Crawfish Boil starts at 4pm! Come join us for it and the Preds game! It’s not raining inside the Beer Hall! #crawfishboil #predswatchparty #smashville #beerhall #brunch #eastnashville #sportsbar
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*Appreciation post* My grandpa lost his battle to cancer the day I left Kansas City on Sunday. I wasn’t able to say goodbye or see him before it happened. I was going to come back this weekend and spend it with him in the hospital. We were all under the impression he had more time and in general I was afraid to see him so sick when he had always been such a strong person with the loudest laugh in the room. The battle was short but full of pain for him and I’m happy he’s free of that. It’s been a hard few days and a hard year for my family. We’ve lost both great grandmas, an uncle, and now my grandpa. Danny has been such a blessing through this. Never leaving my side. Forcing me out of the house on adventures to keep my mind busy. Letting me breakdown and ugly cry in the airport last Sunday when I got the news and everyday since. Letting me be angry at myself and the world but holding me the whole time and reassuring me. Extra hugs and kisses. Helping me buy an outfit appropriate for a funeral and not letting me give up even though i wanted to just go home. And then taking me to Orlando for two days. Yesterday he took me to universal because he loves how much I laugh and giggle on the rides. Never in my life has someone outside of my family been so dedicated to keeping a smile on my face. I’ve never felt unappreciated with him and I’ve always felt and known how much he loves me. I’ve never felt more loved. I could not have met a better man.

Amateur photographers on duty 😂 . ————————————— Photo credit to 👉🏼@tashebube ————————————— . ————————————— Follow us 👉🏼 @joysafaribay ————————————— . ————————————— #joysafaribay #wildlifephotographer #wild #africa #wildlifephotography #nature #wildlife #animals #mothernature #travel #tour #tourism #photooftheday #safari #kenya #tanzania #southafrica #masaimara #serengeti #kruger #animallovers #naturephoto #natureshots #animal #instagram #naturephotography #africawildlife #natgeo #naturelovers ————————————— . ————————————— COMMENTING on this page is limited to people who follow this account. If you'd like to comment please Follow us 👉🏼 @joysafaribay —————————————‬

15 senelik arkadaşla işte güçte karşılaşır olmak @canlakay 😕 Çok zalimsin be zaman, daha dün beraber sivilce patlatıyorduk 🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏼‍♂️

No se diga más, con este plan ahora si me regreso. #Javierhalamadrid #PapiHacemeElDosAhi #CubriLasPocetasQueMeTocan

fotoğrafın adı: “seninle böyle olabilirdik..” 📸: @ipekmarmara

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What up chef Kelly?