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Snapper, blue eye, alfonsino, crabs, flounder, Japanese gurnard, red mullet..... So many choices. #oceanmade #oceanmadeseafood #oceanmadecfood

Red Mullet is one of our favourite fish here @oceanmadecfood Who’s got some good tips on how to cook it? #oceanmade #oceanmadecfood #oceanmadeseafood

Point Samson Red Emperor in season now. #oceanmade #oceanmadecfood #oceanmadeseafood

There’s a way to fillet salmon and THE way to do it and get as much meat as possible off the bone. Chefs, make an time to come and get some handy tips on processing fish. #oceanmade #oceanmadecfood #oceanmadeseafood

Watch and admire the quality of this incredibly fresh piece of fish. #oceanmade #oceanmadecfood #oceanmadeseafood

Prawn Youvetsi with Kritharaki pasta is this month's Ocean Made Chef recipe. @stav_watson co-owner/chef of @venusandcokitchenbar in Albert Park has shared one of his favourite dishes inspired by his heritage, his love of pasta and seafood (of course!). Check it out here: http://www.oceanmade.com.au/recipes/ocean-made-chef-june/ Pic: @jana_langhorst

Check out the colour on this fish!!! Dinner of champions. #oceanmade #oceanmadecfood #oceanmadeseafood

From front to back: Maori sea bream, red emperor, gold band job fish. Boat docked yesterday and the fish was packed and in Melbourne by 7am this morning. This fish isn’t cheap but nothing this good is. It is truly is some of the best quality fish I’ve seen in 25 years in the industry. #oceanmade #oceanmadecfood #oceanmadeseafood

Words can’t describe how good this Mangove Jack is. 24 hours from the waters of the Great Barrier Reef to the small laneway of Robert Street Collingwood. #oceanmade #oceanmadecfood #oceanmadeseafood

Thank you @walkerseafoods for this beautiful and unbelievably fresh Black Snapper. Another great option to serve sashimi. #oceanmade #oceanmadecfood #oceanmadeseafood

We're thrilled to launch our Ocean Made Home series where, once a month, we highlight a seafood and share a simple recipe using that seafood, that is easy to achieve at home (and are some of our favourites!). We're starting with mussels. Quick, easy, delicious! Thanks to @jana_langhorst @hilarymcnevin @turnipmedia_ for working with us on this project. #oceanmadehome #oceanmade #eatmoreseafood #mussels #lovemussels #seafoodrecipe

Our Ocean Made Chef for June is @stav_watson chef/owner of @venusandcokitchenbar in Albert Park. Steve is cooking Prawn Youvetsi with Kritharaki pasta, a delicious prawn dish inspired by his heritage and his love of pasta and seafood (of course!). Click on the recipe here: http://www.oceanmade.com.au/recipes/ocean-made-chef-june/ design: fivecreative pics: @janalanghorst

Flame tail snapper from Mooloolaba arriving in the early hours of the morning. Perfect timing for the long weekend. 🔥 🔥 🔥 #oceanmade #oceanmadecfood #oceanmadeseafood

SASHIMI time!! Alfonsino in the house. #oceanmade #oceanmadecfood #oceanmadeseafood

Whilst it’s not the best picture, it does show the incredible quality of this red emperor. The boat docked this morning and it’s now on a plane ✈️ as we speak landing at around 11pm tonight. It’s not cheap but nothing this good really is. #oceanmade #oceanmadecfood #oceanmadeseafood

Here’s a little clip about our hand selected “Royal Miyagi” Oysters. We think they’re pretty special and this is the reason why. #oceanmade #oceanmadecfood #oceanmadeseafood

Line caught Mulloway out of Port Lincoln In South Australia. Unfortunately it’s not something we see on a regular basis so we jump on it when it’s offered. Great fish of the day option and affordable. #oceanmade #oceanmadecfood #oceanmadeseafood

These beautiful little sardines were caught around 2am this morning and could be on your menu for lunch. Now that’s service and quality all in one. #oceanmade #oceanmadecfood #oceanmadeseafood