Project XX . Why XX ? Because at least 20 minds hide behind this masterpiece. With a flavor of summer fruits and very subtle sweets, this whisky is a real delight for single malt amateurs. When the light passes through, it takes on shimmering golden colors. Here you can see its heart beating subtlety. . This is the last animated image I created for Glenfiddich to illustrate the amazing Experimental Series they released earlier this year. @glenfiddichfrance #glenfiddich #unlearnwhisky #whisky
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Filipe 😎
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@rshrividya ohky done😜

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@rshrividya kab dila rhi ho

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Can you follow fatimakhan yuldashbekova,please🤫🙏🙏🙏

@rshrividya 100piper

@sarfeera_veer_ kon sa 😝😝

@rshrividya 😍pahucha do

@sarfeera_veer_ Tumko eski jarurat h

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@leximarietaylor I did read the number, now YEET!

مبتدئ في التصوير ابي رأيكم 📸


jackal_KH ✨
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@cecile123988 I wasn't seen if this is a funny thing