intheworld #home #house #foyer #welcomehome #hospitality #contentment #heavenisourhome #eternalglory #aliveinchrist #restinhim #savedbygrace #redeemed #christian #christianblog #christianblogger #coldcoffeeandjesus

My Joyful MOMent: my oldest quoting Scripture to speak into a specific situation to his brother. Middle little has been going through a whiny, pushing boundaries phase. I was about to correct his attitude yet again, when J calmly said, “D, we are to do everything without complaining or arguing!” I asked where J heard that (we have a cd that sings that verse) and he said that they say it at school. This is the beauty of raising our boys in the Church community. Having Sunday school teachers, children’s programs leaders, educators, and administrators come alongside us to disciple our boys and direct them to Jesus is such a great blessing in our lives. I am seeing such fruit from all of our labors and praise the Lord for softening the hearts of my boys and speaking to them personally as they grow in their knowledge of Him. • As our family enters a couple strenuous weeks, may we all remember that we are to “Do everything without complaining and arguing, so that no one can criticize you. Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people. Hold firmly to the word of life; then, on the day of Christ’s return, I will be proud that I did not run the race in vain and that my work was not useless.” Philippians 2:14-16 NIV • Replacing a complaint, what is something you can thank God for today? • #raisingdisciples #doeverythingwithoutcomplaining #praisejesus #gratefulhearts #thankfulhearts #trainupachild #scripturememory #philippians #readyourbible #knowgod #christian #christianmom #christianliving #christianblog #boymom #brothers #leadbyexample

It’s hard to see here, but that tank is empty. Some mornings I try to do future-Becca a favor and fill it up so when I need that afternoon cup I can just set, press, and sip. Other mornings I walk right on past and future-Becca has the tedious task of refilling the tank herself, which feels much more burdensome when in desperate need of refreshment. • This is the truth of daily devotions. Truly, we need the gospel each and every day to see us through because in our own strength we can do nothing of eternal value. But the JOY of the Lord is our strength! Some days (very few and far between) We might feel like we are on the mountaintops and life has been smooth sailing. We might be tempted to skip our quiet time with the Lord that day. But if we saturate ourselves in Scripture every day, then when we hit those valleys the Spirit calls to mind what we have read and we can more readily rest in God’s truth when all else crumbles. • So do your future-self a favor and get in the Word! Do you current-self a favor and get in the Word! The Word is living and active and it can and will speak to you right where you are and to your specific situation. • Bonus tip: every morning I style my son’s hair here. It is on the way to the door so after everyone is fed, dressed, and cleaned up we stop here to add a bit of gel or spray before hopping in the car. I keep his Sunday School “Family Fridge Fun” sheet here so we can discuss the lesson he learned that week. You can also keep memory verses in an easy to see spot for your kiddos (and you!). This is a practical way to disciple your kids and to turn all of your hearts and eyes towards Jesus. • #fillupmycup #thejoyofthelordismystrength #dailydevotions #readyourbible #quiettime #scripture #mountainsandvalleys #christian #christianmom #christianliving #joyfulheart #raisingdisciples #christianblogger #christianwomen

#waybackwednesday ... not so far back though, to this summer when we were living our best life! Pool days, apple slices, and long naps. • But as the seasons change we can reflect on the new growth we see in our family’s lives. The interest in socialization in the oldest. The hard lessons that are bearing fruit little by little in the middle. The language development for the youngest. The time management for Mama. Nearing the end of the long, long military school for Daddy. • So while we miss the simplicity and easy going nature of summer, we appreciate all that fall has brought. We praise the Lord for the sin areas in our lives that are dying and we cultivate the new growth and we rest in His unchanging nature. • What is your LEAST favorite season? Even though our summer was relaxing, it still remains my least favorite! Too hot, too humid, too many bugs! • #dailygrowth #dailyliving #walkwithgod #weedseedfeed #christian #christianliving #christianmom #discipling #raisingdisciples #christianblogger #christianblog #praisethelord #deadtosin #aliveinchrist #summerdays

My Joyful MOMent: three brothers happily bouncing together in the slightly cooler weather. Military life may uproot us from family and friends, but at least they will always have each other! • #saturday #trampoline #happyfall #boymom #brothers #brotherfriends #momlife #momblog #momblogger #instamama #armylife #armyfamily #coldcoffeeandjesus #itstheweekend #happyfamily