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Worst laugh in history

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Que así sea...

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(Swipe left for graphic images of roundups.) There are over 50,000 wild mustangs in holding facilities in the United States. There are less than 45,000 in the wild. Rapid population growth of herds of wild mustangs has resulted in ranchers' complaining that the animals consume forage and water needed for cattle. The meat industry strikes again! This is just another reason to go vegan. The Trump administration has proposed a $10 million reduction to the government’s wild horse management program, a cut that advocates fear will place the horses in jeopardy of mass slaughter and euthanasia. There will no longer be laws protecting them from such a horrendous fate. A few weeks ago, I mentioned rescuing a three strike horse from the holding pens. A three strike horse is one who ran through adoption programs three times and didn't get adopted due to being "ugly" or not flashy enough. These horses will be the first to die under the new proposed plan for wild mustangs. I narrowed it down to two horses - thanks to our patrons on Patreon (link in @hispees bio) - but was having a really hard time choosing one. Our patrons were also torn and it was very emotional for all of them to have to decide. Gentling a wild mustang is a very demanding task and there is absolutely no way I could do more than one within a year's time. After brainstorming and speaking to some local mustang advocates, the suggestion was made to rescue both, send one to another trainer and then adopt her out. Everyone agreed that this was a great option. The adoption application for this girl will be very strict. The only problem? It will cost $1,500 to transport one here, one to the other trainer - and have her trained for 100 days. These horses are FERAL. WILD. UNTOUCHED. For their safety during vet and farrier visits, it is so important to teach them how to be handled by humans. What do you guys think? If we raise the $1,500, we will save both. If not, only one will leave the holding facility in Ewing, IL. Which one do you want to see me train?! TO DONATE TOWARD THIS MISSION, PAYPAL or visit 🖤 I will keep you all posted and let you know once they are both safe.

. ‏مسكينه حزنتني هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه . . ✔متجر وقت الهدايا للساعات✔ ساعات فخمه جدا وماركات عالميه وضمان لمدة سنه واسعار جدا جدا رخيصه سنابهم azooz500013 حسابهم بالانستقرام👇 @matjr___ab @matjr___ab . 70k? Follow👉 @kk4c .

-| Sabahlar xeyir 😍 . #heyatinicinden® #həyatıniçindən® ⚜️ @heyatin.icinden ⚜️


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Sore throat. Inflamed back muscle. Sore eye. My body is saying I can't do this anymore. I'm pleading with is as I make my way to @idolssa finale to pls carry me this one time. Tonight is very special. And I also refuse to let anything or anyone to steal my joy today. Not today Satan

Өткөн чакты жүк кылып өзүн менен алып жүрбө, учур чак менен жашап көн...😄#ЭсАлууКун#СоонунОтсун#СагынычтууСаламАйтам😘КоптонБериЖоголдумБелгилууСебептерденУлам😉😆 p.s. @nazirabaktybekova тойунда тушкон сурот✌

Chora boy 💥🔥

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happy weekend y’all ✨✨

#love #kbmood via @kseniiaburda

표정 심통났노 ㅋㅋ 한술 원래 나이 19짤 ^.^~~~~~

قال رجال قال😷


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وضعي بالاسبوع ذا. - #اكسبلور ؟؟ #لايك و #فولو الله يرزقك الجنة: [ @od3j ] .

Miles ahead..

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for all my people who really out here ❤️

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Issssaaa Challenge 😁🔥‼️ Use the hashtag ( #nukelittestchallenge ) & be sure to tag me @only1.nuke 😍♥️ duh 🤪 ; kodak black by sz212131 Take offf and make this go crazyyy 🤡🔥 reposting all !

Работа мастера @tatsiana_gudymova г. Минск

#xenna #dragaogoiana 🐉🔥

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Xhirimet 2018 @vizionilibonia 👌


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الله يلطف بنا وشذا الجمال 🤤♥️ حساب كمال @1pi6 🔥

Gununuz aydin😀😃😁😆😄 @zehra_zehra2014 💋💋💋