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Wanna see magic emerge from the PPSC?💫💫🦄💫💫 • This was shared with me this morning straight from a suffering heart. 💔 • How’s this for transforming our #speakthesecret @brooklyn_rabbit campaign into one’s own personal journaling experience? • How’s this for releasing the inner pain and finding a healthy outlet? • How’s this for demonstrating how one can be symptomatic and incredibly accomplished at the same time? . With her permission, I share this anonymous masterpiece with you. 👉THIS is how you begin to heal. 👉THIS is how you accept the shitty way you are feeling and learn to turn it into something else. Something better. 🙏🏻Thank you, my dear, for sharing your gift with me ❤️and with others who can use your inspiration. I know you feel terrible. You will feel better❣️

EVERYTHING feels better (and IS better) when you feel connected, cared for, and heard. . . . #stayconnected #payattentiontoyourrelationship #speakthesecret #youmatter #yourpartnermatters #tokensofaffection #karenkleiman

#speakthesecret 👉speak yours here 👉 • #scarythoughts #common #universal #itsokay❤️ #findyoursafeperson #goodmomshavescarythoughts #droppingthebabyandotherscarythoughts @brooklyn_rabbit @familiustalk @routledgebooks

👉We have 2 spots left open in our December training class for professionals. 👉If you HAVE a therapist, or if you KNOW a therapist, or if you ARE a therapist, who wants to specialize in the treatment of perinatal depression and anxiety — do not miss this opportunity❣️ . . . We want all women to have access to exceptional resources. #trainingmatters #karenkleiman #theartofholdingintherapy #ppscexpertclinicians

@nytimes @nytimesopinion To the Editor: Re “ ‘Thinking of Ways to Harm Her’ ” and “After Baby, an Unraveling” (“Mother’s Mind” series, front page, June 16, and Science Times, June 17): "Bravo. Your articles about postpartum depression are a comprehensive, accurate account of the various ways that perinatal illnesses can present. Postpartum depression often manifests with acute and high levels of anxiety. Anxiety can take many forms, and for the majority of postpartum women, it appears as negative, intrusive, scary thoughts. The article cites Jeanne Marie Johnson, who “imagined suffocating her [baby] while breast-feeding, throwing her in front of a bus, or ‘slamming her against a wall.’ ” You report that most women who have such thoughts do not hurt their babies. This is true. This phenomenon is extremely common. One researcher found that a whopping 91 percent of all new mothers (not restricted to women with depression) experience these unwanted thoughts. Furthermore, 88 percent of new fathers experience similarly negative thoughts. And when we talk about scary thoughts, we are sometimes talking about horrific, gruesome, shocking thoughts. These are not easy to shake off, and women fear that the worse the thoughts are, the sicker they must be. This part is not true. When women feel safe enough to disclose these thoughts and don’t feel judged, they often experience immediate relief, even if the thoughts persist. KAREN KLEIMAN Rosemont, Pa., June 17, 2014 The writer is director of The Postpartum Stress Center and the author of “Dropping the Baby and Other Scary Thoughts.”

#repost @drchristinahibbert with @get_repost ・・・ Honored to be the opening keynote speaker for the global @goldlearning #perinatal conference, starting Oct 1! And the best part is you can join in and hear my address for FREE! 🙌🏻 —- I’ll be LIVE on Oct 1 at 9 am and 3 pm PDT, talking about #perinatalmooddisorders and the “Essential Clinical Skills” to help #mothers #overcome, repair and build #selfworth, and #flourish in #motherhood and beyond! —- Join me to kick off this incredible #onlineconference by visiting or see their post at the link below. —- And please pass it on! Together we can identify, address, and conquer #pmads, and help mothers know & FEEL their incredible value and worth! 💗 — #ppd #postpartumdepression #postpartumanxiety #postpartumocd #postpartumpsychosis #maternalmentalhealth #thisishowwegrow — 👉Do not miss this opportunity to learn from the fabulous @drchristinahibbert ❤️❤️❤️❤️@goldlearning @wallergangfamily81 @samsnoots @jennygbaum

#repost @brooklyn_rabbit with @get_repost ・・・ I just finished submitting the artwork for the book I'm illustrating, written by Karen Kleiman, and being published in March 2019 by @familiustalk !!! This is one of my favorite illustrations from the book. • Thanks Molly for EVERYTHING. 🙏🏻 👏🏻 Hasn’t this been awesome? • #goodmomshavescarythoughts #karenkleiman #mollymcintyre #familius #speakthesecret

#repost @motherwellmag with @get_repost ・・・ #neverforget #911

This is a helpful tool if you’re just not sure if how you are feeling is a problem or not. #selfmanagementfordepressionzonetool from #lakesuperiorqualityinnovativenetwork • TODAY IS #worldsuicidepreventionday#lakesuperiorqin #suicideprevention #beinformed @suicide._.prevention__ @suicidepreventionhotline

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Know the signs. Ask for help. Do not wait. #speakthesecret #suicidalthoughts #helpher

When you let someone you trust know what you are thinking, the anxiety loses power. #speakthesecret #goodmomshavescarythoughts #allmoms #universal #itsokay #youareenough @brooklyn_rabbit 👉speak yours here 👇

Absolutely fabulous training weekend with this special group of clinicians from far and wide. ❤️The perinatal community is a better place with these therapists in it. #trainingmatters #theartofholdingintherapy #karenkleiman #nexttrainingdecember 👉info on our intensive professional training program on our website

We love @Alanis. For so many reasons. Her voice. Her message. Her brilliance. Her sacred appreciation for all that matters. Her synchronicity with the world and with her deepest self. And her tireless advocacy and profound connection with postpartum healing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#repost @alanis with @get_repost ・・・ to say this woman saved my life is not an exaggeration... karen kleiman supported me through my postpartum depression with such wisdom, grace, certainty and humor. i am forever grateful to you karen. @postpartumstress #theartofholdingintherapy #thisisntwhatiexpected #thepostpartumhusband #tokensofaffection #thereishope #thingsgetbetterwithcare #relationships #reachingoutishardformebutworthit #conversationwithalanismorissette #karenkleiman #helpisavailable ❤️

We are getting tons of inquiries regarding the use of our comics. We now have permission from our publisher @familiustalk to say 👉YES YES 👍🏻❣️ you can use #speakthesecret comics with the following attribution: "From Good Mothers Have Scary Thoughts” by Karen Kleiman, Illustrated by Molly McIntyre, Published by Familius (March, 1, 2019) Available wherever books are sold." WE ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS BOOK! 🌟More details soon!🌟@brooklyn_rabbit @familiustalk

@theatlantic reminds us how important it is to seek support and ask for help if you aren’t feeling like yourself. The longer you wait the higher the likelihood that your symptoms could be harder to treat. #speakthesecret

NOBODY WOULD BELIEVE… Maybe it’s because nobody’s listening Or maybe it’s because women are not telling us how bad they feel Or maybe it’s because nobody’s asking the right questions Or maybe it’s because women are so good at pretending that everything’s okay Or maybe it’s because we are bound by social constraints that make it hard to admit that being a mother doesn’t always feel so good. Maybe it’s because women afraid to tell someone how they really feel for fear that they’ll be misunderstood WHAT AN EFFORT IT IS… It’s hard to pretend that everything’s okay when you feel so bad. It’s hard to get through the day when you believe that your children would be better off without you. It’s hard to go through the motions when you’d rather be sleeping or crying or withdrawing, or running away. It’s hard to cope with the daily task of living when every breath hurts, when the day feels impossibly long, and when being alone with your baby feels paralyzing and life threatening It’s hard to make sense out of feeling so bad, so scared, so alone, so misunderstood, so guilty, so angry, and so confused. WHAT LITTLE I AM ABLE… Symptoms get in the way. Suddenly, little things become big things and big things become insurmountable. When you factor in the depression, the deep sadness, the weakening of spirit, the exhaustion – there’s nothing left to access in order to simply get through the day… • “Nobody would believe the effort it is to do what little I am able.” #karenkleiman #charlotteperkinsgilman

Do you believe in MAGIC? At The Postpartum Stress Center we do! Our magic bracelets hold healing energy. • If you’re a perinatal therapist - come to one of our trainings. Find the magic. • If you are seeing a therapist who wants more expertise in treating pregnant and postpartum moms, tell her or him about our specialized intensive 2-day trainings. Offered quarterly. 👉See bio for link to website and training details. Or email Find the 💫🌟✨💕magic. 💕💫🌟✨Feel better again. #holding #trainingmatters #magicbracelets