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I create a unique assortment of jewelry so that your creative personality will find a bauble to love, expressing a unique You.

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Jewelry is an expression of the soul. Gifting it is an expression of your love. #handmadeearrings

Mom I is it picture day? LOL. She always park herself where I am about to be working that Miss Minoue. #loverofcats

Simple glow with these sealed copper dangle earrings and necklace. #moderntrends

Huggies style earring 3 pairs left. Two electrical blue kyanite, one pair of pyrite. #minimalistjewelry

Kissed by the Sun. #jewelryforwomen

Mix and match with red. Short and long necklaces. #jewelryinspiration

True heart. #copperjewelry

Mix and match. The beauty of pairing different styles for a "younique" look. These are available at @carouselcllctv in Westboro. #uniquestyle

Copper pendant minimalist on a leather cord. #lovejewelry

Form and shapes. #brassjewellery

Give a heart to someone you cherish, love or for friendship. You can shop for them at Joy, 617 Bank street. If you have a specific stone in mind let me know. It will be my pleasure to help. #valentinesdaygift

Renew - continuity - intertwined - circle of life #meaningfuljewelry

A different take but still super cute. #longearrings

Chic, classic dangle brass earrings. A great look for all occasions. #earringsoftheday

Short hair, long hair, ponytail bring it on. #trendyearrings

Brass earrings. #earringcollection