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Яна в элеоне😻

✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾You guys WE WILL bring back hot Cheeto asteroids!!!!! Link is in my bio to sign the petition. Please tag @fritolay because our protest is starting very soon🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #bringthemback #latinosunite #spicybolas

MY FAKE ASS REALLY JUST WALKED AWAY 💀💀 // @hailyymarieee // sorry @target

Eso es lo único que realmente sé. Es lo único que sé con certeza. Ni siquiera confío en lo que mis ojos ven, ni en lo que mis oídos escuchan. Los sentidos humanos perciben solo una parte pequeña de la realidad. Tampoco confío en lo que los científicos observan y deducen con sus herramientas, pues esas conclusiones también cambiarán. Lo único que sé, con total certeza, es que TODO CAMBIA, y que TODO PASA. Esa es la ley Universal de la impermanencia. Hay que aceptarla primero, y agradecerla después. Relacionarse con las personas, cosas y experiencias desde esa sabiduría, es no volver a sufrir. INLA.

انا. - #اكسبلور ؟؟ #لايك و #فولو الله يرزقك الجنة: [ @od3j ] .

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Can you send me this please ? ( :

My'Angel Dooley
1 Day 5 Hours Ago


@yanieke_buchanan out by jeremih

@n.liess out by Jeremih from his album Late Night

4 Days 19 Hours Ago

@cynthiaa.510 ☹️

4 Days 19 Hours Ago

@yafavvkimberly 😕

4 Days 20 Hours Ago


6 Days 8 Hours Ago

This hard love the song


How you did this hun

@n.liess Oui by Jeremih

7 Days 23 Hours Ago

@n.liess Jeremih we you and i

20'9'17 💑❤
8 Days 16 Hours Ago

From the song

20'9'17 💑❤
8 Days 16 Hours Ago

What's the name ?

•Dark Queen•
8 Days 21 Hours Ago

@this._.weirdo13 its called oui 🙄🙄

8 Days 23 Hours Ago

@this._.weirdo13 jeremih we you and i


The boy

That looks just like my ex 😂

9 Days 6 Hours Ago

Whts the song called

9 Days 8 Hours Ago

@queenbardi bitmoji

9 Days 8 Hours Ago


what app man

What app

Is cuteeee 😍😍😍🤤

âlexandria guillermô
10 Days 4 Hours Ago

This made me smile foh a straight min

Whats the name of this song


Make more vid like this !

Snap ; Natcruz04
10 Days 17 Hours Ago

Dont delete

10 Days 18 Hours Ago

Oui-jeremih @arleen_h_

10 Days 19 Hours Ago


10 Days 21 Hours Ago


What the app?

Juliane 🌸😭
10 Days 21 Hours Ago

Help I keep replaying this 😅😍😍

10 Days 22 Hours Ago

I wanna do dis with u @_hardcor1_

@poppin.society how do u make these ?

10 Days 22 Hours Ago

you able to make a guy version or no?

How did you make it

Amara Wise
11 Days 4 Hours Ago

Please send❤

11 Days 4 Hours Ago

Dis fyeeee💕

11 Days 5 Hours Ago

Who knew bitmoji a can be a good ass edit

11 Days 8 Hours Ago

Send this to me plz


11 Days 10 Hours Ago

What that app?

11 Days 10 Hours Ago

Can u do more videos like this?

Kk ♛
11 Days 12 Hours Ago


Juliane 🌸😭
11 Days 17 Hours Ago

@bryanthwarriorsfan this cute af 💕

11 Days 17 Hours Ago

Thats really cute

11 Days 17 Hours Ago


Good night

11 Days 18 Hours Ago


i wanna be short
11 Days 18 Hours Ago