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🐟🐟🐟 White bait in da house

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How good is this image from @thefishgirl Wild Caviar or Scampi Roe is unique as the eggs are kept on the outside of the animal unlike other eggs that are kept inside the animal.  Hence you get a natural ocean sea flavour in the scampi caviar. From the waters off the Western Australian Coast, near Port Headland, Wild Caviar or Scampi Roe is hand harvested at a depth of 450m. That beautiful blue colour is all natural and the moment it is packaged it has a shelf life of 10 weeks. Extraordinary colour you can see - an amazing texture and flavour you must taste. The season for scampi caviar is November until March. Order some now or visit our shop.

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🐟 Catch of the Day Chef Carla from @Heartattack and Vine with a beautiful Tassie salmon for their tasty Poached Salmon Brioche.

Chinese food Braised Dongpo Pork #chineseculture #Dongpo Pork #chinese food

🐟 RG: @bistro_guillaume_melbourne Amazing Ike-Jime Spiked Red Bream from the boys #oceanmadeseafood today. Served raw with smoked oyster cream, caviar, pickled grapes and samphire.

🐟 Beautiful little Gurnard or Latchet from South Australia shot by @stuartmcveigh from @saintcrispin 🙌

🦐 RG: @yonge_kim at Kiyomi at The Star on the Gold Coast: Amazing U4 Cape Moreton Scarlet Prawns

Get comfortable cooking a whole fish. This month Charlie Snaddon- Wilson head chef of Ramblr, shows us a quick and easy recipe, that can be cooked over coals or on the BBQ. Perfect for the weekend #eatmoreseafood #loveseafood #oceanmadecfood #rainbowtrout #xosauce #simplerecipes #seafoodrecipes https://www.oceanmade.com.au/recipes/ocean-made-chef-february-2019/

🦑 Calamari Never call calamari squid! Squid is a lot cheaper and lot tougher than Calamari. Our Southern calamari are caught all year round using squid jigs and in haul nets. Jigging is a low impact, highly targeted fishing method, with minimal impacts on other species.  Calamari reproduce very quickly and thus are a safe option in terms of sustainability. Available daily wholesale and retail.

🐟 Superb Yellowfin Tuna The translucence, the colour, the texture and the taste make it the world’s most valuable Tuna. An amazing product we hand pick and process for our clients daily #getthebestfresh #oceanmadeseafood

“Rainbow trout is super forgiving, especially when its grilled, it takes a lot to get it wrong” – @charley.snaddenwilson from @ramblrmelbourne our #oceanmadechef for this month shares his whole fish recipe that celebrates cooking over coals. #oceanmadechef #oceanmadecfood #entertainingideas #shareplates #eatmoreseafood #loveseafood #cookovercoals 📸 @jana_langhorst

🦋🐟 Butterflying the Garfish. Delicate work for the experienced filleter.

🐟 Hiramasa Kingfish is the high-quality sashimi grade Yellowtail Kingfish from the Spencer Gulf. Ocean farmed and produced with the highest standards this hugely popular and versatile product is delivered ocean fresh daily.

🐟 Love this shot RG: @kingsandqueensfood “A snapshot of our beautiful fresh blue grenadier from our friends #oceanmadeseafood supplying us daily with the freshest fish available in Melbourne. Come on down this weekend and grab some fresh fish and salad.... and maybe a few chips 🐠” Nice job people.

🐟 Our Rockling is flown in from NZ daily. The best fish are packed whole at the source and in the safe hands of the team dry filleting 5 hours later. That’s fresh.

🐟 Jason running the cutting room calling the orders. All product cut fresh and despatched immediately. 3am starts, long days and great camaraderie. We are very proud of our team and their skills. All trained and promoted from within. Years learning the fish before they pick up a knife and become a professional cutter.

🐟 Ripper line caught stripy trumpeter just flown in overnight from New Zealand. It’s been a while.

🐟 Bass Groper in the house

🐟 Beautiful Sea Bream this morning. Long line caught in New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf yesterday fresh to you today.