Evening snack(s): I had a lot of calories left for the day, so I decided to have 2 snacks I've never tried before to clear up some cabinet and freezer space. First up was the NS golden sponge cake. It was okay; it had a similar taste and texture to the cake part of a Twinkie. But it was quite dense and it had that NS "bread" after taste. I'm not sure if I'd order it again; I think you really need to pair it with something, like fruit. The ice cream was pretty good. I thought the actual ice cream was nice and chocolatey. I actually would have been fine without the brownie pieces, which is probably why the calorie count is so high for such a small amount of ice cream (I mean, Halo Top is high 300s for a whole pint on average, and this was 190 for a tiny scoop!). The brownie didn't taste strongly of brownie, so it didn't add much to the taste. #nutrisystem #weightlossjourney #weightloss #snack #cake #icecream
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can’t wait to try these babies out😈 thank you @norvina @anastasiabeverlyhills 🙏🏼💜!!!

آنچه مرا نکُشد، نیرومندترم می‌سازد؛ این را در مدرسهٔ جَنگِ زندگی آموخته‌ام #نیچه #حضرت_ترکمن

@fashionnovacurve 💸💰 I just want the dinero💵 #novababe #fashionnova #curvyfit #influencer #curvyfashion #fashionnovacurve #money #dinero #curvyfashion #thickwomen

Leaving London with loads of amazing memories. I shall be back soon, Londres! 🇬🇧 📸: @shwetafilms

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2018-01-28 11:12:31

@nutrisystem_journey nope, haven’t tried that one yet!

@sdsalyer Oh no, really? That's so gross!!! They probably have a bunch of preservatives in them; I can't imagine how it molded. 😝 I haven't tried the fudge bar, but I need to. Did you try the orange creamsicle? That's still sitting in my fridge, too.

2018-01-27 20:58:30

Those little cups of ice cream make me mad! So little for so many calories. Never getting those again. I much prefer the ice cream sandwich and fudge bars! As for the sponge cake, the first one I opened was completely molded and turned me off to them forever! 😝