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My Joyful MOMent: getting my house back in order after the storm. Work is a blessing from the Lord and not part of the curse of sin. “The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” Genesis 2:15. The opportunity to work and care for my family is a great gift from the Lord. • Last week the wind and the rain knocked out our power. It was dark from the storm clouds, but it also brought a certain sense of peace and calm. I knew that being cooped up at home, eating nonperishables goods, with no AC, and no screens could make for an irritable family. So I knew it was extra important to stay in the Word and to be refreshed by the Spirit of the Lord. He is our Light in the darkness and in Him we had our hope and endurance. • So today, I am thankful for everything we did not have a few days ago. I am thankful for the opportunity to thoroughly clean out our fridge and garage and wash all the containers that could possibly hold water. I take joy in this work from the Lord. I hope that my boys learn to appreciate work and to see it as a blessing and not a curse. • #work #workforthelord #ineverythinggivethanks #joyfulmoment #jesusisthelightoftheworld #wordbeforeworld #readyourbible #cleaninghouse #peace #hurricaneflorence #hurricane #boymom #raisingboys #momlife #blessed

Hello world! Hurricane Florence has come and gone and our power has been restored after 3.5 days. Thank you for your prayers- they truly helped keep us safe, sane, and secure. Neighbors have extensive damage to their roofs and interiors due to leaking. Several in our city were under mandatory evacuations due to flooding and are still unable to return home. Please continue to pray for restoration efforts, especially for the coast and those now rendered homeless, and for those who have lost loved ones. May the glory and goodness of the Lord continue to shine in this dark time as His servants step forward with open hearts, hands, and homes. • #hurricaneflorence #nc #praisethelord #praiseyouinthisstorm #togodbetheglory

It may get a little quiet around here this next week. We’re in NC and planning to try to ride out the storm. We could be without power for awhile, so we’ll be very frugal with our electronics battery lives. Please keep all of us in your prayers, especially those from the coast who have already had to evacuate. • Today I am so very thankful for our first responders who so intimately remember the events of 9/11 and for our service members who are actively working to stop that kind of tragedy from happening. I am also so very thankful for an abundance of clean water to drink and wash. • #hurricaneflorence #hurricaneprep #hurricanelane #neverforget #water

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious when storms arise. Both literal and figurative storms wreak havoc on our emotions and we can easily feel overcome and hopeless. • But God! • Read on the blog my thoughts on storm season this year (with a link at the bottom for my post around this same time last year). The Lord has been so gracious to calm my heart and flood my mind with His truths. His truth casts out all fear. • When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. Psalm 56:3 • #linkinbio #hurricaneflorence #hurricaneseason #hurricane #nc #peace #calmthestorm #breadoflife #livingwater #peacethatpassesallunderstanding #faithinjesus #nomorefear #perfectlovecastsoutfear #walkbyfaith #praiseyouinthisstorm

If you saw my live, you saw that I mowed the lawn for the first time today! I wanted to give my husband the gift of time this weekend so he could spend more of it with our boys and less doing chores. • I mowed a lot of good, healthy grass; but I mowed a whole lot more weeds. Weeds are resilient, grow quickly, and multiply. Often the weeds seem to blend right in because they are green and seem friendly enough- they are pretty close to the grass plant so what harm could they cause? • It is important to weed out your yard, but it is more important to weed out your life. Spiritual weeds often appear as lies we tell ourselves. “Your words don’t matter. You will never be enough. You don’t have time to serve. You are the most important. You are embarrassing God.” As moms, we may fall prey to lies about our children. “He should be walking by now. He should know his colors by now. He isn’t smart enough. He isn’t athletic enough.” These weeds blow through our thoughts and infiltrate our minds. • We must pull out the weeds of our minds before they take root and infect our lives. We must saturate ourselves with God’s Word which waters our souls and nourishes our spirits. We are tempted to believe the lies spoken over our hearts, but that is why it is so important to hide God’s truth in your heart so that we can easily turn away from untruth. • Ironically, today my middle little asked to watch VeggieTales: Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed. When God is teaching my heart a lesson He sure drives it home from every direction! • Weed out your life! Be fertile soil that bears fruit and yields a multitude for Christ (Matt. 13:23). • #weeding #healthysoil #fertilesoil #lies #spiritualwarfare #livingwater #wordoftruth #befruitful #fruitfulliving #christian #christianmom #scripture #womenoftheword #wordbeforeworld #knowgod #larryboy #rumorweed #rootedinlove #rootedintruth

It has been busy busy busy the past two days. The kind of days where there just isn’t time to fully recharge and refill. I can grab little sips to quench my thirst, but sometimes you just gotta stop at 10:30 pm and drink deeply. • Praise the Lord that He is the living water that restores my soul. Praise the Lord that His Word is living and active and applicable to every single moment of every day. Praise the Lord that He meets me where I’m at and provides everything I need. • #readyourbible #dailydevotion #livingwater #restoremysoul #spiritleadme #acts #followjesus #fillmycup #christian #christianmom #scripture #womenoftheword #wordbeforeworld

My Joyful MOMent: the boys choosing to all ride together because life is meant to be enjoyed with others- especially brothers. I hope they always look out for each other and want to be best friends. • Not my joyful MOMent: the kids tag teaming waking up last night. They thought it was morning... at midnight, 3 am, and 4 am. Naturally, they did this on the night before I had a very busy day and when I actually made the good choice to go to bed early so I would be extra refreshed in the morning. • I usually need to drink my morning cup of coffee before I can respond to people pleasantly. After last night, I might have told the boys I needed some space because “you kept waking up, which means I had to wake up, which means I didn’t get to sleep, which means I’m extra crabby.” I did have the self awareness to throw in an extra goofy face at the end so they thought I was joking and laughed it off. But oh man, did I need a little more peace and quiet to get ready this morning. • But in our weakness, He is proven strong. His strength is perfect for any and every situation and I can do all things through Him. The JOY of the Lord was my strength today. • So I ran around town, did school pickups, organized and prepared, and made it to every scheduled activity. But I was able to do so with a joyful heart and I did not feel overly tired or exhausted. I wasn’t counting down the minutes until bedtime. Because God gave me His strength to make it through today and through the busy and through the work. • So today, I praise God for my poor night of sleep so that He had the opportunity to remind me that alone I can do so little but with Him I can do so much. And I pray that I learned my lesson so I get a much more restful night of sleep tonight. • #hisstrengthisperfect #icandoallthingsthroughchrist #joyofthelord #sustainer #christian #christianmom #servegod #boymom #brothers #threebrothers #brotherlylove #together #bestfriends #momblogger #momblog

We have been in school for three weeks. It has already been such a year of growth for my boys and I am so thankful for the schooling option we have. But sending my babies outside the home can be terrifying. Illness, accident, emotional turmoil, and even school-wide threats (which we maneuvered through last year) threaten our babies and provides ample opportunity for me to pray. So as we cross the crosswalk, I will pray. As my boys sit in their desks, I will pray. As they do their homework after school, I will pray. As they pack up their backpacks for the following day, I will pray. • Read about how we made our schooling decision on the blog! #linkinbio#school #education #christianschool #faithandfinances #walkworthy #christian #christianmom #praywithoutceasing #prayer #prayeveryday #raisingdisciples

WE LOVE LONG WEEKENDS! Long weekends mean extra time with Daddy and we ALL feel the benefit. Long weekends mean a time of rest and togetherness. • But sometimes as moms we feel that mom-guilt creep in when we are given the gift of rest. We wonder if there isn’t more we could be doing. We know there is always something that needs cleaning or additional chores that need to be done. Instead of finding rest, we waste our precious time by worrying about our productivity and about being mom-enough. • But God commands us to rest. He provides periods of rest because He knows our limitations and our burdens. He created Sabbaths to restore our weak bodies so we are better able to serve. So there is no guilt in times of rest. There is no guilt in treasuring extra time with your family. There is no guilt in taking a day off, because this is obedience to God and an act of worship. • Do not mistake rest for laziness. But do not get caught up in the worldly race of busy-ness. Make time to rest and praise the Lord for His goodness in providing times of recovery and restoration. • I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day and ceasing worldly work so you can more productively join in the Lord’s work this week. • #laborday #donsa #takeabreak #findrest #rest #sabbath #longweekend #holidayweekend #worship #servegod #christian #christianmom #christianblog #christianblogger #christianliving

“If [a call] is from God, it will merge with the other calls that you have.” - @hannah_._anderson , author of “Humble Roots: How Humility Grounds and Nourishes Your Soul”. Quote from her interview on the @risenmotherhood podcast. • I have had the book “Humble Roots” on my kindle for months now and will definitely be reading it next (when I finish the two kindle books I’m currently reading plus two hard copy books 🤓) after listening to her interview with Risen Motherhood (super old episode, I’m playing major catch up!). • How true is this quote? If you already have ministry commitments or familial commitments and you think God might be calling you in an opposing direction or if adding another call to your plate will create a chaotic life... then maybe you need to spend a little more time in prayer to see if the desires of your heart are aligned with God. God’s design never leads to chaos, but order. • In recent years, I have felt clear guidance from the Lord in which ministry opportunities to enter into and which were a “not now” option. There have been times when I worried about logistics or getting too busy or protecting our family schedule, but guess what? God more than provided every single time. He provided childcare when needed. He provided good nights of sleep when needed. He had Bible study passages apply directly to personal struggles the very same week. Where He calls- He equips. Where He guides- He provides. • So listen for God’s call in your life and be excited to see how He works when things just don’t add up or don’t fit together. Because He is a God of order and His ways are so much higher than our own. • #christian #christianmom #servantsheart #ministry #womensministry #childrensministry #humility #humbleroots #risenmotherhood #followjesus #readeveryday #kindle #kindlebooks

As much as I would love slow mornings, getting 4 humans up, fed, and ready for the day doesn’t usually equal slow. Our mornings are hustle and bustle but we’re getting in a rhythm. • One thing I’ve tried to be intentional about is utilizing small pockets of time to pray. I have begun taping Scripture in everyday places to remind me to praise the Lord as I work. • On my mirror is “O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch.” Psalm 5:3. So the minutes spent doing something of no eternal significance are redeemed by praying over the day and praising the Lord for His goodness is waking us all up. • Verses above my stove, taped to my vacuum, inside the cleaning closet, and in the bathroom are simple ways to redirect my focus and make the most of my time. • Where and when is your favorite time to pray? Do you have a long commute you can spend in prayer? Do you have nursing sessions that seem never ending that can be offerings to the Lord? • #prayer #psalms #prayeveryday #redemption #everydaymoments #praisehim #ineverythinggivethanks #rejoiceinthelord #livingsacrifice #christian #christianmom #christianliving #schoolmornings #routine

There is great beauty in the mundane. So as I spread jelly on yet another sandwich, may I do even this task as unto the Lord. May I serve Him as a I serve my children. May I not underestimate the eternal significance in the daily SAHM grind. May I rest in my purpose and my call to motherhood and not waste any opportunity to point my babies to Jesus. • And praise the Lord I am beginning to see the fruits of my labor. Their little souls are sensitive to Jesus and He is working in their little lives. • #beautyinthemundane #sahm #pbandj #goldfish #lunchtime #preschoollunch #everydaymom #dailymom #servegod #serveothers #christian #christianmom #motherhood #risenmotherhood

We have had a CRAZY rain season this spring. I would weed our landscaping, but never put down new pine straw. I am learning that I really know nothing (literally zero) about plants, gardening, pruning, watering, fertilizing, or growing vegetation. With all the rain, I have no idea how our front bushes died; but die they did and I have no idea how to restore them! (Tips anyone?) • This got me thinking about how many young and seasoned Christians alike do not know how to truly study God’s Word. They do not know the weeding, seeding, and feeding process that is so important to a healthy, growing spiritual life. So many Christians I encounter do devotions sporadically and usually out of some devotional guide or book. Generally their Bible is left unopened and they are trying to fill their cup with the juice of Christian leaders, but are missing the living waters provided from God. • I love reading devotional books or books on Christian living. They complement my learning and help me gain perspective on gospel truth in this modern age. But they cannot ever be a replacement for the Word of God. By reading His Words I am learning more about who He is. By learning about who He is I am learning more about what I am not. By learning more about what I am not I am learning more about how great the love and sacrifice of Jesus is for me. • I recommend “Women of the Word” by @jenwilkin to all women, no matter the stage of Christian growth. She outlines he importance of Scripture reading and gives questions to ask as you read to further your understanding of the text. This allows you to meditate on the Scripture and leaves room for the Spirit to speak to your heart. • So though my bushes may be dead and dried up and barren, I can drink daily of the living water from my Lord to nourish my soul and prune my life. • #womenoftheword #readyourbible #dailydevotions #weedseedfeed #livingwater #fillmycup #christian #christianmom #christianblog #christianliving

My Joyful MOMent: middle little asking so nicely to do some scissor work (which has been his fave recently) and me saying no to self and yes to his eager little self. It took me all of 5 minutes to get out our scissor book and to ready a few pages and their matching cut out sheets. He sat happily and did four sheets while I got ready for the day. • I am not a morning person. Until my first cup of coffee is gone, it is inadvisable to talk to me. But three little boys don’t understand that. So normally in the morning I am grumpy and just say no to getting out scissor work. Then I am pelted with questions and stories and requests while I attempt to get ready and am slowly drinking my coffee. It crushes my mood and makes for an irritable start to the day. But what if I just slow down and say yes and get out the worksheets? • Happy child. Happy mama. Peaceful morning. • It is a true joy to serve my boys. So often I miss such great opportunities because I just don’t want to be bothered with going all the way over to the art cupboard to get out the craft materials. But when I let go of self and let Jesus direct my heart, then I have no choice but to serve my babies, even in the smallest ways. What a great privilege. • #servantsheart #servegod #serveothers #aliveinchrist #scissorwork #preschoolart #boymom #nocoffeenotalkie #joyfulmoment #joyfulmamas #joyfulheart #christian #christianmom #christianblog #christianliving

I have a mid-afternoon slump. Usually I start feeling tired (read: crabby) and I just want to have some alone time. Unfortunately, this is right around school pickup so I have three rambunctious boys who desperately need attention and to let our their crazies from a full day of sitting still. I knew I needed to curb my natural inclination towards retreating and relaxing (because that wouldn’t be happening anyways). So I decided instead to retreat into the Word of God. • When we get home, the boys get a snack and I digest a little nugget of Scripture. I read a Psalm or two to refresh my mind and recharge my spiritual batteries. Then I am ready to tackle an afternoon of superhero battles and action packed adventures. We do not use iPads after school (a weekend privilege), so that means lots of energetic play and creative imaginings between pickup time and bedtime. Just the way little boys should be spending their time. • I needed to get on board and this has been the perfect afternoon reset of my mind and heart. Are you like me and have an afternoon cup of coffee to recharge? Any other after school traditions (for fun or sanity)? • #psalms #afternoonpickmeup #afterschoolsnack #recharge #rechargeyoursoul #refreshed #renewedmind #superhero #boymom #boymomlife #momlife #momblog #momblogger #christian #christianmom #christianblog #christianliving

“I started out the summer wanting to be a fun mom, an educationally minded mom, and to make the absolute most of the break. We didn’t take any vacations, so I planned a mix of fun learning experiences, field trips, and a summer live list to occupy our time. Summer has come and gone and here are a few of thoughts on homeschooling from a non-homeschool mom...” • New post on the blog! #linkinbio • Also, here was our super simple, fun #summerlivelist inspired by @kellyejensen • #summer #homeschooling #livelist #boymom #momlife #brothers #summerschool #learn #simplesummer #backtoschool #momblog #momblogger

My Joyful MOMent: my oldest reading from our devotional book to his brothers while I finish painting my face. I have so enjoyed giving my oldest more responsibilities and watching him grow and develop. • It can be so tempting to micromanage my boys. I want to lay out their clothes and make sure their homework is 100% perfect and get them involved in every activity available for their ages. But then how will they learn independence and autonomy? • So I release control a little and allow them to make their own choices and allow natural consequences as learning experiences. Because now is the time for failure, in the safe environment of the home with me watching from the sidelines to encourage and relieve when necessary. • Are you struggling to relinquish control over your littles? Or are you ready and willing to let them test their wings? • #morningdevotions #wordbeforeworld #kidsintheword #indescribable #letthelittlechildrencome #christian #christianmom #boymom #schooldays #brothers #goodmorning #givemejesus #teachingresponsibility #responsiblekids

I am playing catch up after some technical difficulties last week. So extra blog posts this week! • First, part two of some realizations I have had about my physical limitations and how that is no excuse for sinful behavior. As a mom of young kids, I am tired. Always tired. But is that an excuse for a bad attitude? Read more on the blog! #linkinbio#sleep #bedtime #guestroom #boymom #momlife #tiredmama #sosleepy #noexcuses #christian #christianmom #christianblog #christfollower #christianliving #gracegirls #momblog #momblogger #instamama