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Guilty of always smiling way too big 😁💿 I’m just so excited for what’s coming!!! Who’s got huge plans this summer? 😍🤩

I freaking did it!! Just graduated CSULB with two degrees! . • Bachelors of Science in Business Management • Bachelors of Science in Operations & Supply Chain Management . This boss babe is going straight to work for.... HER-DAMN-SELF!!! Entrepreneurship is in my blood!!! You guys can think I’m crazy all you want but I know I’ve got huge plans! Hell yeah I did it for dogs! If there’s anything in my life that I’ve ever been 100% sure of, it would be this. #dogsareeverything #ididitfordogs #futureceo

Call the fire department 🚨📞🔥 #hothothot

Last year I came to my first GTC in Las Vegas at the MGM as a consultant. This is year I left GTC as a brand new Area Manager! I’m going straight for RVP this summer and coming back to GTC to walk that stage as an NVP! • I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work for myself and earn my worth! I have a huge thriving team of beautiful people with beautiful goals and I am honored to be able to help them achieve their dreams. • This business works and you can make it as big as you want it to be! I don’t play it small. My work ethic, my dreams and aspirations, my goals and my passion are anything but small. • Thank you @arbonne for being the only company I’ve always wanted to be apart of. I’m excited to hear that we are now a B Corporation 😍 that was the highlight of my trip. I pledge to save more dogs than anyone in Arbonne when I become an National Vice President. #manifestation #blessed #workfromanywhere #ownit #loveit #nvp2be

Take me back to another Benz Bash 🥰 I’m smiling way too big in this picture and it looks like I have to pee but I’m just so ready for finals to be over! Ready to graduate and do what I love to do! #timeforanotheradventure

Yesterday was absolutely amazing! @annaraeryan you are so loved and appreciated, everyone had such beautiful things to say about you💗 I’m so grateful for your “yes,” because of it I’m closer than ever with one of the biggest boss babes I’ve ever known & bff (@brittanydonaleshen), I’m reunited with my two besties from high school (@lizziemcmillian & @beautynboness) and I get to create some of the best relationships with women I love and admire! I’m so proud of the leader you have become and the inspirational force that you are! #goals You moved to LA from Virginia Beach to pursue your passion to become an actress, not knowing how you were going to achieve it but you had the drive and determination to get it. You are quiet, shy, and so damn lovely and YOU FREAKING MADE IT! ⭐️ Now at 24, you’re at one of the top levels in this biz, you have time and money freedom to do as you please and you’re well on your way to becoming the actress you were meant to be! Congrats @annaraeryan LOVE YOU!!! More Benz on the road to come!🍾 #benzbash #poppinbottles #rvp #bossbabe

My beautiful bestie @brittanydonaleshen has reached REGION QUAL! 🥳🥳 I’m so happy and proud of how far we’ve come and how big we have allowed ourselves to dream. I’m so grateful that you introduced me into this biz! Perhaps if you hadn’t I’d still be working my ass off in multiple jobs! I’m pretty sure I’d be pressured into working some dreadful 9-5 by the business department. Perhaps I’d start doubting how it would even be feasible to pursue my biggest passion. I know that we were made for more and boss babes like you are rare and few to find but in this business we’re surrounded with nothing but like minded people. We rise together and I’m so excited for you to announce MIRACLE REGION!!! Your ambition and passion is contagious and inspiring! You have one of the biggest, caring and genuine hearts I know of and to see you get everything you deserve in this life makes my heart so happy! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! #watchoutworld #youaintready #miracleregion

🌵💫Agave Princess💫🌵 #tequilaovereverything

🍊🍊 s ᴛ ᴀ ʏ ɢ ᴏ ʟ ᴅ ᴇ ɴ 🍊🍊 #nofilter #imorange #orangeeverything

🦋It’s casual🦋

My friend @beautynboness took this pic, she said it was cute 🤔 I still haven’t decided if I like it yet, but here it is! On the gram💥 I’ve got so much exciting stuff coming this summer!!! So many accomplishments and blessings! #getready #unstoppable (FYI: this picture was taken before the tan)

In my natural habitat 🌴🐒 #changa

No filter needed when you’re in paradise and you’re being photographed by the talented @beautynboness 🌴 I’m so blessed to be able to just pick up and go wherever I want with people I love and admire, no need to call of work or ask for permission. My biz is mobile and global! I worked from the beach with this cutie everyday and I came back from Cabo with my skin tone matching my swimsuit lol 😂 #baecation #girlstrip #bossbabes

Looking far far away for my next destination 📍Italy? Africa? Punta Cana? 🤔 What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to? Or where would you love to travel to? ❣️Comment below❣️

Take me away to paradise🏝🛥 #livinginadream

My alarm clock? Tropical birds 🦜 📷: @beautynboness #baecation #girlstrip #cabo

❄️Icy🏂Chillen❄️ just in time before it all melts💧#shredthegnar #snowvalley

My poodle, Perlita, means the whole world to me🥰 Earlier this month, she turned 15 years old. Recently, her health has been declining and she has started to show early signs of collapsed trachea. My senior baby coughs in the mornings and nights but other than that, she is healthy and I’m not giving up on her anytime soon. My vet expenses are about to go up but having her around is the best feeling. I’m just so obsessed with her. She still eats, loves to get dirty and bullies all the younger pups. She’s still the same vicious killer too, catching birds and lizards in the yard. Who else has a senior pup?! DM me pics 😍 . UPDATE: My beautiful Pearl passed away in her sleep sometime between 1-5am on 3/26/19. She was found by our chimney that morning, she looked peaceful and lived a very long happy life. I miss her so much. She will always be a part of my life and I’ll never forget how precious she was to my family and I. I knew this moment would come, I tried to be ready but there’s just no preparing for stuff like this. . . #seniorpoodle #olddogs #collapsedtrachea #poodlesofinstagram #rip