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As you know, I’ve been partnering with MINI for a while. First we claimed to raise awareness about #sustainability in future housing. Now it’s time to talk about e-mobility : moving all around our cities in the future will be a challenging question. And how we produce and use #electricity will definitely be an important matter. MINI charged its new project with a lot of passion. Exciting things are ahead ! See more in my stories and let me know what charges you with passion :) . #chargedwithpassion #mini @mini #minielectric #allelectric #ad #electricvehicule #emobility

Project XX . Why XX ? Because at least 20 minds hide behind this masterpiece. With a flavor of summer fruits and very subtle sweets, this whisky is a real delight for single malt amateurs. When the light passes through, it takes on shimmering golden colors. Here you can see its heart beating subtlety. . This is the last animated image I created for Glenfiddich to illustrate the amazing Experimental Series they released earlier this year. @glenfiddichfrance #glenfiddich #unlearnwhisky #whisky

Fire & Cane . Let’s imagine two whiskies. One with a robust smokey taste and another one finished in bourbon casks. Then finish them both together in rum casks. You’ll have an idea of what Glenfiddich Fire & Cane is. Smokey and sweet, perfect with a slice of orange. 🥃🍊 It’s part of the incredible and surprising Experimental Series, along with Project XX and IPA Experiment I told you about before. . . . @glenfiddichfrance #glenfiddich #unlearnwhisky #fire #cinemagraph #whisky

Cobalt Cityscape part.3/3 - The three parts of my triptych for La Prairie are finally together ! You can have the whole view by sliding on the pic, on my gallery and my stories. These three images form a large scene that plays on geometry, perspectives, shapes, materials and shades of blue. Have you seen how shapes change from angles on the first image to curves on this last one ? The goal is to illustrate the design and the science on one side, and also the refinement and the senses on the other.  This is my first attempt of a work of this kind that is beyond my usual skills. It was a real challenge for me, because Set Design is a discipline in its own right. Hope you like it ! - @LaPrairie #laprairieseenby #remastered #skincaviar #masterpiece #setdesign

Cobalt Cityscape part.2/3 - Here is the second part of the triptych I created for La Prairie and its cobalt blue masterpiece. You can now have a better glimpse on my gallery. More info on my previous post where I explain my purpose and work process. Rendez-vous tomorrow for the last third of the scenery ! - @LaPrairie #laprairieseenby #remastered #skincaviar #masterpiece #setdesign

Cobalt Cityscape part.1/3 - When La Prairie asked me to reinterpret his cobalt blue masterpiece as a triptych, I found myself imagining a whole scenery, like a timeless sophisticated cityscape playing on perspectives, shapes and shades of blue, like three complementary geometric models mixing materials. So I crossed the boundaries of Graphic Design and explored Set Design. Between the thinking process, the search for materials, the implementation of what I had in mind, the shooting and finally the post production, I left my comfort zone behind me. I am very happy to have finalized this creative project for this prestigious brand. Here is the first third of this achievement. I hope it pleases you. Rendez-vous at the end of my three publications to discover the global view ! - @LaPrairie #laprairieseenby #remastered #skincaviar #masterpiece #setdesign