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I'm glad he has them ❤

E^ST is an Australian artist that is to be supporting Panic! At all Australian shows next month! Go check her out before the concert @iameastofficial 🖒

Just stumbled across these and I very much approve 😍

on the other hand: I really love posting fanart and I love promoting art and cool projects and I get happy when I can help you guys. Like the other day when a girl told me I help her come out to a friend. I also love posting hq..which you probably know by now and I enjoy updating and sharing. That is why I'm still around.

a lot of people ask me for advice on how to get to 50k folowers. My advice is always the same: don't .Enjoy your few followers. Being over here is hell sometimes. Whenever I express and opinion my words get twisted and I get insulted.. got asked the same question over and over again, get 15 daily request for shoutouts and a few more for other things. People also sometimes believe I'm a robot so they ask me to send them the video I just posted instead of just riping it... so yeah, you want advice? stay small😊❤

who was the girl who said the apma was going to be returned?? @brendon.urie help

come on guys!! we can do it. I NEED B to win there is not much time left so go and vote guys please❤

#hqwhore B&W edition

I feel like we are all needing this these days... credit to @panicstweets / @panic_pic_archive

@wes_alex extra points for shooting him shirtless but ...his smile 😍

hope you are smiling B. Cause you deserve to be happy ❤