We have more than just beer. Come try some of our amazing cocktails like this one from @thebeachwhiskey! #eastnashville #predsapproved #sportsbar #cocktails #beachwhiskey #nashville #familyrestaurant
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Warning: Long caption ahead I want to empower everyone with curly hair to feel proud of what God gave them and what better way is there than to start on someone I love so much, my cousin Nicole! She struggles at times to love her curls like I did at her age and is always falt ironing her hair, soooo to help her feel beautiful with her curly hair and put that iron down, I decided to film this amazing Deep condition & styling routine and look.... at those results!!! I used the @tropikalbliss Marshmallow repair mask for deep conditioning The banana leave in smoothie & pineapple hair milk for styling And finished with the grapefruit watermelon hair oil (so many good smells) These products worked perfectly with her 3c - 4a type curls I hope you all enjoy this video because its close to my heart so please share the love!! ❤️ #curlyhair #curlyhairroutine #curlyvideos #curlqueen @curly_natural_hair @curly.pearls @curlyperfectly @ig.curls @curlyheadedqueens @thenaturalslife @naturalchixs

... fim de tarde por aí... com minha borboleta maraaaaaaa ✨✨✨😲😲😲😲 #wynwood #soraiacamargo

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