Photo by @cristinamittermeier // I had always wanted to see one of these Pygmy owls but they are too hard to find. When they are full grown they barely reach 5 inches in height and they are nocturnal, so it is almost impossible to spot them in the canopy of the rainforest. I was both delighted and sad to find one living as a pet with this Kayapo family in the village of Kendjam. I later learned that this girl had found it injured and had nursed it back to health To see more images from remote corners of the world #follow me at @cristinamittermeier #nature #love #beauty #brasil #amazonas #women #kayapo #culture #indian #bird #owl #buho #lechuza
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2018-03-18 07:34:23

@cristinamittermeier we have a family of Pygmy owls living around us but unfortunately one past away

2018-02-22 22:18:09

@amazink__tattoo 😘

Rossana Perez
2018-02-22 04:00:37


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@chrissa1336 — Pygmy owl!! 😍

2018-02-18 06:49:58

Loove it 😍

Alicia Garcia
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This photography is like (out of the world)

Liv M
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@mhanifprtm pal elsa pall

Neeru Verma
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2018-02-14 15:45:11

Wuao hermoso