Photo by @gabrielegalimbertiphoto - GRANDMAS ALWAYS KNOW HOW TO COOK - Suggestion for a spicy recipe /// Grace, 82 years old - Mumbai, India - Grace was born in Goa, in the south of India, 82 years ago and she grew up there, in between the sea and the jungle. However, she has lived her last 10 years in a new building made of concrete and glass in the northern quarter of Mumbai, with the family of one of her two sons. She is of Portuguese origin and as a result her cooking has got that same influence. Some years ago, for the first time in her life, she left India with her younger son to visit Lisbon. “It was a long journey, I didn’t like sitting on a plane for so long. But I was lucky and more than happy to see the city where my parents had been born. I had always thought it as similar to Goa, but, in fact, it wasn’t”. /// Chicken vindaloo /// Ingredients for 6 people: one boneless and chunked chicken - two red onions - 10 dried red chillies and two fresh green ones - two sticks of cinnamon - 10 cloves of garlic - a piece of ginger - ground cumin, 10 cloves and 10 grains of black pepper - one spoon of turmeric, one of tamarind paste and one of sugar - vegetable fat /// Typical of the Indian cooking, chicken vindaloo is a hot dish, which was originally introduced to Goa by the Portuguese. Often served in special occasions, this dish is traditionally prepared with pork, but I am sure you will be fully satisfied by this version with chicken. The first thing to prepare is the masala sauce. It is very easy to make: put all the ingredients, apart from the chicken and the vegetable fat, in the blender until you get a red smooth paste; then, add a glass of water and blend again. The masala sauce is already made! Extremely easy, isn’t it? Now, in a large pan fry some vegetable fats with an onion, chopped in small pieces. Heat the onion until it becomes golden and then add the masala sauce. When everything is hot enough, add the chunks of chicken. Cook for about 25 minutes and your dish is ready! #india #food #spicy #recipe #grandmother #cook #mumbai #vindaloo #chicken
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