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😍🀀🀀 Thanks for the video @savrjh #chicago #prayforthewickedtour #panicatthedisco #prayforthewicked #brendonurie

Thank you for this shots @growgoldphoto B in the red jersey...🀀😍

uhh nasty...πŸ‘€ video from Pittsburgh by @casserole_1 #panicatthedisco #prayforthewickedtour #prayforthewicked #brendonurie

He is the king 😍 the visuals in this tour are AMAZING video from Pittsburgh by @huncheck93 #panicatthedisco #brendonurie #prayforthewickedtour #prayforthewicked

Girl Power πŸ’ƒπŸŽ»πŸŽΈ photos from the show on July 14

Hey @jakechams any chance you give us a bonus post of Brendon with the Chicago Bulls shirt?πŸ‘€πŸ˜ photos by @savrjh

Brendon is in you New York

Hi. the red jersey is back 😍🀀 those moves....😈 video by @lips_like_wine #panicatthedisco #prayforthewickedtour #prayforthewicked #brendonurie

"I love you,be kind to each other" video from Pittsburgh by @ayesrod

Show is not even over and we already have some photos thanks to @h.jonesphoto

Look at him all cute waving to fans and throwing guitar pics. Video from Chicago I dont remember the source so if this is yours please DM usπŸ˜”

For those asking for the merch... photos by TheEtherealRose on twitter

The guys before the show today photo by @ppgpaintsarena

You thought that was it? Ha! think again.My new theme will be just B in that red jersey😍🀀 photos by @ashleigh1114

Cause there will never be enough red jersey pics of B 🀀😍 photos by @ig.averybiga and @kyloxes

sinners: if you went to the Chicago show and have footage CLOSE TO THE STAGE please DM us 😘

Brendon hitting a high note.With a red Jersey. And tight leather pants. You're welcome😈 video by @syd_jk_

I want that white jacket merch! are they selling it on tour?πŸ‘€