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Messy 🌹 Take a walk on the wild side. 🔥Contact: olivia.frost3@gmail.com.💌.... Based in: London 📍New YouTube video:

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I’m weirdly freaking nervous to post this picture. I never post pictures showing this much of my face 🙈 (also evidence 2; why I’m the worst girl ever. This is the first pair of heals I’ve ever brought a lols).

Zoom in for prime evidence of why I’m the worst example of a girl ever 🍒 comment when you see it...

When you wake up and realise it’s still the holidays 🐥

Fun fact; the best day of my life was when I my papa built me a tree house in our garden. I was 8... but still dream of that freaking tree house lols. What’s your fave memory? 🍒

Happy Easter y’all 🐥 I’m 100% eating my Easter egg for breakfast.... Don’t tell my mom

This sun just makes me wanna hug you 🍒 I got a tonne of chocolate eggs to make tomo count, I’m with my best friends and ya know what. Life is just gonna be ok. love you all xoxo Swipe for deers

Off duty y’all 🍒 Fun fact: my fave smell in the world is the smell of early mornings. Like it has a smell I swear. Does this make me weird? I wake up at 5am everyday lols.

It’s freaking fridayyyyyy

blessed ✨

because I’m odd 💛🖤

Tell me something good about your day? 🍒

Why am I like this?! 🔫🔫 also.. comment how much you think these Burberry pants cost me??