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#Repost @thepawtycrew with @get_repost ・・・ Hello friends! We wanted to request that if you have made a donation to @bullies2therescue or plan on making one for #puppyprom2018 could you please DM @thepawtycrew so we can keep track of the donations. 😃😃 Make sure you put #puppyprom2018 in the note section of your donation on the @bullies2therescue website😃😃 #thepawtycrew #bulliesofinstagram #bullylifetv #bullynation #bullymatrix #igbulldogs_worldwide

👑WE KNOW YOU WANT TO HELP LILLIAN, FRODO, AVRIL and hundreds more bullies 🐶by supporting our friends @bullies2therescue ❤So come to #PuppyProm2018 and remember to donate to the rescue ❗❗Details below 👇 By now we hope everdoggie 🐶knows about THE social event of the year 🎉🎉🎉#PuppyProm2018 ❗Hosted by @thepawtycrew April 27 and benefiting the pawesome @bullies2therescue 🐶 Here’s how you can pawticipate: 1. Find a date or come stag❗Post a pic of yourself in your prom finery👗Prizes will be awarded 🎁for King, Queen, 👑Prince, Princess, Best dressed boy/girl, 👔Best Proposal, 🌹Best Prom Prep💅🏼💄 #PuppyProm2018 2. If you want to surprise your date 💏with a fabulous promposal box 🎁from @thebirthdaypuppy they’re offering either $5 off the price by using code PROM at checkout OR leave off the code and the $5 will be donated to the rescue❗ 3. Donate 💳directly to @bullies2therescue noting it’s for #puppyprom2018. START DONATING NOW❤ All breeds 🐾are welcome❗We can’t wait to see you all there and support a great rescue🐶 Thanks to @mybenebone, @sally_snacks @rosie_clothes for your support❤ #thepawtycrew #bulliesofinstagram #bullylifetv #buzzfeedpets #bullynation #bullymatrix #igbulldogs_worldwide

I normally don’t serenade my snacks but my mom can be so cruel, surrounding me with these nutritious, delicious @sally_snacks😭😭 Now she tells me these are for my friends! Who are these “friends” she speaks of?🤔🤔🧐🧐 There is a bright spot on the horizon, Mom just signed me up to get @sally_snacks through Amazon’s subscribe and save program! Now I will never be without😋Woo hoo🎉🎉 Sally Snacks • ALL NATURAL, ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. Grain Free, Non-GMO. No Added Hormones, No Antibiotics Ever. No Artificial Preservatives, No Yeast, No Sugar, No Gluten, No Soy. No Animal By-products, No Flavorings, No Artificial Colorings and No Vegetable Glycerin (Chemically treated soy used to lower costs) MADE IN USA • ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS are Grass Fed, Free Range, Sustainably Produced. Good enough for people! • We get it. We cost more than other dog treats. That's because unlike other companies who use cheap fillers to lower their costs, we refuse to compromise on our original, all-meat formula. Sally Snacks was created because I couldn't find a treat that was both safe and delicious for my dog Sally. We believe that nutrition is the foundation for good health and that your dog deserves the best! #thepawtycrew #igbulldogs_worldwide #igbulldogs_florida #bullylifetv #buzzfeedpets #bulliesofinstagram #bullynation #bullymatrix #peoplepets #englishbulldogsofinstagram #snackhead

Woot woot🎉🎉 WE DID IT FRIENDS! @jonahthebulldogtraveler reached 2k, now mama has to pay! It’s a good day for @bullies2therescue #JonahsIGanniversary #igbulldogs_worldwide #igbulldogs_florida #bulliesofinstagram #bullylifetv #buzzfeedpets #peoplepets #bullynation #bullymatrix

S.O.S. ‼️ CALLING ON ALL MY IG FRIENDS TO HELP @jonahthebulldogtraveler REACH HIS GOAL OF 2k!! THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN BY END OF THE DAY TODAY!! His pawrents are making a BIG donation to @bullies2therescue if he reaches his goal👍🏼😃🎉🎉 WE CAN DO THIS❗️ If you don’t follow Jonah, he is a beautiful eleven year old boy who likes to travel around the country in his RV and meet his IG friends💙😍 I was lucky enough to have him make a stop in Florida😍😍😍 #bullylifetv #buzzfeedpets #bulliesofinstagram #bullynation #bullymatrix #igbulldogs_worldwide #igbulldogs_florida #englishbulldogs_worldwide #peoplepets #bulldogstudcrew #bulldogs #JonahsIGanniversary

Happy one year anniversary to my friend @jonahthebulldogtraveler #JonahsIGanniversary My favorite road trips are all in my mind🤣😂 Jonah’s pawrents are donating to @bullies2therescue 😃So please make sure you post today!!! Today is the last day!!🚐🚙🚗🚌@littleemmagoldman @penny_aka_queenie @chubbs_n_squintz_thefloridawgs @thepugrupert @bellabambina518__bruno_bruiser @mrcharlie_thebulldog @rooneythebulldog1225 @remi_ronda_n_knuckles @bruno.the.rottie @zigglerandsummer @soyloky @stella_englishbulldog22 @bogey_the_bulldog @daisymoose_bulldogs @_guinnessthegolden @georgemichaelthebulldog #iorangeforanimals

I couldn’t let @mollymoo_sissycat_and_doc be the only one modeling this beautiful rose collar! @preciouspawsprojects made me this super soft collar and I love it! She also sent us St. Patrick’s Day bow ties🍀🍀 I’ll post my brothers another time, today is all about me!!!!🌹🌹🌹#thepawtycrew #igbulldogs_worldwide #igbulldogs_florida #bullylifetv #buzzfeedpets #bulliesofinstagram #bullynation #bullymatrix #peoplepets

Good morning friends! I recently discovered this great business at the #globalpetexpo @metropaws_llc 😃😃😃I was drawn to their booth by the bright orange poop bags, poop case and tennis balls! I was even able to score some tennis balls for my brother😉🤗😃 My Mom is thrilled with this oversized cotton tote bag👍🏼😃 They give back too😍 with their 501(c)3 Love and Licks® Foundation collection -  a percentage of proceeds from those product sales goes back to the pups! So I can be stylish while helping pups in need😉🤗 ♦️Metro Paws® LLC is a Family-Run Pet Business. We Are Dog Owners. We Are Dog LOVERS. We Are Eco, Chic and Unique.  Metro Paws® LLC designs and manufactures Innovative High End Premium Designer Dog & Cat Products that you and your pets will love!  Get your paws on Poopy Packs® (including our new Poopy Packs XL™ and Poopy Packs for Cats™!), The Poopcase®, Metro Pads®, Metro Balls™, The Metro Cube™, The Metro Paws Tote and our EXCLUSIVE Smear Campaign® Poolitical Bags! The Poopcase® is the ONLY compostable & plant-based dog waste bag dispenser made in the USA! Its flexible one-piece design guarantees its durability, and its soft-touch texture makes it soft to hold and super easy to wipe clean. Available in 10 fun colors, it's the poop bag's best friend! #metropaws #igbulldogs_worldwide #igbulldogs_florida #bullylifetv #buzzfeedpets #bulliesofinstagram #bullynation #peoplepets

I am protecting my whimzee treat from Boomer. (like he would ever try to take it from me😉) Mom gave me this one two hours ago and I finally decided to enjoy it🙄😋 Naturally I enjoy my treats in Boomer’s @bessieandbarnieofficial bagel bed, you don’t think I want crumbs in MY bagel bed😜😳😂 Happy Sunday friends! #bessieandbarnie #thepawtycrew #buzzfeedpets #bulliesofinstagram #bullylifetv #bullynation #bullymatrix #igbulldogs_florida #igbulldogs_worldwide #peoplepets #englishbulldogsofinstagram #whimzees