Evening snack(s): I had a lot of calories left for the day, so I decided to have 2 snacks I've never tried before to clear up some cabinet and freezer space. First up was the NS golden sponge cake. It was okay; it had a similar taste and texture to the cake part of a Twinkie. But it was quite dense and it had that NS "bread" after taste. I'm not sure if I'd order it again; I think you really need to pair it with something, like fruit. The ice cream was pretty good. I thought the actual ice cream was nice and chocolatey. I actually would have been fine without the brownie pieces, which is probably why the calorie count is so high for such a small amount of ice cream (I mean, Halo Top is high 300s for a whole pint on average, and this was 190 for a tiny scoop!). The brownie didn't taste strongly of brownie, so it didn't add much to the taste. #nutrisystem #weightlossjourney #weightloss #snack #cake #icecream
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