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Derrick Rose’s Highlights vs the Suns. {25 points + 2 steals on 69% shooting}

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#wolves fall to the #suns 107-99. Derrick Rose finishes w/ 25 points + 2 steals on 11/16 shooting - 2/3 on three’s.

Wolves lead 58-56 at half. D. Rose: 12 points, 2 assists, & 2 steals on 5/6 shooting!


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#gameday Wolves take on the Suns tonight in Phoenix at 9:00pm ET live on Fox Sports North + League Pass.

Repost via @ashleynevel. “Finally got to interview and meet Chicago legend Derrick Rose, a guy whose career I’ve followed closely since his Simeon days. A guy who has meant so much to the city of Chicago. A guy who preserved through tough battles and still came out on top! Thank you for everything @drose”

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Repost via @Jesseeic/Twitter. “A Jasper and a 🌹. Thank you @drose for being so gracious with your time and an inspiration on and off the court.”

D. Rose on loss to Kings. “There wasn’t no communication out there. We didn’t get back and how many transition points did they have? It seems like every time we play against them they just push the ball. It’s that simple. It’s not very complex.”

#kings defeat the #wolves 141-130. D. Rose: 20pts (8/13) - 4asts.

#wolves down 63-50 at half. D. Rose: 6 points on 3/6 shooting.

Wolves take on the Kings in Sacramento at 10:00pm Eastern. #minvssac Predict 🌹’s stats!

Derrick Rose on Towns. “We’re here to help. It’s good to see him take on that challenge of becoming a leader. It takes time. We know that. We love that he’s taking on that challenge. That’s all that we ask him to do.” . “Tim Duncan led by example. He wasn’t vocal at all. Kobe led by example, but was mostly vocal... It depends on the person and how they approach it. KAT, he’s an extrovert. He’s talkative. He’s just got to learn what to say. He’s got all of the characteristics to be a leader. It’s all about what comes out of his mouth and he has to say it like he means it.” . “The media has something to do with adding pressure to certain players... He’s young. You’ve got to be able to grow with a player. Of course the burden is big. He’s got a huge burden on him. That’s why I’m here to take it off, to clear his mind. It’s a lot going on, but he’s a talented player.” . “When he’s out there, he don’t need to be thinking, either. He just needs to play, shoot the shots that he’s going to shoot and we’ll just figure out how to play around him.” —— via: Jon Krawczynski