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­čÄÇBreast Cancer Walk-a-thon with my boys­čÄÇ


Dark Roast please­čśőÔśĽ

I CaN and I WiLL­čĺ¬

Doing some very much needed retail therapy ­čÖî

Enjoy what you have. Love who you are. Point blank period.


Best Daughter Ever ÔŁĄ


­čĺşJust remember - when you think all is lost, the future remains.­čĹŐ

Think Positive all the time ­čĹŐ

Day 1 ­čĺ¬ Usually im very good during the week, but on the weekends not so much. So i decided to see what would happen if i challenged myself to straight clean eating for 30 days. Looking forward to the end result. Ill keep ya posted ­čĺ¬ Doing this with @angietru_89 and @millanlissette We got this girlsÔŁĄ #30daychallenge #cleaneating #healthy #challenge #fitlife

I Will be a BETTER ME ­čľĄ

Facts ­čĺ¬