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Alya Manasa

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Now that you know where you 're going for kaanum pongal, send me your pics using #pongalopongal and follow @godrejcinthol

Insane Hijacking😱 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Volume Up🔊 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Video bY: unknown Partner: @jfkspotting / @aviation.dfw


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There’s something bout WHT @calvinklein 😝🤘🏽 - - #boy #man #sixpack #ck #jawline #ready #fit #tan #tattoos #calvinklein #sorrento #melbournestyle #blogger #travel

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Too tired to make love ladies? . You need to change your physical state! . Pour yourself a hot bath, bubbles, and grab a bottle of champagne! . Self love ❤️ and self care releases oxytocin which creates high energy and good feelings 😘 . Keep the passion alive in your relationship and Unleash your Sexi! . Click out and Get your Sexi back! . Photo: @lanileenyc Makeup: @heavenly_deevine . #unleashyoursexi #beauty #passion

Muy felices en nuestra primera sesión de fotos juntos ❤️💍📷 #couple #photoshoot #love #fiance #cdmx #nature #outdoor #mexico

buenas tardes 💗

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@weedhit was voted the best weed account on Instagram by the International Association of Potheads! A must follow for sure!


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AVIATI0N1 BY CHARLES ➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖ What is your favorite ✈️? 🧐 ➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖ 🌎Airline: Government of USA 🇺🇸, Boeing 🇺🇸 & British Airways 🇬🇧. . ✈️Airplane: B707, B787 & Concorde . ➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖ PHOTO BY ©️Credits to Owner (Please send DM) ➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖ AVIATI0N1 BY CHARLES




cara de sonsa ne pedro 👹

Fakhrul Razi

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Have a blast dear friend! @rinanose16 . You’re a year older but light years wiser. Your new world is waiting for you. God Bless You. To thyself always be true. ( this is the most memorable unrehearsed , duet perdana, kita . And you’re still my fav duet partner and seniman. Hope to relive moments like these with you again on stage..whenever that will be )

Rhyanna Watson

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I don’t want to be some glamour gal. I want to be me. I want to be human. I want to show how hard it is but you can do it and it’s worth it. People see glamour when they see fitness models. People see beauty when they see a fit physique. I see blood, sweat, tears, determination, challenges, hardwork and respect. Every muscle I see was not a goal it was a side benefit to working on my health and fitness. I wanted to be real I wanted you to see me in my workout. These two photos were taken half way through my workout, when I did not think I could continue. Sweaty, red faced and exhausted. I do her programs at home, no gym only two dumbbells 7.5kg and a 8kg kettlebell. I make it work. It ain’t perfect but what is in life?. This wasn’t easy but I did it. Fitness isn’t a quick fix, it is lifestyle. Fitness to me is standing up at 5am when everyone else is sleeping. Fitness to me is saying I can when everyone believes I cant. Fitness is my life, it is not a hobby it is my wealth in life not money, but my health is my real wealth. Because when I have my health I can do anything and all the hard work to achieve anything I put my mind to.. Here is what I did today. Momentum training @ashleyhorner 5 Rounds amrap 10 Jump Squats 10 Burpees 10 Single Leg deadlift weighted 10 Burpees 10 Single Leg deadlift weighted 10 Burpees 10 Plank Jacks 10 Burpees 10 KB Swings 10 Burpees (all burpees with push ups) Don’t tell me I have it easy or tell someone they are lucky when they are fit please have some respect for the hardwork and dedication that they commit to, to achieve their real wealth their health. Kick butt—no matter your size—with @ashley.horner programs here: One child and over 30 anyones dreams can come true

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¿Ready para la #sanse2018? 👉 Visita para qué puedas adquirir el Especial de Navidad 2017 de @bancopopularpr ¡No te lo pierdas! #puertorico #whateverpr #whateverpuertorico Taguea'👥 @bancopopularpr