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Premier treatment and professional training center for prenatal and postpartum depression & anxiety. Since 1988.

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Ty @hannah_gadsby #speakthesecret❤️

Thank you @michellewilliams by leading the way and taking care of yourself. #mentalhealthmatters #speakthesecret❤️

#repost @adrianamanhattan ・・・ Therapy can make magic happen. Do not suffer alone. Talk about how you are feeling and what you need. #speakthesecret❤️

10 months postpartum. She is amazing. She is gracious. She is a tough act to follow but inspiring, nonetheless, to those of us doing the best we can. #postpartumwarrior @serenawilliams @wimbledon

New comic published today by @mutha_magazine🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💕💕💕 For our #speakthesecret❤️ campaign @brooklyn_rabbit @familiustalk 👉(Link in bio) . . . "Recently, stories of misinformed and untrained healthcare providers misguiding, and even calling the police on, women with postpartum depression and anxiety have made the headlines. When providers respond inappropriately, lives are disrupted and symptoms can escalate—and reading these news stories can cause other people struggling with postpartum distress to avoid speaking to their doctors out of fear of the possible repercussions."

Alanis has her finger on the pulse of postpartum distress and what women need. She is a fierce advocate. Listen to the podcast with Karen Kleiman. 👉link in bio. @alanis ❤️#postpartumactivity #speakthesecret

It is common for mothers to think their baby doesn’t love them, or like them, or prefers the company of others. It is easy to misinterpret a baby’s response or to let your anxiety take center stage when you are trying to make sense out of seemingly random baby behavior or unexplainable infant moods. It’s tempting to take it personally when your baby doesn’t respond the way you expect him/her to, but this is not about you. It’s all part of normal adjustment. Remind yourself that you are the center of your baby’s life. #speakthesecret❤️ speak yours here: #goodmothershavescarythoughts @familiustalk

Be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with others. @wonderoakblog

For those of you who find it comforting, moods in motion coloring book will accompany you through some of the symptoms🔥 💥 of PPD as well as some of the healing interventions🌞 as you navigate the emotions with mindful activity. 🖍🖌🖍🎨✏️✍️ Feel free to share your finished masterpieces🏞🌅 with us and let us know if you find it helpful. . . . #speakthesecret❤️ #moodsinmotion #coloringheals #mindfulness #selfcompassion #amazon 👈

Sex is not always high on a postpartum woman's priority list. For some, it is. But the majority of women say they feel way too tired, depleted, overstimulated, and touched-out. Guilt sets in and then, not only do they avoid intimacy, they feel uneasy about that, making it harder to break the cycle. Step one: Talk to your partner.Tell your partner that you know sex has been off the table and that you don't feel ready yet, but you are aware of how that might make your partner feel. An honest, mutually supportive dialogue will open the pathway to intimacy. #speakthesecret❤️ @familiustalk

Second illustration that inspired our #speakthesecret❤️ campaign. . Molly @brooklyn_rabbit I are so excited to share the good news 💫that our campaign will be published as a book📚 due out spring 2019! 🌟🌟We are so thrilled to get mainstream attention to shed light on this taboo subject. We are grateful that the folks at Familius Publishing @familiustalk really do get it and are eager to help us spread the word and support more women. . . . Stay tuned for more details. Soon we will announce the title. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍 We love working on this project and really appreciate all your support. 😘

This is the illustration that started our #speakthesecret❤️ campaign. This is when we could see that Molly @brooklyn_rabbit really got it. We knew she could convey the universal pangs of anxiety related to motherhood💜 We are excited about the impact this campaign has had on so many women as our project continues to expand. We will keep you posted❗️ . . . We want to acknowledge the brave women who continue to post their #scarythoughts on our page 👉 and who believe us when we say it’s okay that they are having these thoughts and it does not mean anything bad is happening. #goodmothershavescarythoughts #karenkleiman #mollymcintyre #thepostpartumstresscenter #holding

#repost @introvertdoodles ・・・ Does your bedtime routine look like this? . . . Have you found a trick to help you worry less and fall asleep❓💤💤