Evening snack(s): I had a lot of calories left for the day, so I decided to have 2 snacks I've never tried before to clear up some cabinet and freezer space. First up was the NS golden sponge cake. It was okay; it had a similar taste and texture to the cake part of a Twinkie. But it was quite dense and it had that NS "bread" after taste. I'm not sure if I'd order it again; I think you really need to pair it with something, like fruit. The ice cream was pretty good. I thought the actual ice cream was nice and chocolatey. I actually would have been fine without the brownie pieces, which is probably why the calorie count is so high for such a small amount of ice cream (I mean, Halo Top is high 300s for a whole pint on average, and this was 190 for a tiny scoop!). The brownie didn't taste strongly of brownie, so it didn't add much to the taste. #nutrisystem #weightlossjourney #weightloss #snack #cake #icecream
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20 Days 8 Hours Ago

@nutrisystem_journey nope, haven’t tried that one yet!

@sdsalyer Oh no, really? That's so gross!!! They probably have a bunch of preservatives in them; I can't imagine how it molded. 😝 I haven't tried the fudge bar, but I need to. Did you try the orange creamsicle? That's still sitting in my fridge, too.

20 Days 22 Hours Ago

Those little cups of ice cream make me mad! So little for so many calories. Never getting those again. I much prefer the ice cream sandwich and fudge bars! As for the sponge cake, the first one I opened was completely molded and turned me off to them forever! 😝