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🦐 According to Mr @bardistasio “Hands down....the Miani Bianco and Gamberi in Bianco is a winning combination. Thank god the new shipment has arrived…” Lets make a deal. We’ll keep the freshest and tastiest crustaceans coming through the door, you look after the vino! #italianality

🐟 Is there a better sight for the soul than the perfectly executed pasta Marinara or Vongole? This magnificent example from @babypizzeria is their Linguine Marinara, white wine, chilli, garlic & tomato.

🐟 Terrific Specimen. #oceanmade #snapper

🐟 Superb Yellow Fin Tuna The texture, the taste and the visual delight. #oceanmade

“When it comes to my seafood I need the very best - and will never compromise.” @simongloftis of @hellenika. 🐟 This was his brief when he first came to us 8 years ago and to this day he has not deviated and we have not let him down. He is a restaurateur par excellence.

🐟 Great to have the inimitable @hollylucas__ from The Lucas Group and the @kisume_au team with us this morning. Of Kisume John Lethlean said “HAND OVER HEART I’VE NEVER EATEN BETTER SUSHI” - it’s a pleasure to supply #kisume the freshest seafood in Melbourne.

🐟 Plough Hotel Footscray Head Chef @scott___thomas doing some brilliant tasty work showcasing #portlincolnsardines with Couscous, Lentils, Tahini, Barberries, Sumac and Yoghurt. Also look out for the Gin Cured Kingfish, the Freshly Shucked Pacific Oysters and Fried Calamari. 📷 @mandy__wood

🐟 Unfortunately you’ll need to wait another day to see - Mr James Meletis - our smiling font of seafood knowledge behind the counter at our retail store. Enjoy Cup Day. Eat lots of Seafood. See you tomorrow.

🦑 Look at moi

🦐 Fresh School Prawns are perfect right now. Think Crispy, Chilli Salt, aioli etc. From the Clarence River, NSW these fresh School Prawns fare in season and ready to go. Order some now or visit our shop.

Get cooking seafood on this long weekend (for some, at least...). Ocean Made Home had fun putting this prawn taco dish together (and yes, it's this easy!). #oceanmadehome #eatmoreseafood #lovetacos #prawns #avocado #seafoodrecipes @jana_langhorst @turnipmedia_

🐟 Extraordinary colour you can see - an amazing texture and flavour you must taste. ▫️ From the waters off the Western Australian Coast, near Port Headland, Wild Caviar or Scampi Roe is hand harvested at a depth of 450m. ▫️ That beautiful blue colour is all natural and the moment it is packaged it has a shelf life of 10 weeks. ▫️ The season for scampi caviar is November until March. ▫️ Order some now or visit our shop.

🐟 Spring Bay Mussels are back. Amazing product from Tasmania - certified organic - from some of the most precious and pristine seawater in the world.

🐟 Scallops are great this time of year and we are delighted to have the best. The muscle, the texture, the colours are spectacular and at their best right now. Hand picked and delivered live.

Spring eating with #oceanmadehome is all about quick, easy, seasonal seafood recipe ideas for family meals, entertaining and snacking. #eatmoreseafood #loveseafood #oceanmadecfood #snacks #recipes #seafoodrecipes #family #familymeals @turnipmedia_ 📸 @jana_langhorst

Our retail store is open till 2pm. There’s plenty of time to come and get your seafood from the same place some of Melbourne’s best known restaurants put their faith in.

Our #oceanmadechef for October, Scott Pickett has generously shared some delicious seafood canapé recipes with us. Get your entertaining ideas for Spring Carnival right here: https://www.oceanmade.com.au/recipes/ocean-made-chef-october-2018/ 📸 @jana_langhorst

Can’t wait to get our hands on some of this amazing fish. It gets packed and on a plane only hours after being caught. @gravity_fishing leading the way in quality. #repost @gravity_fishing with @get_repost ・・・ Auckland NZ this week... ☠👌 #gravityfishing #wildcaught #linecaught #hook2plate #ethicalfishing #thewayfoward #sustanaible #supportyalocal #ikijime #ikijimeperfection #nzseafood #premiumseafood #catch&pack #chefsofintagram #seafoodchefs #supportowneroperators #traceableseafood #transperancy #wholefish #knowyourfisherman #startuserenduser