Who else is ready for the weekend to get some brunch? Brunch: Saturday’s & Sunday’s 10:30am-3! Preds game tonight! Steak night starting at 5! #brunch #steaknight #weekend #finallyfriday #beerhall #bloodymary #eastnashville #familyrestaurant #sportsbar #predsapproved #smashville
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Süphanallah...! #photooftheday #likeforlike #instalike #urfa #bebek #mucize


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Healthy Carbs To Eat 😋 ⠀ The word “healthy” is a strong word thrown around in the fitness space... ⠀ And the reality is, who really knows what the ideal, healthy diet is? 🤔 ⠀ Although, my take on a “healthy” diet is one that is full of foods that work with your body... ⠀ Foods that support energy, losing fat and building muscle easily, sleep, focus, youthful skin, well being, and everything in between 🙃 ⠀ ⠀ Carbs play a big part in that 💯 ⠀ Especially sugar! Whether you’re supplying your body with enough sugar or not ... your cells are still running on it. The lack of creates a stress on the body because it still has to covert tissue proteins into sugars 😅 ⠀ I do feel all carbs are not equal, because I agree, I don’t think heavily processed sugars and carbs are too hot for anyone 🙅🏻‍♂️ ⠀ ⠀ Along with preservatives, artificial stuff, dyes, emulsifiers like soy lecithin, gum additives and carrageenan, processed fats, etc... ⠀ The majority of carbs in my diet (in no particular order and without the nasties above) consist of: ⠀ Cane Sugar Honey Fruit Potatoes Grains of Heirloom Wheat Vegetables ⠀ ⠀ And on occasion, I still have my pizza 😋 I also do rice and pasta (I make sure to get brands that aren’t fortified with iron) but I don’t eat any whole grains... ⠀ If I’m having bread, I make sure it’s made of heirloom wheat so it’s sprouted properly... ⠀ And you best believe it’s getting lathered in grass-fed butter 😌🙏 ⠀ I mess around with cane sugar if I’m going to sweeten something, say a protein shake or tea, but mainly I make sure to eat desserts made with cane sugar, like my ice cream and chocolate 😏 ⠀ Same deal with honey, or it’s drizzled over my fruit and/or ice cream🤗 ⠀ By having the above listed as my carb diet staples, I’ve been feeling good on the inside and out 📶 ⠀ Hope something here helps you out as well… ⠀ Cheers! ✌️ ⠀