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Trotting into the week like a super model😉 photo by @lumaphotostudio Lets make it a good week friends🤗 #buzzfeedpets #peoplepets #bullylifetv #bullynation #bulliesofinstagram #bullymatrix #igbulldogs_worldwide #igbulldogs_florida

Who does mom love more? ME! That’s the point my sissy is trying to get across 😂😂 Masterpiece by Sam @artisticbulldog 🤗🤗 #buzzfeedpets #peoplepets #bullylifetv #bullynation #bullymatrix #bulliesofinstagram #englishbulldogsofinstagram #igbulldogs_worldwide #igbulldogs_florida @weratedogs

The boys are hanging out on the patio. Max chews anything that looks like a stick🙄😳 #buzzfeedpets #peoplepets #yellowlabsofinstagram #labradorretriever #bullylifetv #bullynation #bullymatrix #igbulldogs_worldwide #igbulldogs_florida

Still no power in Tallahassee so Max is staying until the power comes on🤗🤗 Of course we are booting his mom out because she has to teach on Tuesday😂 in the mean time my brothers are ball obsessed and I’m chasing lizards. Last night I chased a opossum😳 Enjoy your Saturday friends😃 #buzzfeedpets #peoplepets #igbulldogs_worldwide #igbulldogs_florida #bullylifetv #bullynation #bullymatrix #bulliesofinstagram #englishbulldogsofinstagram

#repost @wrinklepaste with @get_repost MAKE SURE YOU GO TO @wrinklepaste TO ENTER THE CONTEST😉 👀Check it out! 👀 In celebration of our new Pugs and Frenchie’s Outreach Campaigns we are giving away this AWESOME goodie basket and it has SOOOO many GOODIES!!! Included: Solid Gold Superfoods Beef, Mango & Turmeric Dog Treats, BullyMake Tough Nylon Chew, Oinkies Smoked Pigskin Treats, Tomlyn Ear Cleaner, Merrick “Fresh Kisses” Double Brush Chew, a ChuckIt! Breathe Right Ball and (2) Tubes of Squishface Wrinkle Paste! 😱SO.👏🏻 MUCH. 👏🏻GOODNESS!!👏🏻 . . How to Enter: 1) Follow @WrinklePaste 2) Tag 2 Frenchie or Pug Friends in the comments down below . . Contest ends at 11:59PM PST on Sunday, October 14th.  Winner will be announced on the @WrinklePaste Instagram Account on Tues. October 15th.  Can’t wait to see who the lucky winner is!! 🙌🏻 . This contest is not administered or endorsed by Instagram and is open to INTERNATIONAL Residents 18 years of age and up.

All right everybody keep your panties on, I’m back🤣🤣 Here are the professional photographs from the @floridaenglishbulldogrescue event. Photos by @silvermoon_customart 🤗😃 The event raised 37k for bulldogs in need, woot!!🎉🎉 We can’t wait for next year😃😃 Ursula costume by @uauhdogs #accesshollywood #buzzfeedpets #bullylifetv #bullynation #bullymatrix #bulliesofinstagram #englishbulldogsofinstagram #buzzfeedpets #peoplepets @weratedogs

Boomer’s birthday wish came true!!! He really is a bulldog now, thanks to @bulldogconway mama🤗😊 Thank you everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes.🎉 It’s been a great day for Boomer, but now it’s time to get back to having it all be about me😜😂🤣 #bigboyboomerbturnsfour #accesshollywood #buzzfeedpets #peoplepets #labradorretriever #labrador #yellowlabsofinstagram

🎉CAKE TIME!!!!🎂🎂🎉I’ve had the best time today celebrating Boomer 🎉🎂 Thanks to @diesel_and_essence mom @cookies_by_lindsay Boomer took the orange tennis ball cookie first! My brother is a genius😂😂 #accesshollywood #buzzfeedpets #peoplepets #labradorretriever #labradorsofinstagram #yellowlabsofinstagram @weratedogs #bigboyboomerbturnsfour

Thank you Mallory @t_to_the_race for the new pool toy! As you can see Boomer grabbed it and left😂 Thank you @thebirthdaypuppy for these tasty treats😋😋 Birthday party is in full swing! I hear cake and cookies are on the way🎉🎂🤗😋 #bigboyboomerbturnsfour #accesshollywood #buzzfeedpets #peoplepets #labradorretriever #labradorsofinstagram #yellowlabsofinstagram #yellowlaboftheday @weratedogs

So my amazing artist friend @bulldogconway decided Boomer’s statues were missing something....lambchop! Now the statues are complete🎉🤗 Miss A you are so talented and thoughtful, thank you for making these tiny babies for Boomer😊😊 #bigboyboomerbturnsfour #accesshollywood #buzzfeedpets #peoplepets #labradorretriever #labradorsofinstagram #yellowlabsofinstagram #yellowlaboftheday

🎉ALL HAIL BOOMER🎉Four years ago this big, beautiful boy, appropriately named Big Boy Boomer B, was born🤗💙 He came into our lives when we were sad and he made us happy again. 🤗😊 He is my little brother and I love his gentle nature, his easy going manner and most of all his soft, luxurious triple coat🤗 Its like having my own personal tawn tawn🤗😉 I love my boo, he lets me be boss and as everyone knows, I crave that kind of power😜 A gladiator he may not be, but get between him and his babies (lambchop) and he will fight you to the death😳 Consider making a donation to in honor of Boomer’s big day. 🎉🎉DM me your receipt and I will send you a thank you gift😉 It’s time to let my boy shine🎉🎈🎁🎂🤗🎈🎂🎁🎉🎂🎈 Gladiator box from @thebirthdaypuppy 😃 HAPPY BIRTHDAY @troy_thebully #troysfantastic4birthday 🎉🎉#accesshollywood #buzzfeedpets #peoplepets #labradorretriever #labrador #yellowlabsofinstagram #yellowlaboftheday #labradorsofinstagram @weratedogs #bigboyboomerbturnsfour

Tomorrow we will interrupt your regularly scheduled program of ME to bring you Boomer’s big day; all day long🤗🤗 It’s the big guys 4th birthday 🎉🎉#bigboyboomerbturnsfour Mom and dad are going to make a donation to the southeastern guide dogs in Boomer’s honor.🤗 🎉 We thought we could bring awareness to my followers about this amazing organization. If you do make a donation, DM me your receipt and watch your mail for a gift from me🤗😉🎉🎉Guide dogs are a truly amazing group of animals🤗🤗 Serving those who cannot see and those who have seen too much. When people lose vision, it’s easy to lose hope. When veterans lose hope, it’s easy to give up. It’s easy to let the darkness define life instead of living life to its fullest. That’s why we develop extraordinary partnerships between our dogs and the people who need them, and offer our dogs and services at no cost, throughout the United States. We operate the most advanced training facilities of any service dog organization and employ some of the most talented and innovative scientists and trainers in the world—all because we care about people with vision loss and veterans with disabilities. Southeastern Guide Dogs transforms lives by creating and nurturing extraordinary partnerships between people and dogs, throughout the United States. A nonprofit with a national reach, we train dogs of the highest pedigree for people who are blind and for veterans, providing our premier dogs and lifetime services at no cost, without government funds. We've matched more than 3,100 guide and service dog teams since our 1982 inception, and currently have over 1,000 dogs under our auspices. Gladiator box from @thebirthdaypuppy #accesshollywood #buzzfeedpets #peoplepets #labradorretriever #labsofinstagram #yellowlabsofinstagram #yellowlaboftheday #accesshollywood