I want to thank you guys for all your helpful tips on getting my groove back. I have really been trying to focus more on me this week and I am already feeling better. _ I thought I would share a few random facts about me this week that you may not know. _ My last name is actually Orchard, I didn't just pick Orchard as a company name because it sounded pretty. I am so lucky to have such an amazing last name and when I got married I didnt change my name I added his to mine. It's only 2 letters so made that choice extra easy!! _ I love Disney...like LOVE, well most cartoons really. When I force my hubby to watch the movies at home I sing along to the songs and he looks at me like I'm crazy lol. So excited for Toy Story 4 and Secret Life of Pets 2 next year!! (Yes I am a big kid ok?!). _ We have 2 dogs, a yorkie and a peakapoo, Cadi and Zues. They are around 5 lbs so it's like having puppies all the time! _ I really enjoy coffee/live off coffee. But I especially love funky coffee mugs to drink my lifesource out of. I actually bought 2 more when I was out yesterday and my husband (Paulo) said I have to get rid of 2 now (little does he know I am not going to!!) _ I have 2 amazing brothers, I am the middle child. They both married the best ladies a girl could have for sister in laws who happen to both be teachers (looking forward to pool days with those 2 this summer!!) And just over a year ago I became an Auntie which is the best job ever!!!! We are all very close and I don't know what I would do without them!! Are you liking my "Tidbit Thursday" posts!? Double tap the photo if you do!!!

When you tell the wedding party to do something goofy because they aren't in focus anyway and the girls can't take their eyes off the couple and the guys are playing rock paper scissors!!!

Another reason I love winter sessions, its a good excuse to cuddle in night and tight. You gotta stay warm somehow through our winters.

With your closest friends by your side, you can do anything.

Missing these two, I had so much fun with them!!! Its funny when clients warn me they are awkward and they aren't photogenic and then they see their photos and love them. I try to make the experience as much fun as I can, like were just hanging out and going for a walk. The best compliment is when the session is over and they say how much fun they had!!

I really wish we had more of a fall this year, you just cant beat those colours. But I am ready to embrace the winter, bring it on!

That warm glow to brighten up your Monday! Let's start the week right and kick ass!!

Well I think the snow is here to stay! I don't enjoy the cold but I do love snow!! Give me a snowy session anyday, they are so magical!

It's a chilly one out there today! Be sure to bundle up!! 🤣🤣 #meninfur #winterstuds #winnipegwinterwedding

Lately I have woken up just feeling blah...I know that's not the best description of an emotion but that really is the best way to describe how I'm feeling. Just uninspired, no creative flow, just robotically moving through the day....shoot, edit, clean (who are we kidding not really though, little do you know all my laundry to fold is pushed out of the frame 🤫) and repeat. I started carrying a notebook around so when something does come to me at least I can write it down before I forget and I have found that helpful. Where do you guys get your inspiration from? Or what do you do to get through a slump...I need to get the skip back in my step again!! I also need to learn how to use my remote to take photos because it is hard trying to run into position and look calm in 10 seconds haha!

Is anyone else getting excited for Christmas?? Or am I crazy cause it's too early....

Dance parties!!!

The aviation museum was such a fun and beautiful setting for Andrea and Jerrads wedding! Looking forward to seeing what the new location will look like!

When the whole city goes quiet and its just the two of you 🖤

🖤🖤🖤 Apparently making a heart with sparklers was harder than we though 😂

Its Sunday, with an extra hour!! I hope you all have an awesome day!! I will be doing some editing and house work but hoping to go to a movie tonight, any suggestions??

I have absolutely no fun when I shoot engagements...no...fun...😂😂. Joking I have a freaking blast with my couples!! Engagement I think is my favorite type of session to shoot, I love em.

The fluffy snow today reminded me of this gorgeous wedding where the incredibly talented bride @aremps24 made her own mocassins to wear for her wedding day!!! Aren't they beautiful!?!